Haruma Miura, Meisa Kuroki & more attend press conference for Otona Koukou

Actors Haruma Miura and Meisa Kuroki joined their co-stars in a press conference for the upcoming highly anticipated drama series Otona Koukou. 

The show tackles Japan’s sensitive and somewhat controversial low birth date, but with a fun twist. In-order to combat the countries low birthrate the government decides to set up an “Otona Koukou”, basically an adult high school. Any adult over 30 years old is forced by the government to enroll in the school if they have no sexual experience.

Miura plays the lead role of Eito Arakawa, he is 30 years old and is naturally single. After graduating from a prestigious university he obtained a high position at a bank, often receiving praise for his work. Despite being very attractive he is still a virgin and doesn’t even have experience, what are the chances!

Kuroki’s character Maki Sonoda is in a similar situation. The 32 year old has a job at a trading company and is single. Despite being very attractive she also has no experience, and is forced to enroll in the adult school by the government.

Miura commented that he understands the sensitivity of the subject, and playing such a role was actually quite challenging.  He hopes to make Japan’s future as bright as possible with this challenging role. Miura’s co-star Ryo Ryusei was highly complimentary of the ikemen actor, claiming that everything about him was perfect.

While talking with reporters Kuroki joked whether or not the casting director made the correct choice, considering she had just given birth to her second child in June! She also shocked her co-stars when she revealed that she’s unable to swim, even though she’s from the island Okinawa. When asked about what activity she wanted to experience, the beauty replied with skiing and skydiving.

Otona Koukou will begin to air on October 14th on TV Asahi.

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    • ye!


    • Thomas

      “Any adult over 30 years old is forced by the government to enroll in the school if they have no sexual experience.” how would they know though… This seems like an infantile, less complex version of The Handmaid’s Tale to me.

      • HyperMoot .

        There will be a prequel, that will explain in details how the Gvt used drones to collect the information. Drones that were initially offered by the US gvt to strengthen the American-Japanese alliance in order to spot North Korean agents but were then used by the Japanese conservative ruling party for sinister purposes. Each and every citizen was checked except for a handful of ‘divergents’ who used to gather in an adult video store in Akihabara with their secret mentor: Taro Asshole.

        • Thomas

          Still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to be honest. What about people who have curtains? What about people who had sex before the drone thing happened? It just seems to be a very forced narrative to me. It’s something new for sure but I don’t think it’s that thought-provoking because of the unrealistic nature of the concept.

          • HyperMoot .

            “What about people who have curtains?” lol. You’re underestimating the performance of the new infrared lenses. mh, actually you’re right. I guess one has to accept the premise as it is and then see what happens. It sort of worked for Ikigami.

            • Thomas

              Wait was your first comment sarcasm? I really couldn‘t tell because the premise was absurd enough already… Anyways I just can‘t make the connection: what does high school have to do with being a virgin? Why do adults get free education just because they haven‘t had sex? 🤔

              • HyperMoot .

                It was indeed, I just got carried away and typed some rant that could sort of fit in, lol. er sorry. I think you’re being too rational on this, it’s not the first time that the premise of a Japanese plot whether it’s film, drama or manga looks unrealistic if not inconsequent. We’ll see what they do with it. Or rather you guys will see, I don’t watch many drama and also the female lead is Meisa. She is a likeable public figure, she’s also some beauty but I haven’t seen her pull out even one memorable perf as an actress, except in one curious short film

                • Thomas

                  Oh, oops. Sorry, I thought the prequel thing was legit. You never know with these writers 😂! Yeah, maybe I am thinking too rational. I‘ll probably watch the first episode to see whether or not I was right about it. I think the same way about Meisa to be honest. She is really pretty but I don‘t think she‘s good at expressing emotions on screen.

      • hasawa

        I’m more bothered by the fact they emphasized how attractive both virgins are as if it was to show how such a HUGE anomaly it was~
        Like, sorry, a bunch of people who never have been in a relationship/have sex are pretty regular people, some are more attractive than the others, but I don’t get the deal of using attractive actors to play these roles. It lowkey stigmatizes a whole bunch of late bloomers who are not gifted with such endearing figures…

        • Thomas

          Exactly. Also I‘d rather lose my virginity to a stranger than being forced to wear a school uniform for another 3-4 years. Also do they get to leave when they do it or what lol

      • O

        It reminds me of The Lobster.

    • rex

      Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) anime had similar concept but it was for teens who must marry when they turn 16 ,partner are chosen by govt using some AI system

    • Paola Mejia

      Sounds awesome, love the fact that the dorama writers are not afraid to be original and write scripts like this

    • bailey darbii

      this sounds stupid….

      i will watch it until the 10th ep tho.

    • It seems silly but I’m sort of curious about how the story will go. Especially with Haruma and Meisa involved!