Yuya Matsushita Joins New Boyband

At his 6th anniversary live show on December 28, Yuya Matsushita announced that he had joined a new boyband. The group is called X4. The 4 member group is signed to Yuya’s independent label, Japanese Dream Records. The group is a union between Japan and South Korea, seeing as how half of the group’s members are Korean. As part of their debut, X4 will be embarking on a tour of Japan in the spring. This will be Yuya’s second time in a group. His first group was called Suger. It was composed of classmates from The Caless Vocal & Dance School in Osaka. One of his group members was R&B singer Shota Shimizu. Check out more info on this soon to debut group after the jump as well as the full live mentioned above after the jump!

YUYA (Japanese)

SJ (Korean)

KOUDAI (Japanese)

T-MAX (Korean)

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    • eplizo

      I wondering if y’all would post this lol. It’s less of him “joining” a group and more of him “founding” one tho since it’s his own label.

      Anyway, I was initially pressed since he’s one of the few decent mainstream male soloists in japan, but I don’t really care anymore. I just hope their music is good. His last album was packed with filler anyway, and his last few singles were underwhelming, so if this brings better music, I’m up for it.

      • We discussed this before. We can name a million female soloists but how many male soloists can you name who aren’t basically bands or something like that?

    • reo

      Yuya doesn’t need a boyband needs a fine producer who gave him damn good uptempo songs…

      • Ren

        THIS. I feel like this is the worst move Yuya could have made to advance his career. Musicoverdose was a step in the right direction and if he had tried to work with even better producers he could have eventually built a solid fanbase as an indie artist.
        Otherwise, he could have kept focusing on musicals but being in a boyband in Japan is a career suicide unless you belong to JE. I honestly don’t see Yuya’s group doing any better than Da-ice, Generations or Solidemo and it’s only gonna end up pushing Yuya further away from the spotlight.

        • GENERATIONS is doing well though. It would possibly be a better move if he joined LDH solo.

          • Ren

            Didn’t their last single sell only 40K copies weekly despite all the gimmicks though? Or am I remembering wrong?

            • faifantc

              They’re still doing well. Physical sales aren’t really the only indicator of how well an artist is doing. They’re doing really well on digital charts too. ^_^

          • kazu_no_ko

            Isn’t it because they’re part of EXILE TRIBE? I agree they are doing pretty well.

            • That’s the only reason.

        • Nana28

          Da-iCE is doing fairly well along with Gene since moving to UMJ but I agree this is a flop for Yuya he just as you said needed better producers

          • Rin

            I know Da-iCE and Gene are doing okay but when you compare them to JE groups they’re waaaaaay behind. I don’t know. I just feel like it would be much easier to continue as a soloist because there’s not as much competition.

            • Ren

              Damn I misspelled my username. Should have just loggen in.

            • They are. My favorite band is Hey! Say! JUMP from JE and all they do is rule the charts right above Da-iCE and Exile. I don’t see XVISION up there although I love X4.

    • han

      hmmm….okay welll good luck

    • omg I’m usually not a huge fan of this “Japan x Korea” stuff (Like cross gene and others) but my body is ready for this

    • FinalFantasy’sNextTopModel

      I hate mixed boy bands!

      • L


    • silverwings

      When I saw the header pic I was like, Is this a KPOP band? Turn out I’m half right. Oooooookay.

    • Slay Yuya. Regain that relevancy.

    • kazu_no_ko

      I’m not liking this so much… I really liked his last album, but I’m really not liking this. I love his R&B flavor and I crave more of it. I was so impressed because he sounded so grown. It’s a nice change from the pop-driven styles of Japanese mainstream music (although it does sell). He needs to come out with more solid material on his own and not join this boy band mess… smh Btw, I miss his long hair.

    • dokidash

      I was so happy when, back in 2012, you would see his billboards on Shibuya station promoting stuff and all of a sudden, he went MIA. It’s kinda sad because he’s actually talented, and I hate to see him struggling (not sure if this struggling though, but it’s not what I’m used to see from him) because he deserves the spotlight more than many other performers. He can sing, he can dance, and he’s super hardworking. He’s not hungry for attention, and he isn’t afraid of pushing himself to try new stuff. I really hope his new project is successful.

      • Basically he flopped and was dropped from Sony after his best album and went independent. The funny thing is that my favorite album of his was once he went indie. It’s like he was able to do the music he really wanted to do instead of all those dull ballads Sony had him doing.

        • dokidash

          But he flopped because he basically had absolutely no support from Sony, whatsoever. My fave album from him was his first, but after that, #musicoverdose definitely wins. If you actually compare #musicoverdose to a lot of actual AAA productions, you can see something’s off because that album OOZES amazing beats. Kinda wished he remained solo, but at the same time, I think I understand why he’d go back to a boyband. I love this little guy way too much and I wanna see him happy.

          • Maybe they were just over putting money into him once they didn’t get a good return?

            • dokidash

              Just like they did with AKB48 when they just started… oh wait…

              • Were they on Sony?

                • dokidash

                  Yes, from 2006-2008 until they were dropped, too.

      • I’m surprised they didn’t try to put him in more dramas or acting projects other than musicals. He’s actually pretty good in the couple of dramas he was in. I feel like he could’ve gotten more mainstream exposure if they put him in a few cheesy romance dramas instead the few obscure dramas he was in. It’s basically the same crap Johnny’s does when they want to push someone and it actually works…Other than that it seems like Japan isn’t too friendly to male R&B/pop soloists.

        • dokidash

          Exactly! He’s honestly a full package, very very talented all around… add to that that he actually seems down-to-earth and he’s hardworking… I really think Sony made a huge mistake on letting him go in such a low note. He could’ve easily fit in that new Sukitte ii na yo movie, earn himself an even steadier fanbase and just go from there. When he released “Super Drive”, I thought Sony finally had found the direction they wanted to send him in, but seems like I was wrong. I do think Japan is friendly to male pop soloists, but as we’ve already commented: Management is and will always be an issue. Add to the fact that Japan music labels always want to see money immediately or they’ll drop projects and well… :

          • I don’t think they always want to see money. I think Sony always wants to see money. They’re quick to drop someone.

            • dokidash

              Yeah, well, I kinda generalized because the same happened to BRIGHT, for example, who were in Avex (and also collab’d with him in a couple of songs)

        • They’re not unfortunately. If he was out a decade earlier, he might’ve worked.

    • gee21

      Yuya please, just stay solo. i loved him as a soloist omg. -_-

    • kareobana

      Good luck, Yuya!

    • mik

      God damn most of them are hideous lol

    • faifantc

      I think he’s a fantastic artist and performer, and I think it would be fantastic if this boyband shoots him back into relevancy and gains some footing in Korea, even though the latter is unlikely. ^_^

    • Kaba

      SJ and T-Max are not Korean. (SJ:Seiji and T-Max: Takuma) I heard from a friend that they are all from Osaka and that Koudai and SJ were former BOYCE members while T-Max was from Eden. Unless….SJ and T-Max are half-korean that is, which I’m not sure of…

      • Kaba

        Update: SJ is actually half-Korean. T-Max is not confirmed yet.

      • K

        Osaka has a large Zainichi population, doesn’t it?

    • Krys

      Some of the racially-charged comments on this post are kind of groce, just sayin’.

      Anyway, uhh, this group looks floppy and I don’t understand why Yuya is doing this now. 3/4 of the members are Not Great to look at and the styling is very outdated, they’re serving me “K-pop from 2010” looks.

      • L

        Didn’t the hallyu wave peak in 2010, though? It was a pretty good year for Kpop. Can’t blame them for retreading what worked. (I’m kind of joking, but seriously.)

    • Chriis

      This was kind of unexpected tbh. But as long as the music is good I couldn’t care less whether he’s in a group or not.

    • shonya

      I’m still interested to see how this turns out..

    • Rei

      Boyband huh? They might have a hard time in Japan since J&A like to prevent non-Johnny’s boyband from being successful.

    • Ryusei

      SJ and koudai look kinda weird somehow…

    • Mela

      omg, If he were a Johny’s..the story would be different. He’s talented, nice and good looking..poor him

    • I’m confused, but I cannot seriously judge until I’ve seen the product. I guessed right it was an adventure of his own indie label. I barely knew his previous band, only that it was CALESS’ and Shimizu Shota was in it.

      I wish them best of luck. This just brings me back to missing BRIGHT more and more. I know it’s barely related, but since they were school-mates and still keep in touch, plus they collaborated a couple of times before, seeing a 4-male piece group just makes me remember the girls. I wish he succeeds but doesn’t just push his solo aside. He can do both, as he wouldn’t be the only one doing that in Japan.

      • Etzer

        Speaking of BRIGHT, it looks like NAGI has been one of Yuya’s back up singers ever since they were dropped. And, yeah, seeing this news instantly reminded me of BRIGHT. The talent was definitely there and the songs were good. They really could have been huge if managed correctly.

        I can only wish them luck and hope that the music is good, but I really doubt they’ll see much success. If he does abandon his solo career, hopefully the group’s sound is in line with his recent indie releases. Slow Dancin’ was really good.

        • Yes Nagi’s been doing this and sone solo stuff like one man lives and masterclasses along with Megu. They were great as a group, badly promoted mostly. Although their management did try a few failed strategies and they did have a niche market. If AVEX had insisted, they could be benefiting now there are groups like FLOWER or Happiness doing more diverse pop music. Juliet are good with their niche it seems. But they just disbanded almost at the same moment LOVE did, another group that wasn’t enough well promoted/managed and had a similar music style plus one of BRIGHT’s former members.

          I also agree with some comment above that this is pretty much something he may be doing because he wants to try it, since it’s his label. I wish their sound pays justice to his talent.

    • Mila

      Why take such a step backwards? There are countless boybands flopping in Japan. There’s no need for another one, especially one coming from an indie label. Unless they’re gonna pull a Gospellers and become a vocal or a cappella group.
      I wish he would have stayed a soloist. There are not many of those in Japan and they can appeal to a wider audience. This is just disappointing because I’m his fan but I have no interest whatsoever in boybands and at the same time it’s worrying because if the group flops it’ll be like the beginning of the end of Yuya’s career as a singer.

    • sakura kou

      normally member of groups dying to go solo , but he choice to enter new group . I don’t understand :(

    • apple

      You guys! Shame on you! Do you honestly think you deserve to call yourself Yuya’s fans?! This was his decision, something he wants to do, so instead of saying things like, “Ugh, they look like kpop.” or “This is a total flop.” why not support him instead. Yuya has talent, and with all his fans uniting, and the group can even gain more fans, they can do a lot. And saying things like “The other members are ugly.” is stupid, especially if you haven’t heard them sing or talk. Please don’t upset Yuya, make him smile.

      • kareobana

        This x 1,000,000.

      • Guest

        You can be a fan of someone and still be disappointed or concerned regarding the decisions they make. I have supported Yuya since he debuted and I will continue to wish the best for him because I think he’s talented and deserves to make it, but I grew out of boy bands years ago and I’m not about to start stanning one at this point in my life so of course this news left me feeling confused, mad and concerned.
        As I said, I will still wish him the best of lucks but I can’t help hoping this is either temporary or that he’ll continue to have a career as a soloist on the side.

    • Guest
    • guest

      is yuya matsushita Zainichi ?? … he look korean to me does he have originalitys from there

      • Annon

        Nope. People say the same thing about IKE but he’s also not Zanichi.
        I think a lot of Japanese guys and girls could pass for other nationalities.

    • outofpotions

      With Yuya behind it, it seems like X4 will be less JE and more Boyz II Men.

    • yuyaisthebest

      How long do we have to wait til we hear a song?! Btw do any of you have a vid of t max singing (solo preferably) during EDEN?

    • guest00

      the deperation……

    • Aki

      Has anyone realized that BRIGHT were his backdancers in SUPER DRIVE? I noticed JUST NOW.

    • Lissa Sakura

      ganbatte ne X4 :)

    • Honestly, why are you hating the group? They are doing their best, although everything is mixed up right now. Boybands have bad times. And it was Yuya´s decision, so why do you, as “fans”, judge him?!

    • hifza khalid

      X4 is a super awesome band ! Its just that its too underrated ! GUYS! LETS WORK HARD AND MAKE X4 AN INTERNATIONALLY WELL KNOWN BAND!! YESSS ^_^