“Quartet” dominates the 7th Confidence Award Drama Prize

Winners have been announced for the 7th annual “CONFiDENCE AWARD DRAMA PRIZE”, the drama series eligible for the awards must have began airing in the Winter 2017 drama season. The awards are organized by a subsidiary of Oricon called “oriconME”, and sponsored by the popular weekly business magazine “confidence”. An esteemed and varied panel of judges consisting of university professors, columnists, writers, and consultants determine the winners.

TBS drama “Quartet” completely dominated the awards, nearly getting a full sweep. Out of the 7 categories Quartet won 5 of them, including “Best Drama”, “Best Script” and “Best Leading Actress”. “Quartet” is about four 30-something strangers who all have dreams unfulfilled. Through a chance meeting they all decide to live together in the small resort town Karuizawa, forming the musical group Doughnuts Hole. But naturally there’s a big secret behind this “chance” meeting.

The other drama series to win awards was Uso no Sensou, former SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi took home the prize for “Best Leading Actor”. Yuki Saitou won “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in “Okaasan, Musume wo yamete ii desuka?”

The full list if winners can be seen below.

Best Drama – Quartet

Best Leading Actor – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (Uso no Sensou)

Best Leading Actress – Takako Matsu (Quartet)

Best Supporting Actor – Issei Takahashi (Quartet)

Best Supporting Actress – Yuki Saitou (Okaasan, Musume wo yamete ii desuka?

Best Script – Yuji Sakamoto (Quartet)

Best Newcomer – Riho Yoshioka (Quartet)

(via confidence)

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    • goingtojpn

      I am so happy for Quartet! I am specially happy for Takahashi Issei, he is such a good actor and always plays supporting characters!

      I really need to watch Uso no Zensou but the subs are nowhere to be seen…

      • haruka

        SMAP lj community has the subs.

        • goingtojpn

          YAYYY thank you for the tip!

      • neko

        On jdramacity they have the Link of the fansub

    • maguro part deux

      Glad to see Riho Yoshioka rewarded, she played her cutie-pie sociopath character brilliantly.

      • norul no-rule

        true…i despise her in this drama…..

      • Hma22

        Yep, her acting is really good.

        I watched Lady Da Vinci (the one with Yoshida Yuu in case anyone wants to know), her character was really different there.

        Hopefully she’s still good in the upcoming drama.

    • kazumi

      I like watching quartet. They really deserved for it *thumbs up*