Yasutaka Nakata produces song “White Cube” for mystery meat CM

A new song “White Cube” from CM jingle producer Yasutaka Nakata has been revealed through a new Nissin promotional video.

Focusing on the concept of “good design” the video promotes Nissin’s Cup Noodle Chili Tomato variety and the addition of the new cube-shaped ingredient: “white mystery meat“. It follows a strong visual aesthetic of minimalism with a limited color palette of white, red and green and refers back to the cubic and porous qualities of the new meat product.

I’m elated to be part of such a fun CF,” Nakata commented. “I think music should be exciting, so I’d like to continue making enjoyable work in the future.

Details of a “White Cube” release will be announced at a later date.

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    • Bubi.

      “CM jingle producer Yasutaka Nakata”

      • hasawa

        Song still better than Kyary’s latest tracks tho lol

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      lmao @ white mystery meat.

      I guess with the right marketing you can make anything look edible…

    • hasawa

      Am i the only one to find the idea of presenting meat as something ‘mysterious’, square shapped and porous utterly unappealing..?
      This shit looks like sponge or somethin’~

      • no it’s totally unappealing!! they ran special edition mystery meat cup noodle late last year and somehow it sold out within three days

        • circe154

          Mystery meat has disgusting connotations in the US, I don’t see how it couldn’t elsewhere.

          • makes me think of elementary school lunch! the verbiage they use for this marketing is so ridiculous too “hello, good design” “dance” “pop” “cute” “cube” lmao

    • DT

      The only way I can understand mystery meat is that they’re trying spin like the way candies do mystery flavors, otherwise I have no clue why you would want this

    • hhhh

      Weird flesh-sponge cubes aside, this song really sounds like Yunomi to me