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It’s FRIDAY so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like. Enjoy!

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    • Kyle

      a lot of people have been wondering if the celeb instagram list post is ever gonna be updated, during that process we decided to just do an entire social media database for all japanese celebs instead. hoping for it go live sometime during the summer

      • J-Pop

        That would be incredible and would definitely give Arama! Japan more credibility. Generasia and all are good, but what people actually want to get to know Japanese artists better is a good, simple and updated social media database. That does make a difference.

      • surfboardt

        Queen of not having talent though LOL

        • Miyanmu

          Who? Rola? She does have a good managment team behind her that pulls in a lot of CFs and modeling jobs for her.

          • surfboardt

            I was referring to the title given to her below her name in the picture.

    • aquaneesha
    • J-Pop

      Which Japanese songs are always on your Spring-playlist?
      And which music videos related to it do you love the most? Idol or not, as long as it makes you happy!

      I made a similar question on another Open Post and the response was great. As a somewhat new J-music fan, I think it is great to share the songs and videos we like with others.

      Oh, thank you for finally having a nice header for open posts.

    • Oddtodd

      Anyone know why the girl from Suiyoubi no Campanella is so disliked? I got into them recently after seeing an old Music Station performance and I was surprised she’s so hated online. Are there reasons or is it just because she’s not like your ~typical~ J-pop star?

      • What

        Yeah I noticed girlschannel does not like her, but I think girlsch has a type of girl they like: the pretty, cute, feminine type of girls (I could be wrong tho) and Kom_I is not that lol

        • soyulim

          Girlschannel doesn’t like many people. I’m convinced that people on that site are unhappy married 40 year olds that shit on everyone’s lifes.

          • ChaiChai

            Exactly. Either frustrated housewifes or demonic little brats. I have seen comments on Girlchannel that were enough to make an adult cry, don’t go there and expect to read kind words for your fav.

          • What

            lol they seem to only like Johnny’s and Namie

            • Mmmm

              They’ve been half and half on Namie ever since the walking smoking pic came out.

              They also like Horikita Maki, Sasaki Nozomi, Aragaki Yui, Hashimoto Kanna and Sawajiri Erika. And Watanabe Naomi but that’s only because she said she’s a fan of GC on TV and that increased their traffic big time.

            • doe

              They hate Arashi

      • ayupan

        i remember seeing a lot of excitement for suiyoubi in mid to late 2015 but it started to turn sour once KOM_I started appearing more on television.

        1) they don’t like the way she acts. in 2015, before suiyoubi became well known, KOM_I did a lot of rounds on the morning wide shows and offended people with her weird act. it left a bad taste in the gp’s mouth which leads to the next point…

        2) …they believe she’s just another overpushed celebrity. in just the past year and a half KOM_I has been on a lot of golden time variety shows and morning and evening wide shows. she also got a the lead role in a one shot drama with nikaido fumi and her walking for D&G also pissed a lot of people off and they think she’s “embarrassed” japan.

        3) most netizens on 2ch, yahoo!comments and girlschannel see her mannerisms, way of talking on television, and look and think she’s a togawa jun ripoff ( komuai posted an old photo of togawa’s sister on twitter so netizens believe it’s not just a coincidence.

        4) she’s too “open” for the gp’s taste. she was on downtown matsumoto’s wide show program last year and out of the blue opened up about being in a serious relationship and cohabiting with a man 10 years older than her. even the hosts were like “…? are you sure you should be talking about this?” she also said she wants to have kids with him but doesn’t want to get married. even if some celebrities have come back from them shotgun marriages are looked down upon in japan.

        5) they think she has mental health problems from the way she acts and the things she does during lives (they dismembered and butchered up a deer carcass during on stage during a live and that disturbed a LOT of people online) and don’t like her. japan is quick to label people with “weird” mannerisms or ways of thinking that don’t match the japanese standard as having mental health problems but there are celebrities with what they label as having “the right amount of mental health problems” that make them “quirky” or unique (onitsuka chihiro, cocco, nishino kana) and “too much mental health problems” (KOM_I, current hamasaki ayumi, kahala tomomi, etc.). there was even a poll on goo recently about which artists people think have mental health issues…

        • Ash

          Jun Togawa rip off? These people are on crack and/or absolute total basics.

          • oh

            “Absolute total basics”


        • Alex

          KOM_I is a striking example of “right person in the wrong place”.

        • hasawa

          KOM_I seems to be another it-girl heavily pushed forward and praised by the “indie” pop scene (she’s recently been featured in i-D in a interview where she was talking about her Budokan gigs in collaboration with fashion designer IKUMI) the general public doesn’t give a flying f*ck about lol
          I think her try-hard-ish attitude (i mean, carving a deer “to show where people’s food where coming from” is dumb af….) may be a huge turn off for many people

        • What

          “they dismembered and butchered up a deer carcass during on stage during a live” what..

        • she is not good enough for the mainstream people. fuck them!

      • Matcha

        They just haters, she’s awesome!

      • doe

        i like her and her crazy performance but I drew my line at butchering a deer carcass live on stage. Reading her justification was to show where food came from? its a freaking deer GO FILLET A FISH.

        • iGleaux

          People eat deer meat though. I’ve had it before.

    • マイケル・タンザー

      Do you think Avex might lift the import/export ban? Because we do import stuff from Japan, right?

    • Question of the week: Is it just me, or does it seem like their was no hype for NGT48’s debut? I remember there being more hype for Keyakizaka46’s debut last year.

      • yacchaitai

        Just nothing special about NGT i guess? Another 48 group with a bland song

        • Ahmad Ridwan


      • Kanjo Maru

        They were formed in the same month as Keyakizaka. If their managers thought they were marketable they would’ve had a better release schedule, not debuting 1.5 years later.

        Still, they did get the song out there in lots of shops and I saw a few ads on TV so they were able to get better sales that I would’ve expected otherwise.

      • sam

        they are currently marketing 16 gen of akb

    • Thomas

      Shoutout to Ryan for making such a cute new open post header 👀

    • I was reading an article recently as this song was part of it:

      It’s surprisingly hot.