A subbed trailer released for ‘A Silent Voice’

‘Your Name’ wasn’t the only wildly successful anime film to come out in 2016.  ‘A Silent Voice’, based on the manga of the same name by Yoshitoki Oima, earned 2.3 billion yen in domestic theaters and ended up being 19th highest-grossing film last year, according to ANN.

The beautiful film depicts the bullying disabled children sometimes face at school. Shoya used to bully relentlessly the deaf female lead Shoko at elementary school. When they meet again at high school, Shoya attempts to make amends for her.

Eleven Arts is bringing this Kyoto Animation film to US theaters on October 20th. The distributor released an official English-subtitled trailer at the end of August. The trailer has created quite a buzz online, as several fans have pointed out the fansub-like translators’ notes in the trailer and even some vague word-choices – if the lead characters never were friends to begin with, can they “refriend”?

Watch the trailer behind the link.

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    • zam(仮)

      If I am not mistaken, A Silent Voice is the movie that won the best anime movie award. The west just didn’t catch on to it because it was not promoted overseas like Your Name did.

      • yamakita

        Yeah, after realizing this was also released last year, I wonder why all the buzz went to Your Name.

        I think this story is actually a more important one to tell. As you pointed out, Your Name is a fantasy, but it also suggests everyone is a victim. Maybe that’s why.

        I find it interesting that Voice never tries to redeem the teachers. Food for thought!

        • I agree. I really like Your Name but this one is more impactful and more moving for me. I didnt expect the climax at the balcony so when it happened, I was really taken back lol!

          • zam(仮)

            I was the same, that balcony scene was a real shocker.

        • Rictor9

          I heard so much hype for Your Name but I already saw all Makoto Shinkai’s movies and honestly I liked 5cm/second and Garden of Words better, still a good movie tho!

    • yacchaitai

      watched it recently and it was okay, i felt like it started off really good but kept getting worse. art was 10/10 tho.

      • yamakita

        That’s too bad. I loved the manga, even though the direction midway was confusing and annoying. I find that many Japanese stories/perspectives don’t translate well into Western point of view. Still, I love the story overall and feel it’s an important one to tell. I was glad to see it in anime form and hope they don’t ruin it with live action <_<

    • yamakita

      I get to watch this in a theater???? Please don’t make it on a week night please!!!!!

      Edit: oh good, Oct 20 is a Friday.

    • adorkability

      This movie was good. The story/message is incredible, but the movie itself had some pacing issues and dragged on for bit. Also, Nao’s involvement and the characters’ reactions to her were absolutely confusing to me, but maybe that’s cultural? Otherwise, a good movie to watch if you have 2 hours to spare.

    • I really love this one — a very moving and heartfelt piece of movie. I like how everyone has a lot of flaws and weaknesses and work past through them (despite not being perfect) at the end.

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