The Full Version of Utada Hikaru’s “Forevermore” MV Is Here!

Yes The full MV of Utada Hikaru’s latest digital single “Forevermore” is finally here!

Since it’s release, “Forevermore” has topped various digital charts all across Japan often trading spots with “WASTED LOVE”, the solo project of Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ vocalist Hiroomi Tosaka. The song was a trending topic in Japan ranking #3 on Twitter trends for the entire country.

“Forevermore” is currently serving as a tie-in for TBS drama “Gomen, Aishiteru,” which is remake of 2004 South Korean drama series “Sorry, I Love You”, starring Tomoya Nagase, Shinobu Otake, Riho Yoshioka and Kentaro Sakaguchi.

Directed by photographer and filmmaker Jamie-James Medina in London, the video is composed of scenes in which Utada dances contemporary choreography from London-based choreographer Fukiko Takase to the story of the song.

Watch the full MV below the jump!

*video removed per request of Sony Japan*

According to Utada’s Staff Twitter, the video won’t officially be made available to viewers outside of Japan until August 10th. No reason was given for the delay.

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    • eplizo

      Yasssss Queen!

    • Soyeon

      when do y’all think she’s gonna release a new album. next year maybe??

      • ProllyWild

        This fall

        • I really hope so. So far I like both of the singles she’s released.

      • HyperMoot .

        2018 early spring or more likely this year, a month before Xmas

      • Wowza

        end of year or early next year

    • surfboardt
    • Lemon

      why did god give her this talent

    • woooow

      ending ruined by the mf from geico popping up at the end smh c’mon hikki thought you were above product placement :/

      • めぐみ☆


      • Ben_thecoolhobo

        Her husband’s restaurant isn’t gonna pay for itself

      • kazu_no_ko

        I read your comment before catching the end of her video and was like “huh”. Yeah, I just watched it and smh.

      • yamakita

        But 15 minutes really save you 15%.

    • Thomas

      The lizard thing is SO random wtf…

      • ChaiChai

        Yeah, ruind it a bit for me. Apart from, that I’m obsessed <3

      • HyperMoot .

        what’s wrong with that? is it that the Geico insurance company produced or sponsored the vid? Looks like a chameleon to me, not a lizard. No big deal anyway

        • Thomas

          Nothing is wrong with it per se, I just wasn’t expecting it. Isn’t a chameleon a lizard though?

      • It was. Where was she keeping it the whole time she was dancing?

      • shiryukun

        I think the chameleon symbolizes that she wants to keep changing always. Because this video was definitely totally unexpected her dancing.

        • Dayse

          I also think it had this meaning.

    • ProllyWild

      Mm it’s a well produced video…and parts of her dances look good but it felt like watching a cut together fight scene from recent action movies where the actors try to do their own stunts….

      It’s a good song and a nice video…doesn’t blow my mind, but i’m glad she saved so much on her insurance by switching to geico….

    • Jasmine Maris

      Looks like she worked out foe this video. As expected from the kween. Hope her label would put her aong on Spotify.

      • HyperMoot .

        unfortunately, when it comes to streaming, region blocking and some other business issues Sony is just your dinosaur-next-door. It might not be a big deal for an act like Utada Hikaru whose international fans somehow manage to circumvent such limitations but I think it’s sad for smaller acts who can’t get a chance to build overseas because of such silly policies. I’m especially thinking about Haruka to Miyuki, a fine Tokyo duet that deserves a little bit more than being trapped in Japan by Sony.

    • Liz “Lizzy” Colton

      Her dancing was a tiny bit awkward, but I think she did a good job considering she’s not a trained dancer. And DAMN. Girl’s been working out! Her arms looked so strong!! You go, girl. Really like the song too!! So glad to have Hikki back and active.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      they put too much bronzer or oil whatever that thing is on her arms XD

    • Skai

      I LOVE this PV!!! She’s clearly worked super hard for it and it’s definitely paid off. She looks adorable.
      So that thing in the end was product placement? I wondered what it was. I thought it represented something symbolic but clearly not then haha xD
      The PV started off with the words ‘The End’ on the ground so does that mean we should watch the video backwards?

    • Hikki slayed !That Geico though Eww :S

    • Liokt

      Good instrumental, but I still prefer “Oozora”…

    • hope

      this is so captivating like the kobukuro kokoro video

    • M

      Hikki really surprised me with her dancing – she was fantastic!! I don’t find Hikki herself awkward, I find parts of the dance awkward. I think so much more could have been done with certain parts that would have looked much better… I find contemporary dancing awkward a lot of the time anyway, but especially this choreography in some parts (like the second verse before the chorus where she’s dramatically rolling back and forth, just comes across like they had no idea what to put there so they just had her fling herself around on the floor…).

      And also those ARMS. Damn. I wonder if it was for this video, or just something she’s doing for herself?

      And LOL at the Geico jokes. But for real – did they actually sponsor the video or something?

      • ChaiChai

        I think the dancing went pretty good with the lyrics. Like in the part that you mentioned (rolling back and forth) she’s singing “You’re the one that makes me cry, even after only one day of not seeing you” (loose translation).
        The rolling seemed like she was restless and crying herself to sleep…. it’s difficult to explain, maybe you got my point xD

    • “Oozora de dakishit” can stay right where it is. Ain’t nobody checking for that. I’m so glad “Forevermore” came and drew a line under that nonsense.

      I was not expecting Hikaru to come out with a video featuring a fucking dance routine. That bitch was whipping her hair back ‘n’ forth, rolling around on the floor, giving me finger-orgraphy and was praying for all of our edges during the chorus.


      If anybody had told me that Hikaru was going to be dropping a music video which had a better dance routine than BoA and Perfume’s last videos, I wouldn’t have believed them.

      But I know better now.