RYUCHELL Serves Looks in Debut Music Video “Hands up!! If you’re Awesome”

Gender-defying talent Ryucheru has branded as RYUCHELL for his musical debut under Universal Music Japan today with digital single “Hands up!! If you’re Awesome.

This brand new song is an ’80s-inspired pop number produced by Kenmochi Hidefumi of Suiyoubi no Campanella and co-written by songwriter Kanata Okajima and RYUCHELL himself.

RYUCHELL pulled all the stops with this throwback bop, complementing the sound with a cusp-of-’90s VHS-quality music video directed by artist Fantasista Utamaro and reminiscent of the urban sets from American television series “In Living Color“.

The video features the flamboyant talent getting his life and serving face in white overalls with his group of all-female backup dancers—choreographed by Bambi Naka, formerly of voguing duo AyaBambi. Midway through the video debuts the show-stealing look: a casual matching lime green crop top, shorts, wristband and boots ensemble underneath a clear plastic top and bottom.

The colorful makeup looks throughout the video were advised by Los Angeles-based makeup brand NYX ahead of their Japan launch, which is due for this March.

With a baby on the way, a daddy has to expand his career prospects and get some extra coin to take care of his family.

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    • Keny

      he be rocking that clear arashi debut suit

      • yamakita

        With some Tsunku thrown in.

    • The beginning reminded me of:

      But it didn’t live up to it.

    • annie

      this recent styling has him looking like kaba-chan circa her dos days lmao

    • TakeThat

      I liked it. But what’s up with the dislikes?

      • hasawa


    • hasawa

      The MV is hilarous but I never wanted someone’s 15 min to be over already so hard before

    • CyDo

      the MV looks so good and nostalgic.. But his voice…..is ear-piercing

    • Ben_thecoolhobo

      I still cant believe he planted his seeds in a vagina

      • yamakita

        There are other ways of getting someone pregnant than the traditional one…

        • Ben_thecoolhobo

          Okay. I can’t believe there’s a willing vagina out there to store his seeds.

    • bailey darbii

      you know. this is actually not bad. his voice is grating but, but! it fits the retro sound i guess. listen it’s different. you do u.

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai
    • angel223_

      Still cringy….
      Still shook…..
      He looks more of a transgender than the real one.

    • I wanna click the play button so bad but at the same time I don’t.

    • BF&B

      Nice video… uh? I guess that’s it.

    • circe154

      He looks so much better in the header. Why can’t that be his normal look instead of https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/070edaf18b5129f8f4371d9b8c9fccc3e2137afa84fcda234c7c1f8fe1ca6fb8.jpg

    • “Ryuchell serves looks….”
      Well I’m sending it back to whence it came. No one ordered this unhappy meal.

    • eplizo

      Well it certainly made me snicker and smile, so I’m grateful for that tbh.

    • yamakita

      File this under “Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.”

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      The beginning instrumentation and choreo were so good and then he started singing :/ The song was kinda a let down but at least the video looks great. I’m a sucker for 90s aesthetic. And he is rocking that lime green look.

    • elsupertai

      Lots of things come to my mind after watching this… The background music sounds like something Pet Shop Boys would do in the early 90’s, the video shares a similar editing to trf’s EZ DO DANCE mv, and his voice sounds a lot like Kotani Kinya’s (you know, Shuichi from “Gravitation”). I’m liking it! But it seems like J-netizens aren’t digging it that much.