SEXY ZONE member Marius Yo to appear in an episode of American sitcom “Fuller House”

It has been announced that SEXY ZONE member Marius Yo will be appearing in an episode of the American sitcom “Fuller House

Fuller House” is a continuation of the successful sitcom “Full House” that ran from 1987 to 1995, the show series is exclusive to the streaming service Netflix. In December, 2016, the creator Jeff Franklin confirmed that the show had been renewed for a third season and 18 episodes were ordered. The first 9 episodes will be released on September 22nd, while episodes 10-18 are scheduled to be released in December. Marius will appear in one of the later episodes released in December, which takes place in Japan. Filming for the episode was completed on August 10th in Tokyo.

Marius commented that he’s a big fan of the show and regularly watches both the original and sequel on Netflix, stating that it was a big honor to be offered a role like that. Marius went on to unintentionally shade the Japanese entertainment industry by saying he’s glad his family living in Germany and other oversea countries will be able to easily view his work, and is excited to hear their response.

Fuller House” is set in the same house as the original series. The main character D.J Tanner is recently widowed, works full-time as a veterinarian, and is the mother to three boys. After the sudden death of her husband, D.J accepts the offer from her younger sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy to move in together and help take part in raising her three sons.

(via Natalie)

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    • anne

      got hit by a load of cringe upon seeing the headlines, but surprisingly, i can’t wait!

    • “Marius went on to unintentionally shade the Japanese entertainment industry by saying he’s glad his family living in Germany and other oversea countries will be able to easily view his work”


      • merkypie

        Johnnys is a mess. A big fat mess. Johnnys is a mistake.

    • haha his shade is accurate tho.

      Esp if you consider how uptight is J&A regarding the image/picture of their idols. I mean, in certain dramas/movies promotional posters, while other casts are real life figures, only their idols are drawn (lol). Or the fact that for Code Blue 3 twitter, none of YamaP’s BTS pictures could be spotted despite he is the main character for the drama. :P

    • James


    • Brett

      Matsuda Seiko in Bones HOW many years ago?

      • Wynnegen

        Rila Fukushima played Katana on Arrow for almost an entire season.

        • Brett

          Rila Fukushima is an… wait for it… ACTRESS
          Seiko and Marius are idols who only do acting on the side

    • Not Polka Dot

      J&A deserves the shade.

    • The Dark Dudette

      It might sound like I’m picking on semantics , but can one really throw shade at somebody or something ‘unintentionally’? The whole point of shade is to express attitude or contempt. I can’t read Japanese ofc. I don’t know what he was asked or told to say, but to me it seemed like he was grateful that his family and fans overseas could watch the series since it is web based and is widely available.

      • HyperMoot .

        well, I’m not sure cause my Japanese ain’t great but I couldn’t find any trace of that “unintentionally shade’ in the Natalie music article but well, maybe some subtlety eluded me??

        • merkypie

          All it said was, この発表にあたり、マリウスは「フルハウスもずっと見ていたし、英語もNetflixを通して覚えたので、オファーはとても嬉しかったです。世界中で配信なので、ドイツにいる家族にも活躍する姿を見せられるし、海外からの反響が楽しみです」とコメントしている。

          translation: ” Commenting on the announcement, Marius said, ” I am so glad I was able to receive the offer because I’ve always watched Full House, even in English on Netflix. Because it’s aired around the world, even my family that lives in Germany can watch my activities. I am also looking forward to the reactions from abroad. ”

          Whoever wrote this Arama article embellished for drama.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Yeah. The phrase ‘unintentional shade’ is just as confusing to me as ‘unintentional sarcasm’. You have to know pretty well what you’re saying to throw shade at somebody. There is never a lack of intent . Maybe I’m missing out on some nuances because the Japanese language works very differently than English . But from a western viewpoint , I can’t think of any instance when somebody threw some shade and didn’t mean it. Poor Anne Hathaway tried, and she was widely mocked

    • it’d be great if he got picked as fixed cast next time, a fan can dream LOL

    • yamakita

      This is kinda random.

    • neko

      He didn’t Shade it …. he just say the true is hard for us to watch jhonnys stuff

    • SnowDrop

      I’m happy to hear he’s being able to expand his acting portfolio (so to speak)! :D
      But…here’s hoping that episode isn’t one of “those” episodes about Japan.
      “hur hur Japan so wEiRD and baCKwarDs! I’m glad we we’re ‘murican and not wEirD like the Japanese lol!”

      • merkypie

        its gonna be that “lol japan is so weird” episode because its the bullshit japan sells to the world as their soft power campaign, “cool japan”. deal with it, japan loves the fact westerners think they’re quirky and weird.

      • circe154

        This is exactly what its going to be. The original series had an episode where the girls’ grandparents from Greece visit that’s nothing but lol foreigners. It made me cringe as a child.

    • 22Nation

      I hate both Full House and Fuller House so much, but I guess I will watch whatever episode Marius appears.
      Also I don’t think the kid was shading his company, more like he was sadly stating the truth.

      • Hermione48fan

        I´m a big Full House fan but never watched Fuller House yet.. I think is a good opportunity for him regardless of what you think about the show.

    • merkypie

      what a mess in the making

    • Guest


    • ProllyWild

      there was no shade…thats just the writer throwing their own opinion into a completely vanilla comment.

    • ProllyWild

      i think too many people make a deal of nothing. restricted distribution is an international norm. For people living outside of japan, you seem to think its some major power grab by agencies and publishers but we face the same problems here in japan. Not all the movies that are released in your countries ever make it out to Japan. Same with music and all forms of media that don’t find localized distribution channels for the various world markets.

      there was no shade in his comment.