Yamazaki Kento confirmed to star in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

It has been announced today via LINE LIVE, September 28, that Warner Bros. Japan and Toho Co. Ltd. will be collaborating in a big project that is the live-action adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It has confirmed the previous rumors that has surfaced online: Yamazaki Kento aced the lead role in the said adaptation.

It will feature Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable which is the fourth story arc of the series. The title of the movie will be the same as the said arc.


Takashi Miike will be taking charge of the film. Other casts include Komatsu Nana, Okada Masaki, Mackenyu, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Yamada Takayuki, and Iseya Yuusuke. Further updates with their characters will be announced soon!

The said live-action adaptation will be shown on Summer 2017. It is the first time that two big Japanese companies in the movie industry has tied-up with a big project.

Source: modelpress

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    • MS

      “Takahashi Miike will be taking charge of the film.”
      Takashi Miike, no?

    • kiya

      He cute. I have accepted this reality.

      However, allow me to rant a bit..

      Zakiyama is ok.

    • precious

      Yay another LA film for Yamazaki kun.. extremely happy. Goodluck to all.

    • Ana Alvarez

      Yamada Takayuki and Takashi Miike will work together again /cries/ Ehem Crows Zero feeeeels~~~
      Now this is a chance for Kento to show what he really got! If you’re a fan of YamaKen you know that his skills are better than being a Shoujo prince.
      Casts are so good T-T I can’t believe all my favorite actors are in one epic movie!
      And I knew it! I knew YamaKen is the second Oguri Shun as I told to myself if the rumor live-action Jojo is true.

      • Ana Alvarez

        COTDAMN I’M GETTING GOOSEBUMPS UNTIL NOW. Seeing Warner Bros. Japan and Toho will collab for this 1 movie! Icb I’m seeing this! T-T

    • kiya

      Btw, Miike Takashi was really horrendous with Terra Formars. Hope he won’t screw up again.
      Now if only the perfect personification of Jojo’s world (MJ and Kitamura Kazuki) will make an appearance in future adaptation.

      • Nic

        he screw up BIG TIME in Terra Formars, despite them having such a great cast. I hope he learned his lesson

        • kiya

          He screwed up a lot of movies actually so I doubt he learned any lesson.

      • Jo

        Yakuza Apocalypse was horrible, not funny and all and he wasted the talent of Yayan. As the god will was also equally bad.

      • Kokoro Ai

        Miike hasn’t do anything good since many years ago. His name is no longer synonymous of a good movie, regrettably.

    • nonnonanon

      It has reached to the point where even Yamaken himself is bored of seeing his face on screen…

      • Guest

        Lol! So True…

      • K Loulliet

        I’m sure I’m not and neither are a lot others

        • CaptainSexy

          I’m sure I am and also a lot others

          • K Loulliet

            So? Does that make any difference? Just because a minority doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t or won’t happen. I’m sorry but (thankfully) the world doesn’t work that way.

            • CaptainSexy

              Lol chill. I’m just returning your point back.

              You might like seeing him EVERYWHERE but there are also people who don’t (well me obviously)…

              Well like you said, the world doesn’t work that way…

            • huh?

              lol what the hell are you even trying to say?

              • K Loulliet

                If you can’t even understand that, I suggest you check your literacy or logical reasoning skills. The person before you at least could.

                • huh?

                  sigh I guess some people really don’t get sarcasm

                  • K Loulliet

                    Ahh sorry I can only accept sarcasm when it’s used wittily

              • boo

                seriously (also to @jo & @me who upvoted) ??
                that’s pretty easy to understand. what is this elementary school level comprehension?

        • Jessica

          I love seeing his face too! :D Haters stay pressed.

      • LOL

        why are you down here? your post should be on the top

    • welp

      You again? *face palm* They should try giving other actors a chance..Is it that hard to find other candidates? Is he really that popular in Japan that they are handing him like every role? X_X

      • Ana Alvarez

        Every japanese actors are like that. He’s not the only one who is everywhere. If an actor or an actress doesnt have enough projects every year, their popularity might go down. It’s actually good for Kento to try other genre than stick being a Shoujo prince. If you are really into J-entertainment, you’ll probably gonna notice that his co-star in this drama are also everywhere. It’s just that Kento is lucky enough to get a role with such a popular manga.

      • kiya

        At least its not Fukushi Sota. Zakiyama has a pleasant on screen presence.

        • boo

          both looked pleasant at first, but unpleasant now…

          • kiya

            Nope. Zakiyama looked meh at first for me but I began to like him after watching his cute personality on a lot of PR run. Also he’s a much, way much better actor than Fukushi Sota.

    • kikuk

      And here I think Nagase would really fits Jotaro’s image…. I can’t feel a manly aura from Yamaken at all. For anyone who have read/watch Jojo series, I’m sure you will know.

    • eplizo

      Damn I love that line-up. Just might end up watching this.

    • CaptainSexy

      I actually loved him before but now when he is this overused, it’s getting annoying just to see his face…

      • Ana Alvarez

        He’s just lucky enough to get such popular manga and anime roles. It’s not like he’s the only one being overused.

        • CaptainSexy

          I bet he would top the chart for the most overused actor for live action in Japan tho… (it’s a sarcasm in case you don’t get it)

      • Jessica

        I never tire of his face so yay for me! :D

        • boo

          lol we’ll see for how long

      • moon

        Same. I just think about all the other potential great actors who could have been discovered might be pushed aside all because of Kento and his popularity. I guess looks/popularity trumps talent in Japan? Its really sad actually and imo hes cute but his acting is sub-par to me. It will be interesting to see how he does along side Kamiki and Takayuki.

      • Fuyuko

        I can’t tire seeing his face, cause I choose what to watch. but… it’s tiring to see his name on live-action announcements!

    • Nic

      Why didn’t they make the Takayuki guy or Iseya Yusuke as the leads?! There’s no doubt in their acting capabilities and they physically fit the role more. Instead they chose Yamaken as the lead?! Seriously people?! I’m not gonna go much further into acting, but physical wise?! This coming from Takashi Miike, I’m super dissappointed. Clearly they’re only using Zakiyama to bait more mainstream viewers. And Makenyu?!! Really?! Did the Jostar family turns into a hostclub?

      Them choosing Yamada for Ed in FMA is waaaaay more reasonable. At least he fits the role physically.

      Hhhh sorry for Zakiyama fans out there. I’m just so done with this guy. I might be wrong in this though.

      • Ana Alvarez

        Physical doesnt matter either, I bet you already watched Crow Zero if not watch it. Theyre suppose to be muscles but on LA they were not.

        • Nic

          Well they better have a good reason why they chose him as the lead. If he’s acting is soooo great and worthy then it would be okay to ignore the physicality. But TBH his acting hasn’t really impressed me that much (especially in last season’s getsu9 with mirei -_-) and I don’t find a reason why would they risk such a big budget film with a big fandom all over the world under his shoulder. I feel bad for Zakiyama too because I don’t hate him but his overexposure are starting to become too much

          • Ana Alvarez

            Because we see more in RomCom. On 2017, we should anticipate him more tbh since his roles are way different than the past. Saiki Kusuo No Psi Nan, and now Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure next year, we will see him as a new Yamazaki Kento not just being a Shoujo prince. And if you’ve been following his projects ever since you’ll see his potential more. It’s just that Stardust kept on insisting him doing romcom (since his face is young), good thing they allowed him to do different roles.

      • kiya

        I personally would prefer Matsujun because he has the typical Jojo face, or Nagase or Kitamura Kazuki. Zakiyama face is too delicate but he cute. They are making this into 4 movies so the other ideal candidates might not have the time or age to spend on it.

        “not gonna go much further into acting, but physical wise?!”
        He’s beefing up ♥
        https://67.media.tumblr.com/a8cd3e7b55482742a0f95678a0b2599a/tumblr_oaak8oGy331vpmpmko3_r2_250.gif https://67.media.tumblr.com/079f795e578d64a2330c990b54b2acba/tumblr_oaak8oGy331vpmpmko4_r2_250.gif

        • byebicycle

          “I personally would prefer Matsujun because he has the typical Jojo face”

          i’ve never read/watched jojo but for some reason i TOTALLY understand this lmao omgggg idk why this is killing me

    • Jo

      Probably will be the only film of Yamada Takayuki that I don’t want to watch.

    • demmyt

      haven’t japan learned enough from gouriki that overexposure can lead to downfall?

      • kiya

        Gouriki can’t act and has a boring personality. That’s the reason she fell.

        • Kokoro Ai

          LMAO Kento isn’t an extraordinary actor too.

          • kiya

            I never said he’s an extraordinary actor. I’m just saying she can’t act.
            Their level of acting skills is probably about the same. What he has that Gouriki doesn’t is a likable personality. It gives an edge to Zakiyama as an actor because that charm translate well on screen.

            • meh

              Their level of acting in LDK looked almost the same to me

    • pondloso


    • Sunny

      Johnny’s was fielding MatsuJun for this and was mighty upset after the author rejected him citing he needs a taller actor lol… I am getting bored of YamaKen these days. High time the agencies start scouting for new talents across the country and try and use them wisely. Over exposure and Under exposure are not healthy for their careers in a long run.

      Talking of over-exposure,there are many among actresses as well. Hirose Suzu,Kiritani Mirei,Komatsu Nana, Tsuchiya Tao,Nikaido Fumi,Arimura Kasumi are also everywhere. I have got tired of Hirose Suzu as well.

      My favorite is Nikaido Fumi because of her superb acting talent and her choice of roles.

      • moon

        oh gosh, the people you named are spot on. I dont like any of them except for Fumi. To me, Tao is literally the female version of Yamazaki Kento, yesh!

      • byebicycle

        is that jun thing for real? where did you read it, bc i’m curious now lmao

        • Taima-kun
          • byebicycle

            thank you!

        • Sunny
          • byebicycle

            thanks! lmao @ jun not being suited to play a character who’s 195 cm… kento is only a little bit taller than jun?? but reading through that article, i’m thinking… huh. maybe it’s a good thing jun’s not in this after all, since like it says, these kinda manga are tough to adapt and tend to kinda flop.

            (i still really want to see jun ham it up though, lol)

            • Sunny

              Yeah.. Agree with you. Live adaptation of popular manga/anime is a risky job and many a time they dont live upto the expectations.
              Also Takahashi Miike is not consistent with his work. I had huge expectations from his last movie Terra Formars,with all the hype and publicity surrounding it. After its release,there was not a word in media about it. B’cause it had flopped. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

              The only thing i want now is that Takahashi Miike should get this right. Lot of fans of Manga/anime and the popular actors that are cast now should not be left disappointed.

    • byebicycle

      i just want to say i hate y’all for bringing up jun, bc i suddenly really, REALLY want him in this movie, even though i’ve never read or watched jojo, lol. ;; i just know everyone in it is super fabulous and ott, and now i have a mighty fucking need to see jun ham it up. i seriously hate how much i want this all of a sudden hahaha ;___;

    • Sy_Blue

      Great Casts! like, seriously. Yamazaki kento, Komatsu Nana, Okada Masaki, they’re my favorites, And i will see them all in this project soon. Glad to know that xD

    • LMAO

      “This ikemen is playing me?”

    • Portia Ricasata

      Anyone who gets any popularity gets hated by Aramajapan people seriously anything new here

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      I used to love him I swear.. but then, it’s him again and again. I have to admit that his acting is great, though.

    • l3012

      Aren’t other actors besides Zakiyama? #DamnAfrica

    • Rae

      chill on my mans. Kento is a good actor. In all his different roles he has embodied each of those characters very well bringing out all the emotions and feels we all want from a j-drama or live action. True he does plays in most of them and they could give other rising stars a chance to shine, but his acting skills are in my opinion very up to par, with his ability to carry such a coolness about him and yet at the right moments giving us that raw emotion. come on, we all loved him in heroine disqualified, and I bet most of you all watched all the movies he was in and when one week friends and your lie in April come out most of y’all will definitely see it. Whyyyyy? Because no matter how much you criticize him you can’t stop watching his movies. But i would like to see him in other movies besides the live actions. I’d like to see him in some more challenging roles and sometimes more developed that really push his acting ability. At the same time it would be nice to see some fresh faces I will agree on you all about that part

    • Dins

      Wellllll, because of the sub I always watch his movies atleast 6 months after, so it’s not boring for me. Come here zakiyamaaa<3