PrizmaX’s Morisaki Win to Star in New Steven Spielberg Movie “Ready Player One”

It has been announced that Morisaki Win, of Stardust’s boyband PrizmaX, has landed a role in a new Steven Spielberg movie! He will play the role of Daito in “Ready Player One.” The movie is based on the award-winning 2011 book of the same name by Ernest Cline. “Ready Player One” tells the story of teenagers on a quest for riches in a futuristic virtual world. He won the role after an extensive audition process.

Morisaki joins a cast that includes Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller and Mark Rylance.

Filming of “Ready Player One” is set to begin later this month, with a spring 2018 on the cards.


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    • nothingsover

      Wow congrats! That’s huge!!!!!

    • lolipopo

      He’s hella fine so I ain’t mad.

    • Jo

      Never heard of him but that’s a great opportunity! Good on him.

    • WD79

      whoa this is big! congrats to him!

    • Alyosha


    • eplizo

      That’s nice. Congratz to him.

    • Esha

      Hope he is not cast for a stereotypical role. More Hollywood projects should come to him after this.

    • 実花

      Like his smile. Congratz & good luck!!

    • Toreii

      Score for him! I’ve never hear dof him or Prizmax but I hope he does well!!

    • mememe

      apparently, he’s Burmese (i guess Morisaki is his stage name or Japanese name) and was born in myanmar .

      • O

        I think he’s half Japanese-half Burmese.

        • mememe

          yeah, that’s what i first thought too, but apparently, both of his parents are Burmese (not 100% sure though).

    • guest

      I remember him from Gokusen! Congrats!

    • O

      Does anyone know how big that role is in the book? And how is his English?

    • rip daito

      Read the book about 2 years ago, it was pretty decent. If I remembered it right, it isn’t really a big role at all and I’m pretty sure he’s killed off really fast lol.