SMAP x SMAP to End

On August 14, SMAP announced that they will disband on December 31. Given this, it comes as no surprise that today Fuji TV announced that SMAP’s variety show, SMAP x SMAP, will end as well. Fuji TV hasn’t announced when the show will end exactly, just that it will happen sometime this year.

Fuji TV said that they will continue to produce the show and hope that viewers will continue to support it until the end.

SMAP x SMAP debuted on April 15, 1996. As of August 15, the show has 903 episodes. The show posted its highest ratings on January 14, 2002, with a rating of 34.2% in the Kanto region and 36.5% in the Kansai region.


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    • Mai


    • pondloso

      it will happen someday but still sad.

    • james

      another longest running show just end like this. sad :(

    • Yuri Paola Infante

      it’s not even fair to end it like this

    • fam

      so sad..will miss this show..
      cant they bring arashi as one of the guest for the upcoming ep..sigh

    • eplizo

      No surprise, but it’s still sad to see such an iconic show come to an end… :'(

    • Sana masala

      I was wondering about the same… So sad

    • Sunny

      SMAP is the only Johnny’s band which attracted high view rating for their variety show. I will definitely miss the show. It lasted so long..

      • shaodowofmidnight .

        Actually I would say in the recent years only TOKIO attracted high ratings. SMAPxSMAP was around the 8-12 percentile range all the time while tetsuwan dash! was consistently around 17-20%.

        Either way though, this show was a milestone for a lot of celebrities. I will miss this this show.

        • Fty

          Thanks for the numbers. Didn’t know sxs current ratings average is almost the same as Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen.

        • Sunny

          Thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware.

      • Reileen

        Smasma is a legendary show but when it comes to ratings, esp in recent yrs TOKIO’s Tetsuwan Dash pulls ahead by a mile. Also ItteQ with NEWS Tegoshi. These 2 variety shows are a huge reason why NTV has won triple crown in ratings for recent yrs already while FUJI TV is struggling.

        • Fty

          Thanks for the info. I’ve never watched Dash but glad its doing very well. ItteQ has been really good for Tegoshi so I hope they can sort of borrow the stupid things he does there for a NEWS show.

        • Sunny

          When I wrote that comment what came to my mind is sheer longevity of their show. Smasma recent ratings were decent enough that FujiTV never really complained about it. On the contrary three days back there was an article saying how ARASHI’s show rating is declining and the TV station is worried.

          Thanks for the information regarding TOKIO’s Tetsuwan Dash and ItteQ with NEWS Tegoshi. I wasn’t aware about these shows’s ratings. I am happy for TOKIO and Tegoshi :)

          • anon

            If we’re talking about longevity, Tetsuwan DASH started in 1995. A year after TOKIO debut.

            • Sunny

              Thanks for the info. I wasn’t following TOKIO much,so didn’t knew.

          • Jenny

            Hi about Tetsuwan Dash do you know if we can find some subs somewhere please.

            • Sunny

              I am sorry. I am not following TOKIO much. I think Reileen or anon are the right persons to provide you with information.I got to know about Tetsuwan Dash doing superbly only through them :)

              • Jenny

                Thank you anyway ^_^

            • elimeten

              You can find them here: It’s an open membership.

            • elimeten

              I’m not sure if I can post the link to the TOKIO community which has subs for Tetsuwan DASH here. But if you want them, I can PM you the link.

              • Jenny

                Oh that’s will be very nice ^_^

                • elimeten

                  OK, looks like Disqus doesn’t have a PM feature. It’s on tk0xsubs livejournal.

                  • Jenny

                    Thank you very much ^_^

    • REMISU

      Ugh it’s such a shame that it’s ending, but they looked so awkward & it was painful to watch the more recent episodes.

    • So sad. I can’t watch any recent episodes cause I feel it will to awkward to watch.

    • Reileen

      Are they continuing filming? Bec heck that is so awkward

      • Fty

        I hope they can just demolish the 4th wall and play along with the awkwardness head on for these last few episodes. That’ll be interesting.

        Damn..i’m going to miss Bistro Smap.

    • Lilly

      So many changes are happening so fast it’s crazy and sad at the same time :(

    • Heart Station

      Good riddance

    • Taima-kun
      the show is said to end on December 26

      due to the difficulty of gathering all five members to appear at the same time, the production crew will try to expand the length of the individual segments and conduct recording separately with the members
      looks like there won’t be any episode with the 5 of them together

      • Fty

        :( no bistro Smap then..

        I wonder what show will replace them. It seems Fuji is going for Kinki Kids
        Kinki’s Dohmoto Kyoudai show was awesome but maybe they’ll be trying for something different.

        • james

          so does that mean on the final episode, we won’t be able to see all 5 of them on the same stage?