“ERASED” live action coming to Netflix this December 15

Netflix original drama “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi” (ERASED english title) will premiere worldwide on December 15. A new visual of the drama was also released featuring Yuki Furukawa who plays lead character Satoru Fujinuma.

The original manga was serialized in Kadokawa’s Young Ace from 2012 to 2016, with a total of 9 volumes. Although it has been previously adapted into TV anime series and live-action film, the Netflix drama will tell the same climax with the original manga for the first time.

Satoru Fujinuma (Yuki Furukawa) is a young man experiencing a mysterious phenomenon REVIVAL, which allows him to go back in time right before a terrible incident occurs. This continues to happen until the cause of the threat is erased. He goes back 18 years ago in his elementary days. He is convinced that  his mother’s death is related with a serial murder case involving children which occurred 18 years ago.


Yuki Furukawa – Satoru Fujinuma (adult)
Mio Yuki – Airi Katagiri
Jin Shirasu – Kenya Kobayashi (adult)
Reo Uchikawa – Satoru Fujinuma (child)
Rinka Kakihara – Kayo Hinazuki (child)
Noriko Eguchi – Akemi Hinazuki
Hidekazu Mashima – Makoto Sawada
Shigeyuki Totsugi – Gaku Yashiro
Tomoka Kurotani – Sachiko Fujinuma

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    • eplizo

      Didn’t see this coming lol. The cast seems decent tho, so I’m might end up watching it. I haven’t seen Yuki Furukawa in a bit too.

      Btw, his name is mispelled in bold…. It confused me for a sec haha.

      • Reileen

        I’m watching this model cum detective drama for Tamamori Yuta with Furukawa in it, currently airing. Nothing very stellar of a drama but enough to get me entertained on my lazy days

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    • gekkou

      I just hope they don’t make the same mistakes as the film and don’t change important parts especially at the ending :/

      • FrozenLand

        What was the original ending supposed to be like?

        I saw the anime and I was incredibly disappointed with the anime ending. The movie tried with its ending but it wasn’t good enough for me.

        I heard the manga had an entirely different ending…?

        • gekkou

          the manga ending:
          It was in a rehab camp with a serious and realistic death match between Satoru and Yashiro (in the end non of them died and they catched Yashiro)
          the anime:
          If I remember right the anime ended on the hospital rooftop with some epic falling scene and they also did not die. It felt simple and too dramatic for me compared to the manga.
          the film:
          Satoru died to catch Yashiro (stabbed by Yashiro on a rooftop if I remember correctly??) which made the whole story look stupid and it really didn’t make any sense for me. Kudos to the children actors they were really good but I can’t really say more good things about it.

        • eternal_sky

          What is the anime ending?

      • eternal_sky

        I somehow knew that there’s a movie of this which starred Tatsuya Fujiwara, You comment sealed my suspicious.

    • Dalooshe

      For a very split second I thought they’re adapting it in English like with Death Note, and Netflix wanted to fix their criticism and casted Yuki because he is an English speaking Japanese actor, but again with the ‘original drama’ wording makes me uncomfortable. Although I do root for Yuki and I like the story too, and Netflix is a huge platform, I am just confused as to why is it so hard to keep things simple and make everyone happy..?