Don’t resist and give in to FAKY’s charm in their new “Surrender” MV

Girl group FAKY is back on the news with a new digital single, “Surrender”! We already were missing their music after almost ten months from their infectious EP “CANDY”, and they seem to also miss their fans, as this new single is full of passion and energy. In the MV, the girls dance in simple settings where light effects are the main feature. If you are digging this clip, don’t forget to buy the single when it gets released via iTunes on March 1st! Check the MV just after the jump!

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    • HyperMoot .

      I don’t know them very much, the music doesn’t hurt and the vocals are right on my acceptance zone :) nice track

      • They haven’t released much stuff, really, the Candy EP from last year and 2014’s The One EP (done with a somewhat different lineup) collects all their tracks so far. But if you want to check just one release, go for the Candy EP.

    • Jo

      Generic. Not as fun as their previous releases.
      Avex needs to promote them properly though. They should just release this track instead and more FAMM’IN !

      • Dave

        Why they never released this track is beyond me, it’s definitely one of their best

      • Sakura Harano

        I remember Anna saying that it will be released in the near future.

      • It reminds me… there was that new FAMM’IN track and video, called Animus that was supposed to come out last year… FEMM mentioned that when I did an interview with them ( ) and later on FAKY posted some video teasers as well, but then nothing happened.

        And this new track is yeah, kinda mediocre, but I dig that drum’n’bass part towards the end… and actually, after a few listens the whole song started to grow on me.

    • My beautiful and talented girls 😍 You deserve the best. Ganbatte ne, FAKY! 👍
      *Why you don’t have a spotify account?*

    • Dave

      Love these girls so much and this song/video is awesome

    • annie


      OK akina get that bridge girl!

    • What

      I’ve always wondered why they aren’t popular, like E-girls have a modern sound and everyone likes it, they can also sing and dance, so why not? Are they just not promoted right? Or is their image too foreign?

      • Jurippe

        It could be. I was watching their live performance on Youtube at Diver City and they were almost getting no response. Hell, the Gundam Cafe got more attention than they did. I mean, I’m not the type to gawk at women but I assure you’d they’d get more attention from me than any Gundam.

    • Yama92

      Great song not typical catchy but great nonetheless