Arama! Japan Interviews m-flo

I interviewed you about four years ago.

Taku: I remember.

Are you still on the “Fuck JPop” train?

Taku: Am I still on the “Fuck JPop” train? I remember explaining to you what that meant.

Yes, but has the change you wanted to see happen?

Taku: We are in the period right before the renaissance era. We have so many great artists performing in Shibuya. New, upcoming artists. Known on Spotify. We know a lot of great artists. Back then a lot of artists weren’t being introduced, so that has changed. We’re more connected now. These kids now know how to use the internet. I think it’s going to explode soon.

Who are some of these artists?

Taku: JP THE WAVY, banvox, eill, SIRUP.




VERBAL: AAAMYYY and Tempalay got vibes.

Tempalay (which AAAMYYY is also a member of)

LISA: Ohh yeah, Tempalay!

Taku: Yes!

VERBAL: There are many rock bands that are super dope. We’re at these festivals where there are these pockets of artists that are popular on Spotify that don’t really get picked up by major media in Japan. They have these events that celebrate their music and that vibe. There have been more cool independent events popping up in Japan.

Taku: I think it’s gonna explode soon. The renaissance is going to happen. There was the Shibuya-kei renaissance, and I think there is going to be a second one, although not Shibuya-kei, but music from Shibuya.

Your new release, “mortal portal e.p.” is out tomorrow. Tell me about it.

Taku: It took us two years to make that. LISA?

LISA: Ahhhh, when’s it gonna stop?! Damn it, stop sending tracks! Please, my goodness!

Taku: We made so many, so many songs, which aren’t released. We just had to find the right 2019 / 2020 m-flo. We found it on this single. This is the direction we’re going in. When we were making “STRSTRK”, we were stuck. We were thinking about what works really well for us. But “STRSTRK” gave us direction.


LISA: Fresh vibes, man.

Taku: Yeah, after that, all the new tunes started coming. “EKTO”, some stuff coming later. It was easier because we knew what to make. It’s a good starter kit. A portal to the next m-flo.



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NAOKI of Sandiame J Soul Brothers made an appearance during Taku’s DJ Set

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