Namie Amuro Serves Face on Covers for New Single “Dear Diary/Fighter”

Queen of Hip-Pop Namie Amuro has released the covers for her upcoming single “Dear Diary/Fighter.”

Dear Diary” is being used as the theme song for the movie Death Note: Light up the NEW world, while “Fighter” is being used as an insert song.

Check out the covers below, as well as previews for the songs.





Limited Edition


The official website for Death Note Light: up the NEW world, this year’s live-action Death Note sequel film, began streaming a video on Thursday for Death Note NEW GENERATION, the live-action prequel mini-series for the film premiering on Hulu Japan on September 16.

Masahiro Higashide, Sousuke Ikematsu, and Masaki Suda, who play the characters Tsukuru Mishima, Ryuuzaki, and Yuuki Shien in the film, respectively, will be the focus of the mini-series.

The video previews footage from all three episodes in the mini-series.


Dear Diary (1:05)

Amuro’s 44th single “Dear Diary/Fighter” will be released October 26 in three versions: CD+DVD, CD, and Limited Edition.

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    • yacchaitai

      Thank god the CD cover is different

    • Brett

      Honestly these both sound lackluster just like Mint and Hero. And that’s the tea.

      • Namie Amuro

        Compared to “We Are The QUEENS”, her singles are pure masterpieces. I love Ayumi, but we don’t have to listen to the full song to know it’s not that great.

        • kazu_no_ko

          I like Ayu too, but was it seriously necessary to bring her up? Namie is awesome and she doesn’t need to be compared to someone else in order to show how great or bad she is. Brett found Namie’s current tracks to be lackluster. That’s one person’s opinion, which had no mention of Ayu. So again, what does Namie’s releases have to do with Ayu?

        • Brett

          Why are you bringing up Ayu, boo? I just personally have not been impressed with Namie’s singles this year. Sounds like We are the QUEENS has you pretty shook if you’re bringing it up in an article that has nothing to do with it.

          • あっちゃん

            I agree. As for Ayu, she’s a singer / songwriter and a composer. Unlike for Namie Amuro is just an idol and doesn’t write her own lyrics. I don’t consider her as one of the greatest solo singer in Japan. No wonder why she’s selling so much these days, ’cause she’s an idol and not a singer.

            • Gisele

              Ayumi doesn’t compose since My Story. And many of her lyrics are really repetitive.

              • kazu_no_ko

                I really wish Ayu would try again. I still like her lyrics, which is my main draw to her work, but the compositions definitely need some kick to ’em. Imo, Sayonara was one of the most refreshing songs that she had released in a long time.

            • Ntouch

              “an idol and not a singer.?” So she just talks on the mic?

      • Heart Station

        We Are the DIVORCEES sounds like a cheap Party Queen reject. Mint is better than anything Ayu has released this decade.

        • OMG!

        • Brett

          ONCE AGAIN! I was comparing Namie to herself, no other artists. And Ayu and Namie have both been divorced once so far. But you tried it.

        • kazu_no_ko

          Honestly, Mint was not even that great. Namie has released way better songs and PVs in her career. Namie and Ayu have flopped at some point in time in their careers. No one is perfect. Their styles are different and so are their approaches. If the only compliment you can give to Namie is that “she’s better than Ayu for (insert reason)”, then it’s not really a compliment at all. Imo, being a fan of Namie is critiquing and praising her on her works alone. Comparing apples and oranges is simply trolling for comments.

    • her makeup is not the T in CD+DVD/LE

      • Bubi.

        You sound mad that she overshadowed you in that shoot. You look good in the Limited Edition cover btw!

        • delete your account

        • taketheL


      • あっちゃん

        Her eye makeup looks so bad here, no offence.

    • Malo


    • kazu_no_ko

      I’m looking forward to hearing all of dear diary, but I’m not feeling fighter. After genic, I haven’t been much of a fan of her upbeat, dance tracks.

    • Too bad it’s not her face.

    • Sara

      The CD cover is the only saving grace.