“Code Blue” announces film adaptation to be released in 2018

Code Blue Season 3 ended last night but fans of the drama can look forward to something more next year!

The last episode of Fuji TV getsu 9 drama “Code Blue – Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei ~ THE THIRD SEASON” starring Yamashita Tomohisa was aired on the 18th. At the end of the episode, it was announced that the popular drama will be getting a film adaptation, opening in 2018. Towards the ending, the words “Movie Decision” and “Published in 2018” are displayed together with images of Doctor Heli and others.

The new season returned seven years after the 2nd season with the the original cast Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika, Asari Yosuke and Higa Manami. The drama premiered this July with 16.3%.

The last episode is extended by 30 minutes, aired from 9 PM to 10:24 PM. The doctors rushed to a scene of a collapse which happened inside the railroad track before the opening of the subway. However, another collapse happened inside the tunnel where Aizawa (Yamashita) and Fujikawa (Asari) where treating patients.

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    • AoZora

      That’s good news… Considering many successful drama series having a movie adaptation,this wasn’t a surprise :p

    • liuuu

      I thought they would even reach 20% if they choose to go with season 1 and season 2 plot. it such a waste of amazing cast. I prefer code blue season 1 and season 2 more because season 3 seems too much stories and characters that not needed and less actions too but still, congratulation for high ratings and movie. this is good news for Fuji tv and getsu9.

      • yurisakura

        You mean, you think they would reach 20% by repeating S1 and S2 plot? When S1&2 itself didn’t even reach 20% besides S1E1?

        Totally agree there was some unnecessary plotlines, (looking at u ungrateful piano girl), and less focus on treatment scenes.

        But I can’t bring myself to hate the 3rd season coz there were some quality comical scenes that made me replay those scenes over and over again, and the bond between the OT5 is the strongest this season. They had less treatment scenes together this season coz they all have their own separate job to do but even tho the quantity decreased, the quality did not.

        Definitely one of my fave scenes are in S3E5 w/ Saejima x Hiyama x Shiraishi as well as Aizawa x Fujikawa.

        Plus, this season had the organ transplant scene as well as the treatment in the cold room storage and damage control. Really cool scenes that rival the treatments in the previous seasons.

        • liuuu

          only the maybe and my hope. At first I just thought the possibility to get 20% ratings would be higher in Season 3 with Yamapi and Aragaki popularity now, plus Erika Toda,Asari Yusuke,Higa manami. compared to them 7 or 9 years ago. maybe this is just me who expected too much.
          I didn’t say I hate season 3 too and I watched it until final episode. just dissapointed with the script.

          overall, code blue still the highest ratings drama this season and highest for getsu in past few years. that’s a very good result.

        • haniemeanie

          agreed about the unnecessary plot lines, wish it was tighter but I’m happy with OT5 interaction & bond.
          and this is my first time seeing organ transplant surgery in drama tbh (I’m not a fan of medical dramas). what hiyama sensei said during that scene makes me emotional.

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    • Mela

      And please stop playing with shiraishi-aizawa shippers’ heart.

    • Cherrie Mae Tenorio

      Please have a happy ending for Shiraishi and Aizawa please…
      I really wanted thrm to end up together.
      Hope they will get married in the upcoming movie.
      CODE BLUE fighting!!!😍😀