Arashi Tops Goo’s Best Johnny’s Group Dance Ranking

Songs are an important part of any JPop idol group, but dancing is also important. Even though each Johnny’s group has a different personality, they are all known for dancing. But which one is the best? Goo recently surveyed over 3500 people to find out which Johnny’s group they think is the best at dancing.

Arashi came in first place. Singing, dancing, and comedy have brought Arashi great popularity. All 5 members of the group have a high level of dance ability, but leader Ohno Satoshi is especially talented. He is also now responsible for the choreography in the group’s music videos.

Second place went to V6. Even though the group only has a moderate level of exposure as of late, they did get a lot of notice for their dancing. Their clean, tight dance formations have been known to make watchers forget about other groups. V6’s dancing is also acrobatic, making them a must see.

Shonentai came in third place. They are the longest running Johnny’s group (they debuted in 1985). Looking back at their old videos, it is understandable why they are lauded so much for their dancing. Longtime Shonentai fans have said that a group that surpasses their dance ability has yet to appear.

Check out the rest of the top 10 after the jump!

1. Arashi: 972 votes

2. V6: 468 votes

3. Shonentai: 377 votes

4. A.B.C.-Z: 254 votes

5. Kinki Kids: 249 votes

6. Kis-My-Ft2: 242 votes

7. SMAP: 238 votes

8. Hey! Say! JUMP: 226 votes

9. KAT-TUN: 173 votes

10. Tackey & Tsubasa: 146 votes


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    • I love this song!:

      But in what world is Arashi pulling this off?

      • turbobreeze

        I wish there were more of us who appreciate Shounentai!

        • LOL, I feel like pulling out their best album now…

        • Audree Medina

          Lol. Maybe because you didn’t vote that’s why Arashi won..

      • eureeka

        RIGHT?! I saw the title of the article and said, “surely they’re only counting the currently active groups, right? Not like, Shounentai.”

        I dare a member of Arashi to get their leg up in the air like them boys.

        • light

          Before i think ohno and nino,maybe also jun,could have done it,not sure about now lol

          • yuki

            Despite Nino’s back problem and Ohno’s bad knee, I think they can pull off the choreo and kicks now. Arashi’s dancing have really improved this year especially after Digitalian and Sakura.

            • light

              I honestly don’t know if as a whole they can pull this off,the choreo i mean,i can’t really Sho lifting is leg laterally now and Aiba being that clean,i should see them doing something similar before.
              But i feel people commenting here are disregarding them a bit too much,despite the fact they probably aren’t the best in the company. Personally i think they can dance and pull different kinds of choreos off. They used to dance a lot in early years too.

              • yuki

                People usually don’t associate good synchronized dancing with Arashi but they are now, after Sakura and a lot of challenging choreos these past years. I think they (stiff Sho and messy pacing Aiba included) can manage it. Well Sho won’t be able to lift his legs high and Aiba will mess up the tempo but its doable. I can see Jun, Ohno and Nino making a good effort nailing this choreo.

                Despite the fact that I do think they aren’t technically the best dancers in Johnny’s and will easily get their arses kicked in a dance-off, its really unfair to discredit them. Arashi are very capable dancers. The fact they’ve managed to improve their skills beyond their age (dancing hard beyond 30s is only for pros) and health problems proves they deserves some respect. Sure they are topping the poll due to popularity but they definitely deserves to be in top 5.

                • kunyit

                  this!!…arashi likes to challenging them more and more, and dancing included..

        • yuki

          They will be able to pull off those kicks, no doubt. Ohno (and Sho) was a Shounentai backdancer and he still retains the same pointy light toes (unlike Sho whose gone stiff) required for the choreography.

      • kunyit

        they tried to dance it with higashiyama on arashi ni shiyagare was…

        • Is there video of this?

          • yuki

            Couldn’t find it but I remember it was not impressive lol. They are pretty chummy with Higashi so… When it comes to dancing on pressure tho, their one hr MJ dance lesson with Papaya Suzuki, Sam TRF was more memorable. So was when Jun & Nino danced to Lady Gaga choreographed by Kabachan.

            They did danced Shounentai’s Kamen Budoukai on Music Day but that one was pretty easy (but yummy)

          • kunyit

            hmm i’m not sure..the episode was aired on 2012…

      • yuki

        Arashi is doing a Shounentai cover (日本よいとこ摩訶不思議) for their new album, Japonisma. Will they do a dance cover though…?

    • turbobreeze

      I’m an Arashi fan and I disagree. Shounentai deserves the top spot.

      • shokurai

        Yeah, clearly Shounentai & v6 are better dancers. Arashi and most of their fans are in agreement too.
        I’m disagreeing with Arashi topping this rank objectively, but biasedly I’d vote for them anyway :P
        Its just a goo poll. Not some big deal award lol.

    • BK

      Wow, I am an Arashi fan but nowhere are they near good at dancing. Other than Riida, the rest can’t even dance : / Totally a popularity contest XD Would put HSJ above them anytime, tbh

      • Mayura

        I like seeing Aiba dance though but that’s because he’s the tallest in the group. XD

        • Guest H

          This! Aiba might mess up a lot and what not, but personally I think he’s been gifted with a model body and I love watching him dance. Gorgeous in his solos :P

          • Mayura

            He’s the Disco Star. LMAO~!!

            • Guest H

              Hahaha Disco Star-sama!

    • me

      i think Kisumai or ABC-Z members are better dancers than arashi (hello there Senga & Goseki-sama!), even kat-tun members are better than arahi. dance in synced yes, arashi maybe looks syncronized but it’s only ohno who is a great dancer, sometime aiba too. never see Shonentai, and not really following V6 so i can’t say much about them.

      • guest

        Are you sure about KAT-TUN being better than Arashi?

        But seriously, I’ve seen them dancing with just the 4 of them, and it wasn’t much different from the gif above, lol.

        • me

          as a fans for both group i can say yes!
          kat-tun never synced in dancing is not a secret but when it comes to dance ability yucchi, junno (and ex like jin & koki) are better than all arashi member aside ohno. for fair, kame dance is just too much as same as Jun.
          yes ueda’s dance can’t save his life but that’s only one member who can’t dance compared to arashi who only have one member who knows how to dance ;)

          • guest

            I’m not sure about their individual ability, but when it comes to dancing with everyone in sync, Arashi manages to do that more often :x

            • me

              that’s why i said when in synced yes arashi is dancing in synced, but better in dancing as whole than others? na-ah! ;)

              • guest

                Ah, sorry, I guess I got confused a bit :x

                • me

                  never mind :D

            • nyoo

              kattun’s dance as a whole is not really a pretty picture, but individually they make my jaw drop. especially TTN. kame freaks me out and uepi…idk lol

      • revise your sight

        I agree with ABC-Z but KAT-TUN? pffftftttt not as a group or even individual are better than arashi, the only member who can dance is Taguchi honestly and is not as good as Ohno, and their choreos are pretty simple. This is why I cant with hyphens stans…

        • me

          maybe you the one who need to revise your sight ;)
          i’m not a stan just a casual fans of both groups who praise them if the are good but won’t bias over them by keep saying they are the best when they are not.
          and calm your tit! :D

        • hyphen/KAT-TUNstans-sowhat

          clearly you haven’t watched KAT-TUN’s recent dancing or Taguchi’s solo dancing if you said Taguchi is not as good as Ohno.
          here’s their latest simplest dancing for your reference. you might notice that they sing live in at least half of the song too.
          (p.s: this is why I cant with people who prob only see 1 or 2 old videos and generalize heavily on them ;))

          • anon

            erm where’s the dancing here btw?

        • not a stan unlike you

          “I cant with hyphens stans…” lol
          the only stans here are the arashi ones

    • Kenko

      I love Arashi but I think V6 is way better. It was the Thunderbird PV that got me sold on their dancing skills.

    • guest

      I think Ohno is a good dancer but surely top spot belongs to V6. Both in terms of the choreography and being in sync.

    • Taima-kun

      despite Nino’s back problems, Aiba’s messed up pacing, Sho’s stiffness, Riida trying not to stand out and Jun’s sometimes over the top dancing – i’d say they’re pretty average and i think that’s good enough

    • Oohh, this is the first time I read Arashi topping a Johnny’s best group dance ranking, usually it’s V6. Objectively it’s V6, but we all know this is more a popularity contest than an objective assessment.
      I guess there are better dancing for V6, but I still think this is pretty sick XD

      • peeta

        break the wall is the coolest. the entire sexy!honey!bunny concert alone puts V6 at the top in my opinion.

        • Right~ It was the most exhausting concert ever for them I bet, with all the hard dance, running around (and pole dancing lol). So glad I decided to buy the DVD

    • Na

      I am an arashi fan, but I think V6 is better dancer,

      I don’t know about Shonentai though..

    • MJ *tips sunglasses*

      Apart from Leader and Matsujun the rest are pretty average. Nino danced well when he didn’t have any back problems and actually tried. I’ve got to say V6 is a lot better though, they are a lot more synced as a group in comparison to Arashi.

      • ViP

        LOL matsujun’s dancing is OA . how can u people find him good at dancing? please.

      • Ally

        For me, it’s ohno & aiba. Matsujun tends to overdo it sometimes. I can’t take nino’s too girly hand movements. Sho’s gone stiff.

      • li

        Agree with Leader and Matsujun. Aiba overdoes his dancing too too too much.

      • Maira


      • kunyit

        Matsujun is too serious hence he tend to overdo his dance..
        wish Ohno doesnt downplay his dance while in groups though

        • yuki

          I hope Ohno starting to realize that he doesn’t need to do that. Arashi dancing is getting better when Ohno doesn’t hold back.

      • Guest

        Matsujun really?

        To me, good dancers is Ohno, Nakai and V6

      • DoSBanchou

        I’m a fan of all 5 of them, but Matsujun… is pretty average at dancing. Especially when he tries to do hiprolls or “sexy” styles, his movements are really jerky. Not fluid at all. I agree that Ohchan is great.

        • yuki

          Generally Ohno is a better dancer than Jun but Jun did danced Paradox better than Ohno. His ott movements works for him in that choreo. He can be jerky and ott but most of the times J is fluid.

    • guest
      • Arashi is good but not that gd

        lol my reaction as well

    • anonchan

      who answers these polls…

      • guest

        Arashi stans.

    • nmhri

      im purely an arashi fan and havent seen much from other johnny groups but really?? arashi’s dancing is fairly average. ohno is amazing when he tries (and he hasnt in ten years) but thats pretty much it?? jun and nino are also pretty good but arashi as a group is definitely not the best.

    • me2

      Amusing with arashi stans, as always :3

    • Nacchan

      I vote for those juniors that backdance in concert

    • Kiang Sheryl

      oh man someone give JUMP some credit will they. quoting Nakamaru, they have improved so much over the years.

    • kk

      I expected kisumai to rank higher…

      • ruu

        kisumai is not even in sync. senga is an exceptional dancer. and kitayama is good too. the rest are average for a Johnny’s. their only saviour is the roller-skating and yokoo is best at that, but he slips a lot lol. i love them, but in comparison with ABCZ, they’re way behind. i think snowman and MAD-family are better dancers.

    • light

      I don’t follow any other groups closely aside from Arashi so i don’t really know who’s best. I often hear that V6 are really good.
      I guess the poll means who’s good as a whole,i think Arashi are fine,syncing wise too. As individuals i find Ohno great,even if usually in his solos where he goes all out. I think Nino is pretty good,i miss his tricks though. I feel Aiba alone is ok but in a group he sometimes messes up the pace,and i’m not too fond of Jun overdoing his movements. The only one i would say is actually bad is Sho,mostly because he is too stiff.

    • sadisticlove

      I would’ve put JUMP in a higher place if I could. Seriously, 8th place? Give them some credits, hi there BOUNCE and Ride With Me. In Arashi, apart from Ohno I’d say they’re pretty much average… V6 should’ve ranked #1

      • sadisticlove

        Add AinoArika, Asu e No Yell and Your Seed at that.

    • I’m an Arashi fan and i don’t think they’re best.V6 seems better, right?

    • S.

      I’m really happy to see Shounentai at the top 3, even though they didn’t get the number 1 spot (which I think they deserve the most). However, I’m disappointed to see Arashi at the top because frankly if they were to be on this list, they’ll probably be somewhere near 5th place (at max) or below. Even though I think Shounentai deserved to win, if it was V6 and not Arashi I would have felt better. Also, I’m glad to see A.B.C-Z in the top 5, they seriously deserved it even more so than Arashi.

    • theneener

      arashi is my favorite group but they pretty much won due to popularity LOL.

      v6 is the best imo. their old dances incorporated a LOT of difficult acrobatics and they still managed to be in sync. their dances now focus more on detailed movements and they’re still in sync. (1998) (2000) (2010) (2015)

      • peeta

        totally agree! even though it’s supposed to be a ‘ballad’, wait for you’s choreography is quite smooth as well.

      • amie

        lmao i agree their dances are more detailed now (movements with gestures, fingers, etc). so detailed that go looks bored silly when he dances to their old stuff and makes it look like the easiest thing in the world.

      • Maira

        random fact: HIRO (ex-EXILE) did the choreography for IN THE WIND

      • nope

        yaaaaaaaaaas @ these receipts

      • guest

        take me~ take me higher… huhuhu….. My Ultraman tiga theme song…..

      • Gabrielle Willis

        It’s funny you mention that because when clicking on this post I thought to myself: “Man, why is that Arashi posts are so popular on Arama? That’s probably because they’re popular in Japan; so if they’re already popular, then they can gain more popularity from being popular”. Funny as that is, it’s important to remember that’s how socialites get their footing.

        • yuki

          The snowball effect of popularity is really not surprising.
          Its also important to remember they aren’t like the Kardashians ;)

    • K

      Sooo basically if this wasn’t basically just a popularity contest, Arashi would have been below KAT-TUN. Shounentai or V6 definitely deserve #1

      • kunyit

        kattun maybe better individually but they are not really in sync

        • kaka

          so true. they each have different styles that it looked somewhat out of place when they dance together. individually, they are all great.

    • Shirley Ruiz

      Arashi is my bias in Johnny’s and I will admit they won this poll due to popularity, When it comes to intricate dancing, Arashi is certainly not the best out there, but when it comes to easy to do dancing, they are number 1 for me.

    • eplizo

      They obviously won based on popularity that’s ridiculous lol.

    • Audree Medina

      Arashi. Lol. C’mon now. They’re pretty average, only Ohno is good but he has this repetitive dancing style. Probably Jun can make it, but as a group NO WAY IN HELL! Lol. I don’t know how the other groups dance and I’m too lazy check out the vids people are linking below. I love how they danced to Face Down though, my favorite Live Perfs! It’s like a supernova next to the dooooooor!

    • kunyit

      v6 and shonentai should be in the top spot

    • Seeilin

      there are ppl that believe that KAT-TUN can dance? Better than T&T? In sync? XD’ reaaaalllyyy ^^ I’m a KAT-TUN fan and I love the fact that they simply can’t dance. T&T are at least in sync… but Tackey can’t dance ^^
      Arashi fan too and their choreos are cool but nothing beats V6. A.B.C.-Z is impressive too (and Kisumai on rollers)

      • ruu

        agree!! kattun fan here too :) i think they were saved a lot by ebikisu when ebikisu was their backdancers lol

    • T

      Objectively V6, ABCZ and Takkitsuba have the best dancers.

    • Joy

      Congrats to all, but I go for Shonentai.They are superb!

    • YuzuFlip

      What is it called? Arashi’s IDGAF choreo? Frankly, I love it. Individually, it’s obviously Ohno>the rest. Jun’s “Yabai” (aside from the vocals Lol) still makes me laugh to this day…

      • Well, Yabai isn’t a good example of Jun’s dancing, it’s a fun dork song. Dance in the dark is probably a better example, even if I hate the song. Or Stay Gold.

    • Mayura

      Wait, isn’t Tsubasa one of the best dancers in JE???

      • Nif

        This. Takitsuba are really good dancers and Tsubasa is a natural talent.

        • Mayura

          I watched this and boy, he’s hot. XD

    • guest

      Im prefer ABC-Z than my bias…. Sorry Arashi…..

    • precious

      I have nothing against Arashi being on top coz I love them so much, anyway this is just a poll. but when it comes to dancing, for me ( in my own opinion and judgement) It should be SHONENTAI on top.. who did watch their playzone?, amazing performances.

    • Hikaru Genji is not here. List is invalid. I can only accept Shounentai or V6 in #1, no less.

    • Partay

      They actually remembered Shonentai! ;A;<3 Arashi and Shonentai need to switch spots.

    • okawa rio

      oh god plss,, V6 can’t dance they’re just messing around -_________-
      ABC-Z / kisumai should be 1 or 2

      • ko

        v6 are like dance machines. but maybe because of age, they don’t do all that crazy stunts anymore. but they still have the same precision. i agree, ABCZ should be on top3

    • elimeten

      Aww, no TOKIO? lol.

      • Speaking of, I remember a video from 1998 where V6 and Tokio collaborated on MS, lol mad dancing and flipping around the stages.

        And Nagase’s long hair XD

    • yanderenightmares

      First, Ronald why do you even give a shit?
      Second, this is a joke. Arashi should, be closer to ten.

    • Aito

      Have you seen HSJ’s Ride with me performance??

    • alice

      HSJ is better than SMAP, cmon.

    • asdfghjkl

      This post is 5 months ago, but I am pretty sure it’s HSJ who has the modern, difficult dance choreography in sync. Kimi Attraction (and other cute songs) are not good sample for a bad ass choreography but just look at their FNS. Or way way way back Bounce and Ride With Me. I feel bad that this ranking didn’t show that. Pfft.