YouTube’s New Policy Change Affects American Japanese Music Fans

Yesterday, some international fans of Japanese music discovered that several YouTube channels for various labels / acts were suddenly unavailable. It was then realized that this restriction was limited to the United States. The supposed culprit: YouTube RED. YouTube RED is YouTube’s new subscription service. For $9.99 a month, subscribers are given ad-free access to YouTube, access to Google Play Music, and other incentives.

The launch of YouTube RED has not been without controversy though. It was widely reported yesterday that ESPN has pulled nearly all of its content from YouTube due to “rights and legal issues.” YouTube says that companies that do not sign off on YouTube RED will find their videos unavailable to viewers. Since YouTube RED is only available in the US as of now, this blockage is limited to the US, for now.

It is unknown whether Japanese labels / acts don’t agree with YouTube RED or whether they just don’t know about it. These newly unavailable channels run the gamut of Japanese music, from idol powerhouse AKB48 to small indie label P-VINE. Whether these channels become available again in the US remains to be seen. But this could begin to affect Japanese music listeners worldwide soon seeing as how YouTube RED will soon be a global thing.

As an American, I can access this blocked content via my VPN. But what will happen as YouTube RED rolls out worldwide? In a scene where Japan-only content is the norm, YouTube RED is blocking the channels of labels / acts that are internet / foreigner-friendly. Several affected channels upload full music videos. Some of these labels / acts are so small that their content won’t reuploaded on other video streaming sites due to a lack of support. Even internationally available videos by Sony acts as Ling Tosite Sigure and Yasuda Rei have been blocked. Sony is known for being very Japan-only in their approach to YouTube, so what little access there was is now cut off.

YouTube is squarely to blame here. They are harming a situation that was working perfectly fine in an effort to make more money. It’s their company, I get that. But what will happen as YouTube RED rolls out worldwide and more and more people find that the content they like is no longer available? Is YouTube signing its own death warrant with these actions?

Known list of channels that are now blocked in the US:

Victor Entertainment (and channels by acts under them like Sakanaction, Southern All Stars, Hoshino Gen, and Leo Ieiri)

Columbia Music Japan (and channels by acts under them like TRUSTRICK, clammbon, and Not yet)

Up-Front (and channels by acts under them like Morning Musume, Juice=Juice, LoVendoЯ, and C-ute)





Pony Canyon (and channels by acts under them like aiko, w-inds., Katahira Rina, and cinema staff)

Teichiku (and channels by acts under them like Sayuri Ishikawa and X4)



Zankyo Record



Yonezu Kenshi

Ling Tosite Sigure

Yasuda Rei






The GazettE

Flying Dog (and channels by acts under like Maaya Sakamoto)

Being (and channels by acts under like B’z, Mai Kuraki, Meiri Alaha, and BREAKERZ)


Danger Crue


Resistar Records

Faith Music (and channels by acts under them like andymori and SHISAMO)

If you can find more, please post them below.


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    • Krys

      Add Yamaha to the mix. (Wow, I couldn’t hyperlink this without it automatically becoming an embedded video smh… yamahamusicchannel is the user ID.)

    • This was so annoying when I found out about it last night. It’s like a never ending game as far as access goes. But why the hell are all the 48s blocked except for NMB?

      • Guest

        AKB, SKE, HKT contents and mangement are under AKS. NMB is manage by Yoshimoto, a big agency in Osaka, and I supposed they agreed to Youtube Red agreement while AKS haven’t

        • zam(仮)

          Or they were not a content partner ( Ad-Free ) to begin with.

      • almondina

        It probably has to do with rights in the US. NMB48 is the only one whose music is available for download on US iTunes.

    • Awilda

      If this becomes the norme I think people will just stop using Youtube !

      • That’s exactly what I’m thinking will happen. Look at how everyone dropped MySpace eventually!

        • Awilda

          The problem is there isn’t any other site as complete as YouTube and I doubt Japanese companies will bother to move anyway since most are still not foreign distribution friendly !

          • Kaiyana

            Dailymotion has been waiting for its time to shine tbh.

            • zam(仮)

              Dailymotion’s interface sucks big time tho.
              There is NicoNicoDouga, Japan’s Youtube alternative.

              • bolognasandwich

                I see ZippCast taking the place of YouTube. It’s not that popular yet, but if lots of YouTube users migrate over, I think it will be as popular as YouTube was. Also, it has the old YouTube interface from 2008, so people won’t have to relearn so much things.

              • Jane Kim

                but u can’t rlly use niconicodouga comfortably unless ur japanese…because google translate sucks….

            • Awilda

              Yes but there have less features still,I think !

    • midori

      Flower :(

      • surfboardt


    • nothingsover

      So frustrating! Found out earlier because I wanted to watch a Silent Siren music video earlier but couldn’t access it. Urgh. Avex is still accessible though.

    • Andres ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

      stardustdigital is blocked as well

    • Shiroi

      YouTube started to slowly go downhill over the years since it was bought by Google but now it’s tumbling downhill. People will stop using it sooner than later.

      • Lilprick

        For me it started when they changed the YouTube comments. Still really annoyed at that.

      • merkypie

        People say this as if all streaming services do not offer ads/paid subscriptions. Youtube was, if not the only, streaming service not offering paid subscriptions.

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          They should’ve kept it that way instead of hopping on the bandwagon.

          • Reginald Maplethorpe

            They need to make money. Youtube has been bleeding money since it came into existence.

      • Seriousti

        Nah, it’s not “tumbling downhill” at all. They have made idiotic decisions, though.

    • Laurence Nope

      Apparently Youtube sent out notices about their policy change six months ago, so while it’s possible that some companies simply haven’t got around to accepting the new terms, it seems likely that some of them do not ever intend to. A service like Youtube Red falls under the same category as a paid subscription streaming service like Spotify, and we all know how reluctant Japanese companies have been to embrace those. Youtube is essentially holding their content hostage, saying they have to allow it on the paid service or it will be blocked on the free site, but it’s not so simple for a big Japanese media company to agree to something like that without going through a huge legal process first. My guess is that most of this stuff will continue to remain blocked in the US, and using proxies or alternate sites will be the only way around it, but I guess we wait and see. And if you’re not American, you should probably hope that Youtube Red flops or else this might end up happening to you too.

      • Haruhi Suzumiya

        They used these same bully-tactics when trying to implement music key, but now that both are combined, they can now more widely apply these awful bully-tactics.

        Seriously, as someone who usually has tried to find justification for many of YouTube’s changes (after the channel layout “upgrades” of course because there’s no defending that shit): i have no words for how shit this is.

        And because it actually effect the view-ability of videos (which is kind of the reason they exist at all), this could actually possibly cause a gap in their monopoly which may lead to another video-sharing site filling the void. If that does happen, YouTube better be ready when shit hits the fan.

      • From normal standpoint there is no real reason not to accept the new rules of YouTube red, there isn’t single downside to this system.

        • Unless YouTube isn’t willing to pay part of that subscription fee to the foreign copyright owners.

      • Jason Cheung

        Did they stick their policy notices in a basement of a filing station on Alpha Centauri, on display in a filing cabinet, where it was conveniently misfiled under the wrong Alpha-cyrilic scribble?

    • eplizo

      It actually is happening to some kpop videos surprisingly too. My first experience with this whole thing last night was with JTune Camp’s YouTube channel, they’re the label MBLAQ is under. This is literally the dumbest move YouTube has made so far.

    • Well, I’m fucked

    • Omnirosa

      It’s pretty damn pathetic YouTube has to pull shit like this in an attempt to be profitable. They had how many years to find a decent way to make good money and they pull this?

      • they had until fags started to use adblock.

        • penis

          lol fags? Youtube’s ads are annoying and have sound. If it weren’t for those things I’d have no problem turning off ublock.

          • you can mute the sounds everytime, i don’t see how this is problem to anyone. You mute the sounds and u open a new tab and do something for 15-30 seconds and continue watching the video. Its not lot to ask to be honest.

            • SugiKhan sucks cocks

              Yes, yes, go on. SugiKhan sucks cock

            • James

              My problem is that some people have an ad every 10 minutes. The reason I watch YouTube is so that I don’t have to watch as many ads. Therefore, I use adblock. If it weren’t for those people, I would gladly watch the ads.

            • Jimbotherisenclown

              Really, my biggest problem is when I’m watching a trailer for a game or movie and am forced to watch an ad before hand. “Before you can watch the ad you wanted to watch, have one of ours!” That’s a particularly high level of ridiculous.

          • SyaoranLi1337

            Especially when the ads interrupt a crucial point in a show you’re watching. And they’re NOT SKIPPABLE.

        • AdBlock can’t block the video ad that precedes the video content. It can only block the banner ads.

          And the reason people started using AdBlock and other such software is that many websites have gone insane with the sheer volume of ads on a page. The “awesome” ones have competing video ads all over that all go off at nearly the same time. A few of those, especially on legit, big sites, and one goes, “OK, that’s it. I don’t want all this extra crap playing, opening up other windows, faking content, etc.”

          • pauldh

            Not sure what you mean by the first part. I never get any video ads with AdBlock either.

            • Silent Political Yeoman

              Yeah, AdBlock Latitude on Pale Moon cuts out video ads, too.

          • Rosie85

            You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

            • ROSIE85 on DISQUS is a GAPE

              I think it’s you who don’t even know what you’re talking about Rosie85 you cum guzzling gape. #ROSIE85GAPES

          • merkypie

            Its called deleting the youtube app from your chrome browser.

          • chris

            Faking content … Therein lies the problem. These people and even Google don’t BOTHER to screen the ads that come flailing down at the user and warning / scaring them into downloading BS Tripe that compromises their systems!

        • 水晶膠加雙氧水

          Are you fucking serious

        • Samantha Clark

          i didnt know a bundle of sticks could use the internet

        • Is that what happened??

        • Left 4 Dinner

          That’s too bad

        • Feniks

          Fact: adblockers have been around for at least 10 years, probably longer.

          Blame advertising companies.

          “If you work in advertising kill yourself”

        • SugiKhan talks about fags alot

          SugiKhan must be a retarded git, I just lol’ed so hard .
          He must be gay too. He likes talking about fags. This is a sign of extremely demented gayness.

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          Using adblockers should be entirely up to the user whether they want to use them or not. Personally, I don’t want to be bombarded with constant popups, banners, and other crap that I know I have zero use for. It’s simply turning a platform into an online TV station, more or less. Some people actually hate seeing ads everywhere, especially when it interrupts a longer program that they watch online (such as full episodes of Chopped on Hulu).

          Then restricting a whole bunch of content because YT suddenly wants to have a paid streaming service like Netflix and Amazon Prime just to stay somehow relevant is utterly ridiculous. If anything, they’re not just shooting themselves in the foot as they are blowing their legs off entirely.

          • Lexni

            Exactly! I wait to watch shows I want to see online to AVOID ads. Some I could watch when they air, but I’d rather wait and not deal with ads, so them trying to make us pay because we don’t want to see ads? ridiculous.

          • chris

            GOD! Even the TV stations are completely out of control with 5 minutes of show then 15 minutes of ads! “1 hour shows” now have only 26 minutes of actual SHOW anymore!

        • Don

          Most people don’t deserve cancer, but man sometimes a guy like you comes around and makes me think it has a place in nature.

      • chris

        Excuse me? An attempt to be profitable? Without this BS blocking they have been and ARE the single MOST profitable Internet Company on the Planet!

        They’ve just now proven that they are greedy A$$ sons-of-#%##@ and deserve to ROT in HELL! I just don’t have enough vile, disgusting words to describe them.

    • Lilprick

      I wonder what the founders are thinking, and will say? I know at least one was pissed about the new comments section.

      • iGleaux

        Like the founders of YT? Do they even have control anymore since selling it to Google. My opinion is anytime you sell your shit to a huge corporation you clearly don’t fucking care what happens after because it’s always a shit deal for the consumer.

        • Lilprick

          I don’t think they do because I think they’re no longer majority owners. When the comments section changed one of the 3 founders was pissed about, but they’re still the same. I’m assuming only that guy still cares.

    • Basshammer

      This is really frustrating, YouTube is…was one of the most consistent and legal sources to listen to this music for free (by tolerating the ads) in the states. I don’t know of any good alternatives, Google Play is a joke for Japanese groups and iTunes is just as bad and either of those would require purchasing the song/album. Pandora (and probably other internet radio apps) works but is limited to older songs and is randomized so I can’t choose what I want to listen to.

      This also makes me worried for the other groups that have not been taken down, Were these just the first wave or will a later change in policy knock out even more groups.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not living in US so i still can view those channels since i just watched Country Girls and Morning Musume ’15 MVs on Youtube. But I’m very worried if it expand worldwide…. Japan entertainment is one of hardest sources to get so if there are more limitation then I don’t know any legal ways to support them anymore D:

    • Norra

      It looks like Dangercrue Records’ blocked (UNiTE., DIV, Kameleo), but the other visual kei records are still open to look at.

    • RealTylerDraper

      Alice Project

    • time

      it really is time for Japan to create their own global video streaming website. ^_^

      • Sander Schilder

        Like NicoVideo?

      • Not like they would make it available outside of Japan anyway…

        • Jane Kim

          omg ikr. they’re so conservative…. like, NicoNicoDouga, bruh create an engish version too, and like everything else except anime and manga. I feel like they don’t like international fans TT^TT

      • zukki

        It’s called Nico Nico Douga.

    • zam(仮)

      I was told UPUPGIRLS(仮)(Up-Front Group) channel was blocked too but their UFZS (their dance cover) channel is still viewable.

    • Ryusei

      Oh my god is youtube freaking serious? Not everyone has 10 dollars to waste on their freaking site every month, it may seem like little but who cares about google play music and who wants to pay to watch music videos that were put on the website with the intention of them being freely watchable? What money-hungry greedy bastards

      • midori

        It’s also unfair to countries where $1is a lot in their currency.

      • Lirodon

        The issue is contracts. YouTube is requiring all partners to agree to new terms that require all of their videos to be shown ad-free to YouTube Red subscribers, in exchange for a share of YouTube Red subscription revenue based on how much of their content is being watched by subscribers.

        Though, it’s odd that the labels didn’t sign up on these terms already, because they apparently were doing the same thing when YouTube Red was called Music Key

    • asjan

      we’re asian people are just fine as ever :)

      • Yuusune Yuusune

        Yeah… Because you aren’t in the USA. We just want to listen to your music and YouTube is shoving a big ol’ dick in our faces. Thanks for rubbing it in.

    • Alex Shenmue

      Five of my videos featuring excerpts of Perfume and Capsule tracks have been taken down in the U.S. I guess you can add these groups to the list.

      This is gonna be bad guys… real bad.

    • echu

      Sigh. This is one of the rare moments that I’m glad JE doesn’t have a Youtube account.
      But still, this is annoying. I bet if this becomes successful in the US, they’ll implement this to the rest of the world as well.

      • I doubt it will since most people want free things. For the average person, you just have to put ad block on and then there are no ads. And who wants Google Play Music when you can get Spotify for free?

        • echu

          I always have Adblock activated, so I really am not affected by ads.

          • A n n a

            A while ago I read some article that youtube wanna kind of..”punish” Adblock users though with a way longer Advertisement or something because they lose money over people using an Adblocker. Not sure if this is true but if it actually is, it’s terrible.

            • Haruhi Suzumiya

              If they do this, i would probably just abandon the platform completely and i’m sure it would drive TONS of people who maybe don’t want to see ads every 5 seconds or possibly support their favorite creators’ paetrons and the creators said they’re cool with adblock if you are still able to support them.

              I pretty much did the same with Blip when they pulled this shit, as well, i’m sure there would also be workarounds.

              But this is Google, if i’m able to see the problems with doing that: they sure as hell know this as well. And they know that YouTube Red is not exactly giving them great publicity, but i think they’re used to it and they probably don’t care because they think that this will make a profit for them.

    • Caprikjpopcorn

      Hope someone brings an end to Youtube Red like the Google+thing, but faster.

    • every time an american company’s shit hit the fan, this happens.

      as for Up-Front, it’s interesting, because they try to be gaijin friendly, taking the american market more and more seriously. i guess they are not happy now. ^^’

      • Jeff Woodbeck

        Very sad too.. as I am a fan of LoVendor.

    • jupernia

      Time to set my other laptop up to be in Japan.
      You can add the following to the list as well:
      Sakamoto Maaya
      Teichiku Music Channel

    • Elpis

      Kamen Joshi is blocked as well. Their so indies that it’s unlikely I’ll ever listen to their stuff again unless I go to Japan and see them live.

    • guest

      who gives a shit about Jpop in America except for the weaboos.

    • Bell

      I do pay for niconico’s premium service, but that gives me access to hours-long programming, and it’s less than half what YouTube is demanding. Goodbye, YouTube.

    • kunyit

      time to change to dailymotion maybe

    • midori

      I’m kinda glad there’s still for jpop mvs

      • the site of is good but slow.
        not the same but their radio is quite nice:

        • Brent Zavala

          Who cares!, keep using it, it’ll send YouTube a message

      • merkypie

        Its blocked in japan tho herpderp

        • and slow as hell anywhere else on the planet

    • Tao’s tears

      NOOO! I subscribe to some of those channels! A lot of big groups are now blocked in the US, J pop can already to a little hard to listen to outside of Japan and now this.

    • Ashley

      The GazettE have also been affected. Tried watching their new UGLY single that’s coming up in November.

      • Ashley

        Well their preview; of their new single, sorry,

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      great. just what we need -_-

    • Crisis

      Well it turns out JKT48 is unviewable, and I think I’ve heard rumors about Vocaloid being blocked too.

      • pickle-chan

        Yes, I tried listening to some Vocaloid songs (specifically “Two Breaths Walking” and “Sayoko”) and they were blocked. Not only the original songs, but covers too, for example JubyPhonic.

        • Potato-chan

          Hello pickle-san lol

      • Potato-chan

        Yeah. Vocaloid songs are blocked. :(

      • Evelyn P

        Yes, I’ve been trying to listen to songs there even aren’t by the company themselves, such as “Queen of Hearts” and “EveR LastinG NighT,” and they are blocked by EXIT Tunes, Inc. Hopefully, Google will realize that they are being stupid, and people like this would just use Google Music.

      • Yuusune Yuusune

        Vocaloid is being hit pretty hard. If any version of a vocaloid song has been published or distributed by a company based in Japan, there a pretty good chance that it is being blocked, including most covers. Synchronicity: Requiem of a Spinnging World, Mosaic Role, Blackboard, Eh? Ah, Sou, Tengaku, Akatsuki Arrival, Sarishinohara, The Wolf that Fell in Love With Red Riding Hood, Sweet Shackles, Coward Montblanc, Confession Rehearsal, and Reincarnation Boy and Reincarnation Girl are all casualties that I’ve noticed. Many of the include duplicates in the form of covers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it includes songs in any series those songs are in.
        This most recent pile of shit YouTube and Google has decided to pull has pulled a huge amount of my music list, which pisses me off.

        • Jane Kim

          OOooh we’re adding the vocaloid fandom now…
          Kpop, Jpop, Vocaloid (jpop, just a specific)….
          Youtube you’re soooooo screwed. More than half the world proably falls under at least one category if not all….
          Protest timeeeeeeee who’s gonna join?

    • AkumaPhyre

      Jpopsuki is good, and also “youtube unblocker” for Firefox works on some things. Those are some alternatives if you need your jpop fix right now. There is no telling if ,and when these channels will come back. Personally I hope Youtube Red blows up in thier face.

    • I hate google! I hate google! I hate google!

    • Gisele

      Well, seems that I’m gonna get screwed by YT sooner or later, so could someone send me a Jpopsuki invitation please? Yeah, I must be the only j-pop listener in this world that have no account there, so would be really nice if someone could help me.

      • You don’t need a invitation to watch the videos though. But maybe I can help you with that other thing.

        • Awilda

          Same here,I don’t have an account on it either !

        • Gisele

          Thank you very much! I letf a message on your lastfm page.

    • Nick

      Excuse me I hope you don’t mind but I shared this article on twitter to Fader after seeing them promote an article on Tricot on their account and in it the writer talks about how YouTube has helped the band connect to overseas fans.

      • Ohh, that’s perfectly fine! This story needs to get out! Actually the author of that story, Patrick St. Michel, retweeted this story on his Twitter. I talk to him regularly. We’re actually colleagues at The Japan Times.

    • I found this comment on the “Meet YouTube Red” video by YouTube Spotlight

      Dear YouTube,

      I don’t care but if u mess with SM Entertainment, you’re going down. You know The group Exo? Yea, they’re in SME and they have over 4,000,000 fans and pretty much half are international fans and use YouTube. We are very dedicated fans. If you dare start up YouTube Red and shut down SME, you yourself will find yourself buried under the millions of Exo fans, Exo-Ls. Wait no, I meant billions. There are billions of kpop fans out there and you already shut down two channels. This hate you’re getting is only the start. See, I am totally calm right now but if Oct. 28th comes and I see SME blocked, you will not see the next light of day.



      • ムラサキ

        I’m sorry but this is so embarassing lol christ

      • Lysadora

        Billions of kpop fans??? What world are you living in? Exo fans are sure crazy.

      • kunyit

        hope whoever typed that was drunk at that time…lol

      • Interesting… I’m cheering for them! XD

      • May S. Young

        I was informed that some KPOP content was blocked from American viewers. I don’t know which ones at this point, but this was verified by one of my friends. THIS. IS. BAD.

      • Brent Zavala

        ppppfft kpop…. they can keep blocking that for all i care

      • Jane Kim

        omg omg so true. and don’t forget Jpop. Not as popular as Kpop but they all r damn serious. Blocking Jpop and Kpop is a HUGE mistake. Youtube is like soooo screwed lolol

      • Koori Kae

        I’m just saying, this is true. Blocking Japanese videos is already pissing off THIS many people (INCLUDING ME. Like, how you think I’mma watch luz’s Cherry Hunt PV now huh?! I’m here trying to write a damn story and YouTube RED just goes and blocks the living hell outta everything). Imagine what it’d be like to block EXO and PSY. PSY’s videos have close to a billion (some have over 1 billion) and EXO fangirls are fuggin scary.

        Seriously, the fandom was so scary that they made SM kick out EXO’s two Chinese members. THEY CAN ONLY SING IN EXO-M VIDEOS NOW, IT’S IN THEIR CONTRACTS. They’re like the Supernatural fandom (a proud member. Tumbler is quite the nice base, I must tell you). We made the writers kill a character that should’ve lived longer. I had no part okay >.>

        I’m not kidding though. They block Korea, and fangirl hell will rain upon them. I am 90% sure they’ll somehow find YouTube’s staffs’ homes and torture the living daylight outta them. I’m Chinese, and I’m saying this here and now. They couldn’t have just blocked China? I mean, Japan is huge around America, and utaites are practically worshiped, so blocking them wasn’t exactly smart.

      • OPisaphaggot

        Lmao, I love the gravity of your tone. You going to war there, buddy? Time to leave your mum’s basement, mate.

    • I can’t even watch MM15 anymore T_T

      • Ishida Ayumi

        IT SUCKS!!! I’m going into serious Daishii withdrawal…

      • Jane Kim

        IKR I came to learn the dance one ay and it’s blocked…tries searching different stuff… all fcking blocked. Like wtf r u kidding youtube

    • Victory

      If my kpop videos start getting blocked I’m flip a table on them!!!

    • omi

      Before ban in other countries need to look for new alternative and don’t think YouTube’s this policy for a long run will that effective.

    • Payuyu Fortyeight

      Good fucking bye youtube

      • Reginald Maplethorpe

        Bet you’re still watching stuff on youtube.

    • They are basically doing what they did with doomed-to-fail Google+ and try to push their shit down everyone’s throat, not giving a fuck what they destroy in the process. And in this case it seems that the Japanese music industry’s already-not-in-a-very-good-shape international market is one of the victims…
      But while G+ was a new product and it failed eventually, it will be harder with youtube as it is the norm for basically everyone uploading videos, so if it will become a permanent problem for Japanese labels, it will be much harder to switch to some alternative service and bring all their videos and subscribers and followers over there. So, it is a pretty fucking frustrating situation…

    • Gamerlives

      Wow, as someone who can usually tolerate Google’s questionable decisions with YouTube (besides the channel layout changes) and actually can see the benefits of Content ID: this is just sad.

      As well, what happens when YouTube Red rolls out worldwide? If they start applying global blocks to companies that don’t sign off on YouTube Red, then that means that *anyone* who utilizes content from these companies will be actively punished by YouTube for doing so. And keep in mind that 2 global blocks puts your account in *bad standing* (possibly that means your account could be in danger of termination if you keep getting global blocks, but i’ve never dealt with this situation: so i’m not sure).

      So this effects users and not just viewers, hopefully Google realize the dangers of applying global blocks and do not do that. Because if they did, that could mean many many creators and viewers would straight up stop using the platform due to it being far more frustrating than it’s worth.

    • Sojiro

      Welp, there goes my channel. Vocaloid cover artist nightmare.

    • kiyokaze

      Youtube is digging their own grave.

    • Tari

      Avex and Universal Music Japan’s youtube channels are still viewable (for now).

      • If thing aren’t affected by now, I don’t think they will be.

    • kei

      A lot of idolmaster Cinderella girls videos have been taken off too.

      • Gate

        Do you mean im@s cinderella girls videos over at Daisuki’s main streaming youtube account or just Cinderella Girls videos uploaded by third party user accounts? Daisuki functions like Funimation / Viz / etc in that the anime they upload was licensed for foreign viewers but I dunno.

    • Syra

      VAMPS and the Vamprose channel are also blocked. Girugamesh is blocked as well, probably anything Danger Crue is but I don’t have enough internet to check that.

    • Potato-chan

      It’s all about the money :(

    • Google wants to make YouTube the next Library of Alexandria. So many great videos lost for pretty much no good reason. This has happened in similar, small ways in the past few years, but YouTube has become too profit focused that they don’t even realize how important this means viewers around the world.

      Google, just take the ‘you’ out of YouTube and just rename it for what it is; CorporateTube.

    • Tim

      NMB48 is still up even though the other 48 groups aren’t. Weird.

      • fransfebri

        Basically a lot of people got the wrong idea about YouTube RED. They think that those contents are moved behind the pay wall, which is not the case. Basically, there is almost no downside for content provider/copyright holder to join RED and actually they can make more money because they supposedly can get more money from subscriber vs ad. A lot of people complain about Japanese content behind pay wall is false. Even if you subscribe to RED you won’t see those blocked content. It’s more of those Japanese content provider/copyright holder issue than YouTube RED issue. The fact that NMB48 is still up there means whoever own the right to NMB48 (they are not on the same management and record company as AKB48) already make a deal with YouTube RED. So it can be done, but these companies (unsurprisingly, mostly the bigger companies) tend to react slowly like most Japanese big companies.
        If you subscribe to RED, you can watch YouTube without ads and probably exclusive contents and not blocked contents. Unless it’s like ESPN case where the copyright holder of those content (sports video, which is owned by their respective organization like NBA, MLB, etc) that explicitly says that you can’t put those content behind pay wall, then I don’t see any reason why those company won’t join RED. I thought those company like money.

    • Ckeds

      Dir en Grey’s official page seems to be having some issues too now.


    • No9

      Huh no idea if this doesn’t apply to Canada but the videos are currently not blocked. Let’s hope it stays that way. :|

      • It doesn’t apply to Canada and I hope it stays that way because my VPN is in Canada. But they are planning to make this a worldwide thing…

    • Karen Aracely

      What the heck are they trying to say that we can’t watch any Japanese video like akb48 come on how am I suppose to enjoy my day if I can’t see any of their videos because is being blocked this thing is pissing me off!!!!💢

    • mee-KE-le

      Do they really think that people would pay for watching videos on youtube now? And for what? MVs? Trailers? Random videos shared by users? You can buy a netflix subscription with that money. That 9,99$ should be a yearly rate at best, certainly not monthly.

      I always criticize the Japanese labels for their overpriced music, but this time I won’t blame them if they refuse to agree because they’re not getting anything from it.

    • You can add X4 orz

    • May S. Young

      Hi everyone!
      My name is May Young and I am the admin for Asian Culture Goes Pop on Facebook. I also write for I was informed that certain KPOP bands were also blocked from American viewers on YouTube. In an another incident, viewers from South American countries such as Columbia, were also blocked form viewing Japanese music content. This was verified by Colectivo Bunka: an Asian Pop Culture media outlet based in Bogota, Columbia. I wonder if other countries from the North/South America are experiencing the same issue. This is a much bigger mess than anyone had anticipated.

      • I thought it was just in the US… I asked some people in Asia and Europe about it when I first discovered it, but none in Latin America.

    • May S. Young

      Boom Boom Satellites are now blocked.

    • Sully Musty

      阿部真央を返してください — Abe Mao is blocked :) :/

    • Elpis

      Little Glee Monster’s channel also doesn’t work.

    • 8giggles

      I have 3 Jrock MV playlists: RADWIMPS, andymori, & THE BAWDIES (Victor Entertainment & their own channel). All 3 are worthless now. andymori isn’t even together now so I wonder if anyone will even bother with this issue.
      Other bands/accounts I’m subscribed to but can’t see their vids now are either under Victor Entertainment or UK.PROJECT. (BIGMAMA, THE BACK HORN, SPiCYSOL, + more)
      the telephones (own channel & Vevo can’t, but CAN see vids that are on Universal Music Japan)
      [Alexandros] (UK.PROJECT can’t, but CAN on their own channel)
      illion (solo project by Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS)
      SHISHAMO (I think they & andymori may both be under Faith Music Entertainment)

      No problems with:
      A-Sketch Music Label (THE ORAL CIGARETTES, flumpool)
      hiplandmusic (The Flickers, The fin., KANA-BOON, Kidori Kidori, sakanaction)
      ONECIRCLE (The Flickers)
      Jin Akanishi
      indigo la End
      Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

      Plus several more so not a complete killer, but some of my FAV bands are blocked. That whole “Don’t be evil” went out the window a long time ago. They really don’t care.

      • 8giggles

        11/2 I found I can watch RADWIMPS again! (as well as illion) Still cannot on the other bands, but these guys are my fav Jrock band & so were most important for me to see again!

    • merkypie

      Selective reading isn’t going to help the situation, Readers of Arama. No one is saying people are being forced into paid subscriptions or that Youtube is a pay-for-use website. Y’all need to get that reading comprehension up because its embarrassing to read these comments.

      Also, please educate yourselves on copyright and intellectual rights and how that might actually play into Youtube automatically restricting access to certain international accounts. Might wanna lookup while you’re at it.

    • Jessica Hooker

      This IS stupid damn you youtube

    • Jessica Hooker

      I hate people who ruin peoples lives screw you youtube and google good luck

    • This is a monopoly. We need to boycott Youtube Red. We can’t allow this to happen.

    • Maybe Crunchyroll can bring us the stuff we are losing. Spam Crunchyroll!

    • fransfebri

      I think some people have wrong idea about what YouTube RED is. YouTube RED is basically, if you subscribed to it, you can enjoy YouTube without ads and Google are courting some of the bigger channels to create exclusive content for subscribers.
      What it will probably not do (since I haven’t confirmed it) that it will not let you watch those blocked Japanese music content even if you subscribed to it. I believe in order for the content to be viewable in a country where RED is active (US), the content itself must comply with the new set of regulation, which is if your channel and/or the copyright owner enable ads, then they must join RED. The reasoning are simple, because they want to make a uniform experience for RED subscriber where they never see ads. If a channel or copyright owner don’t want to join and Google let that happen then either the RED subscriber still see ads on those channels/contents or they won’t see ads but Google don’t gave the channel/copyright owner their share of money (because they won’t join).
      I’ve said copyright owner because right now if you upload some content (usually music) that is owned by someone else (usually big companies), it will automatically show ad, that is because when the system knows that the content you uploaded belong to someone else, they automatically insert the ad and the money is paid to the copyright owner. It’s either that or you get warned to take down the content. This is why even those individual who just uploaded Japanese music also got blocked, because the copyright owner still not on board with RED.
      So why not YouTube make this whole RED thing. The fact is that running a streaming service cost money, thus you’ll see ads in almost all streaming services. Because of that, a lot of people asking about paying to remove ads, which is probably one of the motivation in making RED. Of course with that Google might make more money from subscription vs ad, but the concept itself isn’t bad. From my POV, the blame is mostly lies in those Japanese companies where they are usually slow to adapt to this kind of thing. Not all Japanese companies like this though, which is why some Japanese channel can still be accessed from the US like the NMB48 channel (which is not with those huge music label).
      There is almost no downside in joining RED. Probably for a content that contain some complex copyright issue then they must sort it out first, which might cost them money. Or if you are like ESPN where they have an agreement with the copyright owner (likely something like NBA, NHL, FIFA, etc) where they can only show the content on free service, thus they must pull out from YouTube. I don’t believe the music industry is so generous that they have a clause like that, thus it’s puzzling that they haven’t joined RED.

      • fransfebri

        Btw, I’m not advocating RED in any way. Basically, I’m afraid if RED is successful then a lot of channel start to make their content exclusive, thus it’s going to be a bit harder to find good free content on YouTube. Or we might see some channel providing just a small taste of their video and for the continuation you must subscribe RED. This is not YouTube fault but more because there are opportunity to make more money, thus people and companies might as well try to make more.
        Having said that, I usually use YouTube for casual viewing, meaning for wasting time. For Japanese music stuff (mainly AKB stuff) I find it somewhere else.

        • Gamerlives

          Yeah, keep blaming companies because they don’t want to cave into Google’s bullshit policies which basically say “If YouTube Red can’t have you, THAN NOBODY CAN *blocks your videos* ”

          I get that they want to have a uniform experience or whatever: but that benefits nobody besides the viewers. To any creators or companies, all it means is that Google have no other way to implement that besides throwing you off the platform if you don’t join YouTube Red. And here’s something: what about people who have died and their videos are still being enjoyed to this day on YouTube? I’ll tell you this, it isn’t benefiting the viewers then……..because their content will be gone……because they fucking died and a ghost can’t exactly accept the new YouTube terms.

    • I was thinking about all this and I wonder… is this blocking a country specific thing? I mean yeah, now it affects the US as that’s the only place so far where this shit called RED was launched and it will probably have the same effect for us over here in Europe when it will hit us, but… When it will be launched in Japan as well, and it eventually will be, won’t that mean that the channels’ local viewers will be banned as well? Because if that’s what it mean (and from what I’ve read it seems like that.) I guess the companies will sigh up to RED right then.
      What do you please think?

      • fransfebri

        Yes. I don’t think RED is shit. Actually, it’s something that people had been asking that they want to be able to watch YouTube even if that means that they would need to pay. The thing is, legally there’s a difference between using free service and pay service and since YouTube RED is pay service, thus there are probably some legal matter need to be sorted out from the Japanese side.
        What a lot of people don’t understand is that this isn’t a ploy from Google to put Japanese music behind pay service. Even if you pay for RED you still won’t have access to Japanese music. The only way for Japanese music can be watched again in the US is for the copyright holder to not opt for ads (meaning no ads for their video) or for them to join RED. Obviously they still want ads, but at the same time they don’t (or can’t because of those legal matter things), thus blocked. I’ve posted my take on it on the comment section, so if you want to know what I think, probably you should read those so I don’t write another long piece again :)

        • Yeah yeah, I did read what you wrote earlier, but it didn’t answer what I was asking here.
          And I still think RED is shit. They are basically hold the videos that were uploaded as hostages and you either accept their terms or will remain blocked. So, if you are one of those affected companies / uploaders, you either do what they say or you are fucked and loose what you built up for years. If it would only affect the videos uploaded after the launch date, it would be a very different situation, but to do this retroactively and block videos that were uploaded way before RED was even announced, respecting youtube’s then effective terms… this is just disgusting and they are clearly abusing their power and position. Not to mention that they launched RED without any proper explanation and obviously even the experts are quite lost about what is going on.

    • fransfebri

      One small thing I want to add. If you ask me who’s fault it is, It’s more on those Japanese music companies fault. YouTube RED might trigger it, but It’s their inability to adapt that causing this thing. Unless they have a policy where they don’t want money from YouTube video (which is obviously not the case because they enable ads on their copyrighted content) then either they need more time to sort stuff from their side or they are being greedy and want to negotiate the share or they are already exclusively contracted to other pay streaming site (Hulu, Netflix, etc) which prevent them from joining RED. This is all just a speculation of course. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can give a more accurate story instead of squarely blaming it on YouTube RED.

    • Shelby Tidwell

      Ok so youtube is done, let me know when the spinoff happens and I can watch my Japanese stuff again. You know every time a big website does something this stupid, someone decides to start their own page/company…I am getting back on

    • Andromeda Lazuli

      And THIS is why Google should NEVER had bought and changed the old YouTube. Sure, there’s some points that make it nice nowadays but most of the things that I loved about it have died just BECAUSE Google has taken over YouTube.

    • Tami Menzed

      to start with, youtube never has showed pvs from japn so much, since it’s no its fault, but japanese artists don’t like piracy, so people gotta buy their expensive versions

      • Actually, this really depends on who you listen to.

    • Elric385

      The latest Yumemiru Adolescence’s videos

    • JP

      Seriously??? Seriously. They’ve blocked all of H!P, and my favorite band RADWIMPS. What the hell. I’m an avid listener to jpop, and this is pathetic. They’re going down a one way road to people replacing the site all together. Luckily. I have NND or I’d be a little more mad. I literally can’t watch a cover of anything H!P related because it’s all blocked. Luckily, we still have avex. But I want to hear Morning Musume. If anyone does listen to jpop well it’s always on Nico Douga. So I’m not panicking, I actually could care less, but so much fucking greed.

      • Jane Kim

        NicoNicoDouga is so hard to use tho because google translate sucksss

    • Spooky Dooky

      God damnit, Youtube.

    • May S. Young

      Wow, even some of the music videos from the Australian duo, The Presets, are now blocked too.

    • Pastel C.

      Jubyphonic lost half her videos, and some that are still up you cannot listen to here. Most Vocaloid channels are down too. Scared for love live

    • Allen Nguyen

      It was “PONYCANYON” that blocked a Japanese song video in the United States on YouTube last Saturday, so I would suggest them to wait until it’s public viewable again in the United States. Thank you about this!

    • Seriousti

      YouTube screwing up again … what’s new?

    • Brent Zavala

      lets all start using another video site, upload, watch; no matter how crappy the site such as dailymotion is, but if enough people do that it’ll hopfully send YouTube a Message

    • JustSomeGuy

      It sucks. I just recently got into the music of AKB48 and just subscribed to them. Now I can no longer watch any of their videos.

      • Jane Kim

        and MM15 TT_TT

    • Nikki

      Resistar Records blocked too.

    • carbonated_turtle

      I know it’s a long shot, but I hope Youtube takes things too far and starts driving a lot of their traffic away to a competitor. Everyone thought Myspace was going to be around forever, and then along came Facebook. The same thing isn’t likely to happen with Youtube, but I really wish it would, because Google can go fuck themselves if they think I’m going to spend 10 bucks a month to watch Youtube videos.

    • Freaking blocking Flower and Sakurako Ohara IS NOT OKAY.
      It’s a miracle avex is still alive though. YouTube is just asking to be deserted.

    • Brett P. Pagan

      You can add “EXIT TUNES” to the list.

    • The Med Cat

      Time to boycott Youtube, let’s try something simple, every one in rebellion should make this there image on youtube/google.

    • The Med Cat

      Time to boycott Youtube, let’s try something simple, every one in rebellion should make this there image on youtube/google. .

    • VIC NIL

      FUCKING YOUTUBE is blocking videos from The GazettE’s Official Channel. Soon I won’t be able to listen to Jrock videos.

      • maimaipai

        IKR whyyyyyyyyyy

    • Danyea Taylor

      I can’t deal with this..

    • This makes me question my decision to become a content creator on youtube next year……I’ve been really planning for it and then this mess happens. :/

      • Jane Kim

        omg IKR. like WTF YOUTUBE

    • Soon people might use Dailymotion or even Vimeo more often. Who knows?? What do you guys think??

    • DrWawee

      If you want to find Jpop on Youtube, You cna find Jpop on Youtube

      • Jane Kim

        u can find it but u can’t view most of them

        • DrWawee

          Vocaloid, Classic Jpop, most anime themes, Japanese hip hop. Plenty is there still viewable.

    • Jane Kim

      Youtube ur so fucking dead omfg I hate u sm… u were like my bestie… wat happened…. So many stuff I can’t view now….why r they even doing this YoutubeRED bs

    • zero116 .

      The Inc. U/M/A/A channel is blocked in the U.S

    • Awesomegurl 5450

      Also there’s EXIT TUNES

      • I was about to say. My video is blocked in the US.

    • snorfhawke

      some vocaloid songs are being deleted as well, such as toluthin antenna, made by exit tunes and

      • snorfhawke

        *and sung by kagamine len
        theyre even deleting covers (kanzentaicell, nico nico chorus, jubyphonic, and several dance covers)

    • spyro20


    • witchypoo

      Hey! Just poppin’ my head in to point out that BP Records’ channel is still operational (for now).

      Also, there are a lot of J-music & Kpop videos on Dailymotion. Not nearly as much as YT, but it’s likely that more are going to show up as YT keeps up this blocking mess.

    • Jason Dinh

      Theres also one i think it was called EXIT Tunes INC.

    • Andrew Ryan Leslie

      Satoyama Movement ( has all videos blocked.

    • Adam

      Ive noticed 95% of LiSA’s videos are being taken down too..The only one available in the U.S Is Rising Hope..And they also took down 90% of the concert videos too..Even ones people recorded on their own and uploaded.

    • Anthony Wright

      I’m furious about this. 50% of the music I listen to is Japanese only and YouTube blocking it for this insane reason is just depressing.

      • maimaipai


    • Zeyad Ghanim

      Iam in saudi arabia and sony music japan isn’t available. Why? Iam not in USA 😢

    • Etk802

      Hahaha you know what’s funny? Akb dropped from 3 million views each video to 200 K. That’s a big difference.

    • SP34K3RM4N

      YouTube was a good one until one day when i blamed colombia (the country) for blocking iDOLM@STER G4U videos but no it was YouTube all along.

      I guess that “YouTube” means “Wife”

    • T. le

      sakanamon, spyair is another two that are out.

    • fNeL

      ClariS, Aimer, Supercell, is gone

    • Hamburger Helper

      Flow and Supercell have some videos down.

    • Kaleb

      AmazarashiSMEJ for Amazarashi is blocked
      EgoistVevo for egoist is blocked
      Some of Luna Haruna’s content is blocked
      sigureSMEJ is blocked
      Some of SupercellVevo is blocked
      Content from smaller channels and channels who uploaded japan content even if it’s a U.S. Channel

    • Etk802

      It seems up front is now okay, morning musume is back, I haven’t checked the others though

    • Kawaii Potato

      There’s also tons of Vocaloid songs being taken down from various channels as well. This is a bunch a bull. YouTube needs to get its shit together and stop messing everything up. First Google+ comment crap, and now this? Really YouTube?

    • Kaito Kim

      oh man this is gonna have some major impact on people who use youtube as their main income…

    • mimranyameen

      YouTube banning content is no new tactic, as this has been done in China for over 10 years and specific media has been geo-blocked in certain regions(like YouTube banned in Pakistan due to hate speech).The blocks are primarily directed within US cyberspace, so for the thousands of Japanese & Korean popmusic fans in the USA the only way to unblock favorite music videos is with a VPN service like purevpn (reviewed here).

    • Otaku (⌒▽⌒)

      .-. i hope it’s just that they just don’t know about it yet and that the videos will come back soon t.t i’m dying here. IT’S NOT LIMITED TO JUST JAP STUFF EITHER.

    • Koori Kae

      YouTube Staff: Hey guys, let’s start blocking Japanese songs, videos, and everything related to them so that way people who like things from Japan will leave us and go use nicovideo instead. This is a great way to increase our popularity and make people like our new overpriced subscription!

    • Koori Kae

      Oh yes YouTube. Block the three major fandoms. You know, the ones that have more views and likes on their videos than all your American stuff?

      Blocking Japan? A wise idea. Just ignore the millions of fans that practically worship utaites, and forget about those JPop fans! I’m sure they won’t go on every social media website ever and murder YouTube RED! I mean, it’s not like we have influence and own a half the blog sites in your country, right?

      Oh now you’re moving on to Korea, are ya? That’s even better. Yes, incur the wrath of the over-a-billion (yes, billions. Haven’t you seen PSY’s videos?)

    • Koori Kae

      Oh yes YouTube. Block the three major fandoms. You know, the ones that have more views and likes on their videos than all your American stuff?

      Blocking Japan? A wise idea. Just ignore those JPop fans! I’m sure they won’t go on every social media website ever and murder YouTube RED! I mean, it’s not like we have influence and own a half the blog sites in your country, right?

      Oh now you’re moving on to Korea, are ya? That’s even better. Yes, incur the wrath of the over-a-billion (yes, billions. Haven’t you seen PSY’s videos?) crazy fangirls. I should probably tell you guys that EXO’s fans have managed to force SM to ban their two Chinese EXO members from all EXO activities outside of EXO-M’s.

      Good move on the whole “it was a glitch!” thing. That was smart.

      Okay yup Vocaloid’s dead now, too. That was intelligent, too. I mean, us utaite fans aren’t totally nutso and haven’t created niconico accounts and created a full on wikia including their height, likes, weight, hair color, things from before they even had 5K viewers, and all their pictures! It’s okay YouTube RED. Seriously. We’ll just go make a NND and sign up for THEIR subscription. I mean, they offer a whole lot more (of things that we acutally need) for less than $7 a month. YouTube, after a few more “upgrades”, you’re going to fall. HARD.

    • The Parrot

      Another band, if not mentionned: B’z ( )

    • Devin Lowe


    • cy12

      I think this is a good thing. Internet platforms like youtube have for years had the effect of demonetizing and devaluing entire industries. If we constantly expect everything for free, then we will create huge inequality in society and a dying middle-class. (this is already happening). Nothing is truly free, if we dont pay with money, then we will pay with loss of jobs and inequality and no economic growth. At last hopefully the creative industries ill be able reinvigorated thanks to initiatives like these.

    • Murakami Kai

      Youtube is fucking pathetic and deserves to go to Hell. I’m gonna use it still. But in the same vein that a man scorned by his bitch wife despite his love, decides to say fuck it, and use her for sex until he can find the money to divorce her with a good lawyer.

      Except in my case, I’m using the wife till she dies.

    • Peachywink

      I also blame this on sonys approach. It’s like they don’t understand how greater exposure for there artist benefits them despite the fact that Babymetal got famous off it and K-pop has far surpassed j-pop in reach at this point.

    • maimaipai

      They better freaking fix this wth I need my GazettE and LM.c and DOGINTHEPWO and DIR EN GREY and VAMPS and DIV!!!!!!!! T-T I hope BP Records stays at least. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m moving to Japan T-T

    • DonFFMatix

      I can’t watch any of these in Australia

    • Blazin_Water


    • Finn

      Momoiro Clover Z…. Their old videos are blocked

    • Just Tim

      Sigh; it’s 2008-2011 all over again on YouTube. *facepalm*

      Yes, people, that time period was when YouTube was raining with false copyright claims, which was the legal/copyright issue of the time.

      Not another copyright issue again. Enough.

      I have been a YouTube user since 2006.

    • Just Tim

      AND LOL, this reminds me too much of the time YouTube got Hikaru Utada’s own channel blocked by her own record label.

    • Ashly Taylor

      this is crap because of “YouTube red” i cant find any of The GazettE older music videos AND I HAVE TO PAY 9$ A MONTH forget that!!! bring back the original you tube back, not this new policy that you guys created!!!! and not only that I CANT SEE THE GAZETTE NEWEST SONGS EITHER!!!! like new albums DOGMA and UNDYING all GONE no Pv no music videos NOTHING!!!! i am highly disappointed with this new “YouTube red”. and i’m a huge GazettE fan i don’t want all of their music to disappear from the internet.

    • gilroy
    • Patrick Roybal

      I’m just angry that I cant watch the new DIR EN GREY single, until I learned to use this

    • jatre

      Apparently something about YouTube Red is able to circumvent Japanese copyright law, particularly law involving showing Japanese-owned content outside of the country, which has legal teams all over the country pissed off. You can’t even post video game music from certain companies anymore, when those companies were originally fine with it. It should be noted that Taito was never really fine with it…

      Japan doesn’t mind streaming services at all, it’s just that not many people in the country really want them yet; very niche services. Similarly, Japan hasn’t been that big on “commercial” PC gaming in a long time, instead having an impressive indie PC gaming scene that goes all the way back to the early ’90s.

    • JonTheGreat8000

      Victor Entertainment has also blocked their videos on YouTube as well. :(

    • SyaoranLi1337

      Well that explains why some of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle music is missing. YouTube, get your act together. Otherwise you’ll die out. #WTFU

    • Jack

      I think that anybody who longs to access blocked website content is ready to bypass strict bounds. Many services can help you to hide IP address and give direct access to website blocked in your location. Here you can read more about IP hiding I prefer VPN; in my opinion it’s safer and easier to use. Using VPN stops people snooping on your internet traffic, which is handy if you’re on a potentially insecure network such as public wi-fi hotspot. It also prevents your ISP from monitoring your traffic, which is useful if you want to avoid filtering. Anyway, VPN is very useful service. It becomes more popular with time. This website holds more information I suggest to every internet surfer be free and safe using the net.

    • OnePinchMan

      Asian Kung-Fu Generation is also blocked, now I cant listen to Haruka Kanata anymore :(

    • topu


    • l3012

      I’m from México, and the blocking begun this weekend…

    • Sunny

      Its a pity. Already we have limited japanese pop music videos/acts on youtube and on top of this. Sigh Sigh..

    • Sakura Harano

      Still waiting for Sony Music to unblock all their related channels like Flower T.T

    • Jonathan

      Fuck You YouTube! Get Rid Of YouTube RED!

    • Ashly Taylor

      all i want is to hear my music :( they are taking down music videos that i listen to everyday. and who in the hell wants to pay $9.99 a month for damn you tube red, and i used to watch movies on their as well never had a problem before till this shitty policy!!! i hope this you-tube red gets taken down really soon

    • Mattes Cog

      Greed. It’s born from insentive. It grows (if lucky) into success. Then it can mature into a sickness. And what really sucks is, that, in some cases, you and I are responsible. Our support created the pig. It’s scary. Because 75% of us (more or less) would do the same thing. Greed is a genetic marker that’s been passed down to all of us since the days when our ancestors were hunting for food with rocks. Learn to deal with disappointments. Or…stop feeding the pig. And that would require a boycott of YouTube. Do a few million people internationally have what it takes to do that??? Anyone have a taste for bacon?

    • bob

      I really fuckin hate YouTube and the shitty JP record companies, half my like list are dead JP music tracks, because of them. I DON’T SPEAK JAPANESE AND I DON’T DOWNLOAD VIDEOS, so now all that shit is gone and I don’t what the hell any of them are called. Thanks conglomerates, you make no money from me listening anymore.

    • John von Shepard

      Sony is such a evil company!

    • XxInsanexX

      EGOIST is no longer on Youtube besides one music video… ): I cant believe Ling Tosite Sigure isn’t on YouTube smfh

    • QJ

      I use VPN for change location which is worthy for me