Dream Ami heads to Northern Europe in “XOXO” MV

Singer Dream Ami has released the latest MV for new song “XOXO“, the main promotional song for her debut studio album “Re:dream“.

The mid tempo track describes someone recovering from a broken heart, this is the first song of this nature for Ami. It’s a very personal song seeing as she wrote the lyrics to XOXO herself. To film the MV Ami traveled to Northern Europe. The MV successfully expresses an overall somber mood, while still showing off the cities beautiful architecture and vast harbor.

XOXO will be song number 7 on Re:dream, 17 songs will be included in total. The album will be released in four versions, the standout being a CD+DVD+BOOK version that comes with a 100 page deluxe hardcover photobook. All the shots were taken in Sweden.

Furthermore Ami will be embarking on her very first tour in November. Titled “1st. Live Tour 2017 ▽ Re: Dream” five dates are currently scheduled nationwide across Japan. Fans who purchase any version of the album will have the opportunity to apply for advanced ticket sales.

The XOXO MV can be seen below, along with the covers and tracklist for Re:Dream.

CD tracklist

  1. Hayaku Aitai
  2. Re: Dream
  3. Try Everything (Dream Ami version)
  4. Can’t Help Falling In Love ~Aisazu ni Irarenai~
  5. Eden no En
  6. ♡song
  7. XOXO
  8. Surf on the Summer
  9. JUMP!
  10. Dress wo Nuida Cinderella
  11. Follow Me -Dream Ami version-
  12. Magic Time
  13. Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte-
  14. Change my life
  15. Alright!
  16. Kimi no Tonari
  17. Saitei na Start

DVD tracklist

  1. Dress wo Nuida Cinderella (Video Clip)
  2. Try Everything (Dream Ami version) (Video Clip)
  3. Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte- (Video Clip)
  4. Hayaku Aitai (Video Clip)
  5. Kimi no Tonari (Video Clip)
  6. Re: Dream (Video Clip)
  7. XOXO (Video Clip)
  8. Dream Ami Document Movie

Re:Dream will be released on October 4th, 2017.

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  • Comments

    • Diego

      I’m impressed that she wrote the lyrics for the song. It sounds nice but not memorable at all. Her overly cute and sugary style doesn’t stand out so maybe she should try dance bops similar to E.G.’s

    • SnowDrop

      It’s a very sweet song. It almost has a nostalgic feel to it as well.

    • Skai

      I really like this song, more than I expected to.
      Also, everything about this song is super cute, from the scenery, to the lyrics, to the melody, to Ami’s voice to Ami herself!!
      I feel like Kana Nishino should make songs like this and keep her slower ballads as B-sides.
      Nevertheless, great job Ami!! I’ll surely listen to more of her songs from now ^^

    • I like the song. I think I just like her style of songs in general.

    • Midori

      The first song of hers that I love! Beautiful PV too! <3
      Looking forward to the album (the covers are all gorgeous! *.*).

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