Trailer for Doraemon the Movie 2017 is Out

The trailer for the 37th installment in the Doraemon film franchise has been released. Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi will be in theaters spring of next year.

Check out the trailer below!

There’s a theory that 65 million years ago, the earth was completely frozen, giving it the title of Snowball Earth. This time, Nobita and his friends are going on an adventure to Antarctic, where they find a huge hidden secret! Along the way, they meet a strange creature named Paopao and a girl named Kaara. What exactly do these two have to do with the ancient ruins they discovered?

The 2017 story line will be an original; however Paopao’s design is identical to a character that appeared in the 2009 Doraemon film.


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    • FrozenLand

      An original story is always risky.

      I haven’t seen an original story I’m really pleased with yet. The team needs to understand Doraemon was meant to be enjoyable to watched by both children and adults alike. Previous original movies were too childish for my liking.

      The trailer looks promising though.