CHARAN-PO-RANTAN Takes a Somber Bus Ride in ‘Kanashimi’ PV

Usually known for their upbeat numbers, the sisters of CHARAN-PO-RANTAN slow it down in their song ‘Kanashimi‘. With the song’s title meaning sadness, you can hear and see the weight of it in the reflective mood of it’s PV. Travelling through the city and country side by bus, lead singer Momo looks very forlorn well delivering her lines; while we can hear Koharu providing her usual accordion accompaniment to the song. CHARAN-PO-RATAN received some with the arrangement of the song; a combined effort of Koharu and the touring members of the band Mr.Children. Not everyone likes sad songs, but ‘Kanashimi‘ is one you’ll want to check out.


CD and CD+DVD versions of “Tritomenasi

  1. Susume, Tamani Nigete Mo
  2. Sweet as Sugar
  3. Mayu-ge Dansu
  4. Yume Bakari
  5. Yuè
  6. Koi wa Taimingu
  7. Otakebi
  8. Kanashimi

Kanashimi‘ is taken from Charan-Po-Rantan‘s upcoming album “Tritomenasi“; out 1.18.

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    • Ryusenkai

      This is definitely a Sakurai-led arrangement – I can just hear it in how everything comes together in this track (not to mention his harmonizing vocals). Of note, Mr.Children and their touring band are actually playing backing band for this track as well, which is probably why I can hear just a little of their Q-era material in the instrumentation. I’m rambling though.

      Nonetheless, I do rather like “Kanashimi”; seems to suggest that there’s some resilience and strength beneath all the sadness, if I’m reading the music correctly.