KOM_I of Suiyoubi no Campanella Mourns Fidel Castro’s Death

On November 25, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died in the capital of Havana. To some, he was a revolutionary hero who fought for the poor while combating imperialism around the world. To others, he was a ruthless dictator who denied his people basic freedoms and ruined Cuba, forcing over a million Cubans into exile overseas. His death has caused some to mourn, while others are literally dancing in the streets.

One of the people who is in mourning is KOM_I, the only visible member of Suiyoubi no Campanella. She took to social media the following day to remember Castro.

KOM_I’s Castro posts have received both praise and criticism from fans (Ame no Parade frontman Fukunaga Kohei liked the Instagram post). One fan wants Castro’s revolution to live on forever, while another questions if KOM_I actually knows the crimes Castro committed against his people, which included imprisoning, torturing, exiling, and executing those who didn’t agree with his ideas.

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    • hizurisama

      Why do I feel she’s probably like those hipster tumblr users who wear Guavara’s T-shirt without knowing the real history behind it just to be “edgy” so she can have “I’m cooler than u” feeling.

      • HyperMoot .
      • Historia Lenz

        Yeah, reminds me of those hipsters who think that Che Guevarra is the vocalist of Rage Against the Machine just because his image is on one of the band’s record covers and merchandise

        • People think this?

          • Historia Lenz

            Yup. Unbelievable, but yes. They did not know who Che is and automatically assumed that he is the vocalist of Rage Against the Machine. Back then, Google was not yet man’s best friend, next to dogs. Hahahaha

    • surfboardt
      • Ryusei

        I’m the girl on the left @ kom_i

    • Ryusei

      what connection would she even have to him… this is just cringey and …. wrong

    • light


    • lolipopo
    • moni

      she seemed like an idiot when she started appearing on wide shows last year, good to see it’s confirmed.

    • Dalooshe

      There’s a term I learned in Japan last year and it’s “Heiwa Boke”. Lucky for them I thought- they had such a term in their language that I wish I knew how and what it felt to be in such state of mind. Poor girl.

    • Hiraru

      RIP brain cells

    • Maknae

      How dare she have her own non-Americanized political views!!!1!
      (But it was really dumb to have it written like that on social media, oh girl…)

      • w


      • H

        I understand both sides, but I think a comment like this is ignorant and insensitive to segments of the Cuban population/Cuban diaspora. Has nothing to do with U.S.ians.

        And sorry – “my super star” is just a tacky way to put it and makes it seems like she doesn’t know details about him but has a vague impression of him as leftist/anti-imperialist and she likes that idea without actually knowing anything about him. Something like “Sad to hear the news” or “R.I.P.” would have worked and not made her sound like a total dumbass.

    • the groupie who

      girl has every right to have her own political view on Cuba and Castro’s revolution … but I hope she knows what the Castro siblings did to millions of Cubans in over 60 years. sigh.

    • maguro part deux

      Another commie sympathizer with a major record label deal. How interesting and unique.

      • Who else is there?

        • maguro part deux

          Ah you know, the usual suspects. Morrissey, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Tom Morello, Steve Earle.

    • yath, ¡mi reina de la revolución!

    • lilico

      wow not to being mean, but never thought a japanese singer would sympatise with socialism so openly xD maybe she was joking (?)
      not a fan of fidel but being in cuba kind of opened my eyes