TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE drops Music Video for “predawn” ahead of single release

Idols-turned-artists TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE (ask Avex for more infos) just released the Music Video for “predawn“, leading track of the unit’s upcoming single set to be released on March 1st. The video features the four girls dancing on a rooftop at dawn, as well as several individual shots of each member that give a very classy touch to the video. The track borrows a lot from EDM, but features some interesting atmospheric moments and tempo changes that give it a refreshing vibe, and it’s good to see the unit adopting such an accessible yet well-crafted approach for their music.

Be sure to catch the video down here, as well as all the details for TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s upcoming single “predawn/Don’t give it up“!

“predawn / Don’t give it up” Single Covers

Limited Edition (CD + Photobook)


Limited Edition (CD + DVD)


Regular Edition (CD only)



– CD –
1. predawn
2. Don’t give it up
3. predawn (Instrumental) / predawn -extended mix- (Regular Edition exclusive)
4. Don’t give it up (Instrumental)

– DVD – (Limited Edition CD + DVD Exclusive)
1.TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE Interview in Taiwan

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE will release their double A-side single “predawn/Don’t give it up” on March 1st via Avex. Be sure to let us know what you think about this new video down here!

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    • Do-tell

      I’m loving this song.

    • Michele

      LOL at the description HIPHOP(??????)×EDM.

      Anyway, the song is unusually contemporary for J-Pop standards. It has that tropical vibe which is dominating the top 40 charts over here.

      I stopped following the idol/girl groups scene, but I liked them a lot with ‘Yakusoku’ and that hidden gem that was the ‘Maltine Girls Wave’ album.

      • Yeah, the hip-hop x edm thing is like… what? It has nothing to do with any of those… and they still look like typical idols to me. So, I don’t really get what Avex is trying to do here, but the song itself is certainly more tolerable than most girly idol pop releases.

    • annie

      tokyo girls style’s glowup is real
      they’re stuff just continues to get better. a great development that you don’t see too often because my favs for whatever reason continue to regress lol

    • jupernia

      I’ve always been a fan of this group and it’s nice to see them just get better and better. I’m kinda happy that Avex ditched the idol thing with them and are pushing them as artist.

      Now to use a proxy to get the Limited Edition.

      • Shiroi

        TGS aren’t under Avex Pictures so you can buy the LE no problem ^^

        • jupernia

          Oh really? I thought they were, or maybe that was when the first started. Yeah, thanks for letting me know. ^.^

    • Shiroi

      It has been a while since I listened to TGS so it’s great to hear that their music is still great ^^