Q.A interview with Shoko Nakagawa!

Your 19th single “blue moon” will be coming out on November 28th, describe the song for us!:
Shoko Nakagawa: It’s been almost 3 and a half years since my last single, so this song is precious to me. I believe this song was born through all the encounters I’ve experienced since then. This is the ending theme for the anime Zoids Wild, which is about the bond between the partners.

I myself have experienced unconditional love from someone very important to me, so I wanted to convey the feeling that even though we are apart, I will always be there. I would be happy if a lot of people are able to listen to this song.

“blue moon” was co-written with “meg rock”, how was it working with her?:
Shoko Nakagawa: I have been friends with meg rock since my third single “Sorairo Days”. She has always looked after me and we wrote many songs together. For this song, it was my first time writing through the viewpoint of partnership, so she made suggestions and guided me to change my perspective.

Are there any difficulties in finding inspiration when writing new songs? What usually inspires you?:
Shoko Nakagawa: I love to sing and my favorite place is the stage, but the stage is where you put all your emotions for the people you meet there but who you’ll never meet again. I believe that is where the seed of words and emotions are born.

Do you find there’s a difference between the energy, or “aura” between overseas and Japanese audiences?:
Shoko Nakagawa: Anisong is filled with positive emotions like love, dreams, and courage, and it is shared beyond generations and across the ocean. It’s because of this magical tradition that I am able to perform overseas. When I went to Los Angeles in the summer, the fans waved their arms so excitedly and I felt such powerful energy!

Is there a ritual you do before a concert or live performance?:
Shoko Nakagawa: I was taught from Ichiro Mizuki to take kanpo (traditional Japanese medicine), and I eat my lucky item chocolate and drink an energy drink before performing.

If you could transform into one Pokémon, who would it be and why!:
Shoko Nakagawa: This is really hard to choose! But I would choose the Pokémon that went into the first generation hall of fame — Fearow. It has a beautiful voice and I also want to fly.

Is there anything fun you’re planning to do while in New York?:
Shoko Nakagawa: On the PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man game, you can fly around the New York City, so after I played that, it made me want to go to New York and really take in the city. Also, this time, my friend Haruna Iikubo from Morning Musume。18 will be coming, so I would like to go shopping and eat together.

What’s your message for your international fans?:
Shoko Nakagawa: So many legendary anisong singers have paved the way, and I want to continue that legacy and enjoy singing even overseas. I am honored to be able to sing among them. I have been given so much love and courage from anisong, so I want to give that back to as many people as I can. Any walls can be broken down instantly with anisong, so I want to share that feeling and delight with the international fans.

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