MONDO GROSSO Releases Music Video for Mitsushima Hikari Collaboration “Labyrinth”

On June 7, MONDO GROSSO will release his new album, “Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru”, his first in 14 years. The music video for the album’s lead single, “Labyrinth”, has now been released. The song features vocals by Mitsushima Hikari and lyrics by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s Yanaka Atsushi.

The music video is set in Hong Kong at night. Hikari wanders around the maze-like city, reflecting the song’s lyrics about a labyrinth with no exit nor end. Hikari’s dancing was choreographed and supervised by Jillian Meyers, the assistant choreographer for the film “La La Land”, who also appeared in the film. The “Labyrinth” PV was filmed in one take by a single camera. Check it out below!


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    • Liokt

      Too many feelings…

    • Azrul Hakim

      Love it!

    • elsupertai

      Not sure if it’s still relevant, but it should be important to say she used to be a former member from the idol group Folder5.