Arama! Japan picks the Juiciest Japanese Entertainment Scandals
Takuya Kimura’s Marriage
Usually when someone gets married, you congratulate them and wish them happiness, right? Not if you’re a hugely popular male idol with legions of fans expecting you to remain perfectly chaste for the rest of your life.

When Takuya Kimura married pop idol Kuda Shizuka, who was already pregnant with his child. KimuTaku paved the way for later shotgun weddings in Johnny’s when he shocked the country and quite possibly the world with this marriage, as he was a top idol in Japan at the time. One fan even reportedly committed suicide after hearing the news.Luckily, KimuTaku’s celebrity and earning power was just too great for him to be punished severely by Johnny’s, and he went on to have a successful marriage, with two children born to this day.

He has managed to keep his married life extremely private and still remains one of the top idols in Japan.

Tomoya Nagase and Ayumi Hamasaki’s Relationship
While not necessarily a scandal per se, this is still something that came as a shock to the entertainment world.

The two began dating in the year 2000 and announced their relationship in 2001. They remained strong for 7 years, with rumors of marriage swirling towards the end of the relationship. Ultimately, they amicably called it quits in 2007 after 7 years of dating. Ayu went on to date her former backup dancer Maro, who claims he was forced to eat grass at one point. She also married Austrian actor Manuel Schwartz whom she quickly divorced. Nagase later dated actress SakiAibu. Rumors of a possible reconciliation arose in 2012, but those were untrue.

Hamasaki is now married to an American man and lives in the US.

Mamoru Samuragochi Ghostwriting Scandal
Samuragochi, while not necessarily a readily recognizable name, but among “scandals” that simply involve dating, his deception of an entire nation makes possibly the biggest scandal of them all.

Samuragochi, originally thought to be deaf, was considered to be a genius because of his work on the soundtracks of games such as Resident Evil: Dual Shock Version and Onimusha: Warlords. He was called “the Beethoven of the Digital age” because of his ability to create compositions despite being deaf. Or so it was thought.It was eventually discovered that Samuragochi was not deaf at all, and his life story was fabricated. He also did not even write his own famous compositions, but another man by the name of Takashi Niigaki. The news was discovered this year, and Samuragochi gave a press conference admitting to his story.

Rino Sashihara Dating Scandal
Rino Sashihara burst into the idol scene and quickly became one of the most popular members of AKB48, ranking as the 4th most popular member at one point. However, no popular idol is without a scandal or two in their career.

In 2012, the tabloid magazine Shunkan Bunshun published an article with racy pictures provided by her alleged ex-boyfriend. The pictures were taken when Sashihara was just 16 years old, and the man claimed to have slept with Sashihara and referred to her as “sexually aggressive”. The “ex-boyfriend” even provided a phone number which proved to be legitimate, as Sashihara answered the phone when he called. Sashihara was already a member of AKB48 when they allegedly dated. Because of this incident, Sashihara was demoted and moved to HKT48. She also made a tearful apology to her fans and denied she ever dated the man.

The scandal ended up benefiting her after all, as she won first place in AKB48’s general election the following year, afterwards claiming it was because of the scandal.

The Various Scandals of Gackt
Throughout his long career, Gackt has remained a constant tabloid presence. He has one of the best rap sheets of any celebrity, with everything from an illegitimate child to tax evasion. Let’s take a short look at his various scandals!

Sexual Assault Allegation:

Last year, an unidentified woman came forward to a tabloid with claims that Gackt sexually assaulted her for a long period of time. According to the woman’s story, in 2011 Gackt visited the cabaret club at which she worked and stayed late into the night. Gackt wanted her to come home with him, but she refused. Gackt then forced her into his car and sexually assaulted her. The assault continued when they arrived at his home and last for hours until the morning. The woman filed a police report with photos of her injuries. Gackt denied the allegations on his official blog and was said to have taken legal action against the woman.

In the aftermath, Gackt faced no prosecution or punishment and oppalogists everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. Though he was deemed innocent and cleared of all charges, it still remains a mystery to this day of the allegations are true. Gackt’s career and reputation remained largely unaffected by the incident.

Illegitimate Child:

A number of years ago, Gackt was involved in a relationship with a girl who worked on the TBS show Wonderful. When Gackt impregnated her, he decided that it was best for his career that she leave Japan to go to Canada, where he provided her and the child with a condominium while not fully acknowledging the child. It was proven that the girlfriend and child do exist by Shunkan Bunshun. Little is known about the woman or child.

Tax Evasion:

Due to the ambiguous nature of Gackt’s vast fortune, officials decided to investigate Gackt’s home in 2012. Officials not only did an investigation of his company, but his home as well. This was how the information about his illegitimate child was discovered, as he was using hundreds of thousands of yen to support the mother and child. During the investigation, Gackt’s cellphone, account book and computer were confiscated. It was discovered that he had been evading taxes and earning money in a seedy manner. Rumors arose that Gackt was abandoned by all of his associates after these incidents and even that be planned to evade arrest by fleeing to Malaysia. While any other celebrity may have suffered from a big downfall after such scandals, Gackt remains the phoenix of the Japanese entertainment industry, always rising once again from the flames. It is quite amazing that his career and reputation have survived rape allegations and an illegitimate child while other stars still haven’t lived down uttering comments as simple as “betsu ni”.

Always the one to persevere, Gackt’s career still continues on as usual until the next scandal. He and pop star ICONIQ are currently in a relationship.

That rounds out the juiciest and shocking scandals as chosen by our contributors! If there are any that didn’t make the list, feel free to share it in the comments.

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