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It’s FRIDAY so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like. Enjoy!

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    • Skai

      First comment ❤️

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      • guest

        I have Saturday.

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    • Zungya

      Anyone know the name of this drama? Someone posted it on GirlsChannel.

      • Charlie

        Massan (マッサン)

        • Zungya

          Thank you :)

    • Ama

      The media is publicly dragging Ayu now…lol

      • over

        well it’s because her career is past the point of no return now. 2ch and GC live post her concerts now that fans are allowed to take photos. some not so flattering photos are plastered all over the internet and according to fan pics from the concerts, her yokohama arena concert had a loooot of empty seats.

        • Really? Not even the sakuras are working at this point?

        • Lauren

          I was at the Yokohama arena concerts and there weren’t that many empty seats, plus I had to wait 2 hours in the queue for goods…

      • Fan taken pics from her concert this week:

        From her instagram, yesterday:

        People are saying she’s turning into Zawachin (overly photoshopping her photos and making herself look like a human doll). It doesn’t look that bad usually but this new photo is the worst PS yet…

        • The performance picture is like an old hasbeen’s Vegas show.

      • Guest

        Damn! Those are some harsh comparison points lol. Since Ayu has been unpopular for quite a long while already, what made that show suddenly bringing this up though?

        • Ama

          Morning wide shows always talk about gossip like this but have never really shaded Ayu this much. It’s because she’s been in the news a lot for months now with Music Station, the photoshopping faux pas, her tour not selling well all while Amuro just came off of a very successful 100 show tour.

        • circe154

          She must have pissed someone in the industry off. Kinda like how in the US, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to talk about how awful Johnny Depp is even.

      • Bongerong

        That’s rude, Ayu is still a legend, have some respect!

      • Damn, Ayu should just take a time off from the media. Release quality music once a year and made herself not available ~ ala Utada Hikaru ~ so that when she’s come out, people will only be excited to see her again.

    • Mr.Taxi™

      <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Question of the week: Now that Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa have reunited, is there a dream Johnny’s unit for you?

      • 4tops

        Ikuta Toma + Yamashita Tomohisa

        4TOPS – YamaPi, Toma, Kazama. HaseJun

      • eternal


        • kazumi

          It’s impossible to happen but i agree with you. I vote akame ^^

      • odore

        Tsubasa Imai & Ohno Satoshi

        • This pairing is kind of random? How so?

          • odore

            Both have nice voice (I prefer Tsubasa over Ohno). Both known for their dancing skills. Both within the same generation.

      • Param.pam.pam

        Nishikido Ryo & Kato Shigeaki

      • Kaido

        Unit? How about all NEWS members getting back together just for one song, that will be a dream – although I started listening to them when they were a 6-member idol group so I’m not familiar with the members who left before Yamapi and Ryo.

      • guest

        Sakamoto & Ohno
        Koichi & Hasshi

        • Midna

          sakamoto and ohno would be amazing…

      • hyphen

        3nin Kat-tun + Nakayama Yuma

        They need the extra talent and someone to balance out Kame. Yuma surprisingly is a better singer and actor than Kame but doesn’t have the presence.

      • beefbaby

        How come no one mentioned Nagase & Koichi yet?

      • Himi Tsu

        Not a unit, but I would LOVE to see a dance contest ♥ Each group select their best dancer and they have some kind of dance battle ! I would love that so much !

        From my mind, I could already say my selection, like :
        Arashi : Ohno Satoshi
        NEWS : Masuda Takahisa
        JUMP : Yamada Ryosuke (but Arioka Daiki was quite good dancer recently)
        ABC-z : Goseki Koichi
        Kis-my-ft2 : Kento Senga

        And of course all other Johnny’s groups :D

    • hmm

      since ayu is being discussed here, she just announced to her fanclub yesterday she had knee surgery after her countdown concert and that her hearing in her right ear has gotten much much worse. she said that she felt good during her yokohama arena concerts and wants to keep performing for as long as her body lets her…

    • HIP LAND MUSIC is now posting their free newspaper online for free:

    • juicy gosips

      Japanese Twitter have discussed this:

      • circe154

        It isn’t surprising that costumes would be reused, but lol.

    • hasawa

      I’m really feeling like an old fart but i’m legit still obsessed with mid to late 2000s J-Urban duos : Bennie K, So’ Fly, faith, Soulhead…
      I know a lot of ppl say the future of J-music resides in the indie scene but i miss that era so much! Yes it was kinda tacky and much of them were copycat of US bands but i miss the way how everything wasn’t so serious or try-hard edgy, at that time
      Honestly Faith was so precious :

      One say everything is a cycle so maybe we’ll see this scene revival any time soon!!

      • zephyr

        Same! J-R&B/Hip-Pop back then was soooo good. I still listen to melody., MAY’S, AZU, Juliet, m-flo love series, etc etc from time to time. I’m still waiting for the day melody. coming back to the music scene again… :(

      • Midna

        I miss J-urban music soooo much

        • FoucaultAnderson

          what happened why is it gone?

          • Midna

            Just fell out of popularity :(

            • It coincided with the time that idols / KPop rose in Japan and urban declined in the West in favor of EDM.

      • I wonder if this will happen though due to there being less young people and less Western music consumed in Japan.

    • Falano
      Japanese people are delusional as fuck, they talk about marriage with happas or quappas, but put a picture of a full Caucasian child. Someone needs to tell them that they will never have white babies, even if they have kids with a Caucasian person, because their genes are DOMINANT!!!

      • FoucaultAnderson

        I wonder why Asians are so obsessedly in love with white people when most white people look down on them

      • Himi Tsu

        What does “happas” and “quappas” mean ? O.o
        I think I understood the meaning of your comment but I had never heard of such words :3

    • pandaapple

      Does anyone know what happened to the jjams radio website??

    • protect Michisige Sayumi! lol

      i love the end when true Sayumi emerges. xD