Hana Yori Dango Rumoured To Be Getting Another Remake, Starring Suzu Hirose

According to entertainment website Cyzo Woman, another remake is in the works for Yoko Kamio‘s hugely successful shojo manga series Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers).

Since beginning it’s original run in 1992, the series has been adapted into multiple formats. The first came in 1993 and 1994 when it was released as a series of audio dramas starring former SMAP member Takuya Kimura. In 1995 it was given the live-action treatment with a film starring Yuki Uchida, an anime series was released the following year in 1996. In 2005 the manga series was adapted into a hugely successful live-action drama series starring Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto, & Shun Oguri.

The series even saw large success overseas especially in Asia, where the story has been adapted multiple times into television dramas and films. The most notable being Taiwan’s Meteor Garden (2001) and South Korea’s Boys Over Flowers (2009).

The general plot of Hana Yori Dango follows Tsukushi Makino, a poor girl who attends the very prestigious school Eitoku Academy.The school is “ruled” by a group called “F4”, which consists of handsome boys whose parents are all billionaires. They terrorize the rest of the student body, and soon certain members begin to target Tsukushi. F4 member Tsukasa Domyoji relentlessly bullies Tsukushi, but he ends up harboring feelings for her. Tsukushi is completely unaware of this, as she has her eyes set on the more mysterious F4 member Rui Hanazawa.

Rui, however has feelings for his childhood friend Shizuka Todo. Shizuka eventually goes to study abroad in Paris, and Tsukushi encourages Rui to go follow her. With Rui out of the country Tsukushi and Tsukasa eventually grow closer.

Actress Suzu Hirose is slated to play the main role of Tsukushi Makino. Some critics have stated that there is an immense pressure on Suzu, the lead star has the responsibility of carrying the entire project. Fans can be very critical of remakes, so expectations will certainly be very high. There will also be the unavoidable comparisons to Yuki Uchida, Barbie Hsu, Mao Inoue, and Ku Hye-sun, the former leading ladies who played Tsukushi Makino.

Cyzo Woman estimated that young handsome actors in their early 20s such as Shuhei Nomura, Kento Yamazaki, and Masaki Suda would be at the top of the bill to play the “F4” members. SEXY ZONE and Hey! Say! JUMP members were also said to have the same possibility.

The new series is slated to air sometime in 2018. Are you looking forward to another new version of Hana Yori Dango?

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    • K

      Suzu? But she’s not likeable and the type you want to root for lol.

      • kirin

        I have heard that people doesn’t really like her, may I know the reasons? Not that I wanna bring her down, just plain curious

    • Babi Hong

      yuki and barbie are my childhood so…of course they hold a special place. mao is my fave and i thought hye sun did a good job.

      i dunno, i don’t really care for suzu but i’ll wait for previews before i judge too hard (if this actually turns out to be true lol)

    • miraikuru

      Is there no new good anime/manga to adapt right now? I don’t need a new version of HYD….

    • dianablancheneige

      Naaahhhh -.- …. I really loved the 2005 version. Well, I admit some of the mentioned actors would look great as F4 members .. however, as much as I love Yamazaki Kento, I’m kinda TIRED to see him in every single live action drama. XD I would rather see Kento Sagakuchi, Haruma Miura & Kora Kengo but I guess people think they are kinda “old” to play high school boys ;___;

      • AoZora

        I think Yoshizawa Ryo, Sakurada Dori can fit in as F4..

        • dianablancheneige

          ok I have to agree here.. when it comes to “newer actors” , I think Yoshizawa Ryo is DAMN gorgeous. Sakurada Dori on the other hand is quite charismatic and a good actor.

      • Jun

        I love Haruma Miura and Kengo Kora, but I don’t think this is the right project for either of them. They are both a bit too old, and Kengo Kora in particular seems to prefer film projects over television projects and seems to like to do things that are a bit darker/more off-beat than this.

        • dianablancheneige

          they would pull it off well, they do look young ;__; but I see what you mean. If they would be part of it, then the lead heroine should be older as well. Kengo is such a fantastic actor but he doesn’t need to die in every single movie..haha I actually loved him in “love that makes you cry”. It was refreshing to see him in a romantic drama <3

        • MIKAERA AKI

          Miura Haruma , I like him too

      • Karen Khoo

        I can picture Sakaguchi Kentaro as Hanazawa Rui!

        • dianablancheneige

          Right? He would look stunning as Hanazawa Rui ^^

          • MIKAERA AKI

            For me. I would like to see the Rui as serious one like Yuki Furukawa

    • JSu.

      A big NO! Please Japan, can’t you just choose another manga to adapt instead?

    • surfboardt

      … This animated corpse.

    • NOPE. HYD 2005 is still the best. Please Japan don’t do this.

    • Taima-kun
      • KenYu

        He was so convincing

      • What

        Jun will forever be my Domyouji

      • iGleaux

        I rewatched both seasons and the movie a couple months ago, I think I’m going to do it again now.

        • bubbletea

          …You and me both

    • WhySoLonely

      Stop milking that cash cow. The cow is dead.

    • What

      So im guessing Kento Yamazaki is gonna be Tsukasa…

      • No I think he will be Rui tho. :P

        • What

          Masaki Suda as Tsukasa then! He could totally pull of curly hair lol

    • eplizo

      ugh that’s enough of this damn series. kill it with fire.

    • KenYu

      Nothing against Suzu but I’d rather have an actress with less notoriety for Tsukushi. Can’t they pick those excellent stageplay girls that haven’t gone mainstream? I don’t want another Johnny’s getting Jun’s Domyouji mantel either. They can be the rest of f4 or important villain character.

      • AoZora

        Miyu Yoshimoto can be best for Tsukushi… I liked her in Scum’s Wish.. She is not used that much.. It will be good to see her in this role.

      • hizurisama

        notoriety? can you tell me more?

    • Male:ko

      Nooo, the Hana Yori Dango of Mao and Jun is perfect, please stop.

    • pondloso

      i wonder if this from fuji tv?
      They seem very depress for ratting right now…and fail so hard.

    • Jm

      I like kento yamazaki too,but pls.enough with him,there are loads of goodlooking young japanese actors aside from him.Put some Mackenyu arata in it he is really handsome & very talented….

    • Skai

      The 2005 version is perfection. It was a very, very good adaptation of the manga. I know because I read the manga.
      I’ve not seen the Taiwanese version but the South Korean version was absolutely dreadful, in my opinion.
      And I don’t see this being much better.
      They should leave it as it is. They can’t recreate the magic.
      I don’t want this to be another Hana Kimi!!

    • Tintin

      Sure. Just don’t resurrect THAT rumor when promo begins.

      • Sour Grape

        Even without the promo, the rumor will still come back

    • I dont think anyone can beat Jun’s ‘SWEAT HONEY’ tho.

      It was so embarrassing yet so iconic at the same time. 8D


        We should also see and feel the other actors

    • AoZora

      No remake please…:( We had enough of remake around the world… I dont want any more remake..

      • AoZora

        My Ideal Cast will be Miyu Yoshimoto as Makino Tsukushi. Nijiro Murakami as Domyoji Tsukasa,Sakurada Dori as Hanazawa Rui,Yoshizawa Ryo as Nishikado Sojiro and Mackenyu as Mimasaka Akira.

        I have seen Murakami play angry young man’s role and he displays a lot of intensity.. He is ideal as Domyoji,but they need make him look more stylish…

        Sakurada Dori ,Yoshizawa Ryo and Mackenyu are of different ages but they all look like high school boys… They can be the rest of F4…

        • nijiro would be the perfect domyoji !! he reminds me a lot of matsumoto jun too

          • AoZora

            One look at Mukoku and you can see he is best one for domyoji.. He is good looking plus good acting plus fits the age of a high schooler..

    • redjumpfan

      as a JUMP fan, i sort of wish this is true…i want it not to be remake but “inspired by” HYD? like a spin off series of (future) another group who wanted F4’s notoriety in school (in the same universe as adult HYD so that we could get some jun-mao and past cast cameos)

      i’m rooting for JUMP members to get supporting roles!

      • i would totally watch a spinoff, especially with cameos from past cast !!

      • neko

        The manga has a continuation that would be great

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      if theyre gonna do a remake i wanna see fresh faces im tired of seeing the same ppl in every shojo liveaction


        This is true, we should see the new face

    • Hermione48fan

      Woow another remake, awesome,but I hope they will be good and don´t screw up.

      I also believe this article is telling too much about what it happens in the drama.Not everyone watched Hana Yori Dango, just saying, There was no need to tell what happened with Rui and Makino´s story.I watched it, but for others who didn´t do it. I think is a spoiler.
      Don´t get me wrong, is just a suggestion.

    • PigeonPop

      I hope this would not actually take place as the comparisons will inevitably be quite tiresome. Suzu too will benefit more from starring in a shojo series that has a little more poison to it like KareKano at this point in her career. If only the industry were more willing to “go there” instead of the more typical, safer shojo choices…which are no longer much of ratings/box office draw these days anyway.

    • lwavesurfer

      the producer’s boner for this old af series is getting out of hand.

    • Owari Konoyono

      No matter who plays, it is certain that criticism will come.
      SUGISAKI HANA, KOMATSU NANA, MORIKAWA AOI, it may be interesting to play the role around Makino.

    • Dalooshe

      HYD05 was and is still pure gold. A part of me was crushed when I read the title :’/

    • l3012

      HYD was the first dorama I ever watched, hope this only stays as a rumour. The original cast had a great chemistry!

    • neko

      No more kento yamazaki please …. I prefer to see sexy zone kids in this . When Jun did this Arashi wasn’t that famouse so it would be cool if sexy zone can be famouse for this :)

    • trufax

      Its time to s t o p

    • yeahnothanks

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… we do not need ANOTHER version pls! Besides, I don’t like Suzu, she is kinda annoying (tsukino was NOT annoying), and I don’t think that YamaKen + Suda Masaki + Nomura would all be in the same drama. Movie yes, but drama? This sounds like a stan’s dream cast.

      • chikaです♪

        Check 35sai no Koukousei. Kento, Sudacchi and Nomura played together in the drama.

      • precious

        They were together in 35sai no kokusei.

    • metalhorse

      i was hoping for a hana nochi hare (aka hanadan season 2) live action series rather than a hanadan remake tbh. the 2005 version was brilliant and i just don’t think that a remake is necessary. i wonder if Taiwan’s decision on making a hanadan remake has anything to do with this?

    • Midna

      Can we stop with the remakes and just do something new for once?

    • neko

      what about a live action of hana nochi hare ? would it be better?

    • girlymatsu
    • iGleaux

      Nah, no, nope, naw.

    • selina

      mackenyu would be perfect for the roles of donmyouji and hanazawa rui but I don’t want to see him with those god awful curls they give every actor for the role, whoever they cast this time, they should find a solution to make those curls pretty

    • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

      HELL TO THE NO…Jun was the best and hottest Domyouji-.- This remake will never compare to HYD05 masterpiece-__-


        Don’t compare already. We will see the new face and new excitement of Hana yori dango ☺

        • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

          UUMMM whatever-.-

    • lovesRamen

      tamamori yuta will fit hanazawa rui or domyouji cos he can pull tsundere side or can copy rui’s sleepyness lol. sorry but imma fan of tama-chan XD dont hate me for this.




      I create this and if you agree that would be fun ☺ but if u would like to re select Yuki Furukawa ( Rui ) it’s okay I can also see Mackenyu Arata as Rui ☺ And I agree for Suzu Hirose 😊😊 she’s awesome I love her 😚 And Kento Yamazaki ( Tsukasa ) I think he is the most suitable actor for me , but I respect you guys we all have different taste . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c30ec09e73cc4a6defd3c3f6187bf95d1cf6da4f0deb5a5bb2fd344baf93e4fa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0dc69d8fd5cda58a3779db6e0b8c27f18c6e64511d0e1e15303e5da8f0f86ff6.jpg

    • airi

      God no…. I don’t want this..suzu hirose can’t be makino.like what..she’s not even 1% like Mao,she’s a good actress but it’ll just make ppl compare her…n I seriously don’t want any cast to replace this… Hyd is the best,no one can be like jun,shun,Inoue,shots and dongdong😭😭😭😭

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    • animetorr

      I just finished both seasons for the first time… Literally got hooked within 10 minutes and ended up watching each season in one go. I am impressed they pulled off such an amazing movie such as this in 2005! This movie has made me realize I missed out on so many good things those years…

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