Arashi, Daichi Miura, DA PUMP, AKB48, and More to Perform on on “THE MUSIC DAY 2019 ~Jidai~”

On July 6, the seventh edition of Nippon TV’s mid-year music special, “THE MUSIC DAY”, will air. This year’s show is subtitled “Jidai.” The show will start at 1:30 PM JST that day and end at 10:54 PM JST. Arashi’s Sakurai Sho will serve as host for the show, just how he has in previous years. He’ll be joined by Nippon TV announcers Hatori Shinichi and Miura Asami. In addition to airing in Japan, “THE MUSIC DAY 2019 ~Jidai~” will also air in seven Asian countries on the GEM tv channel.

“THE MUSIC DAY 2019 ~Jidai~” will feature ten special medleys. The annual “Johnny’s Shuffle Medley” will feature various groups, including Arashi, performing their debut songs. Arashi will also perform a special 20th anniversary medley. There will be a “Piano Medley” featuring Kiyozuka Shinya on piano, with vocals by Kaela Kimura, Nishida Toshiyuki, Daichi Miura, and Sukima Switch. There will also be a “High Tone Medley” featuring Ohno Masatoshi, Koyanagi Yuki, Tegoshi Yuya, and Hirose Kohmi. AKB48, Kiritani Kenta, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, DA PUMP, and Pikotaro will perform in the hit medley titled “Saisei 1 Oku Cho e Medley.”

KAT-TUN will also perform live from Hong Kong.

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