ARAMA! Japan is back! Contest announcement!

The elephant in the room in the room is that ARAMA! Japan has been down this past week. But we’re back now!

A quick look at the site and you’ll see that a bunch of posts are missing. Our server received a little rough-housing last week and we temporarily have to revert back to an older state as directed by our host. We chose this option so we could continue operating instead of staying inaccessible for even longer while the problem is being fixed. We just really want to keep you guys updated with the latest Japanese pop culture news! You can refer back to old comments through the disqus site.

Please keep in mind there will be a couple hiccups, images not loading, etc. for the next few days.

For all your kind inquiries and patience during this past week, we’re holding a contest to celebrate you guys, the readers, as well as the site’s return as we get back on our feet.

The Contest

How To Enter

It’s simple:

  1. Follow us on on social media.
  1. Make a post and tag it as #aramajapan.
  2. Additionally, tag our account @aramajapan.

Help get the word out that we’re back!

With that being said, are there any social networking sites you want to see us on? Let us know!

The Prize

For completing the objective, you can be chosen to win $30 USD to go towards a purchase and shipping on cdJapan. Anything you want from any of their departments!

Winner Selection

We’ll let you know the results of the contest in two weeks in the Open Post on Friday, September 25 (Eastern Timezone).

If the winner does not respond in 6 days by Thursday October 1, we will choose another the following Open Post and we will keep doing that until someone answers.

We’re planning future contests so stay tuned for those!