Utada Hikaru To Finally Go On Tour Again, New Album in 2018

Very exciting news for Utada Hikaru fans! Next year the singer will be embarking on a domestic concert tour for the first time in 12 years, the lasting being “UTADA UNITED” in 2006, supporting her studio album ULTRA BLUE.

Furthermore, along with the tour announcement Hikki’s official website also revealed that she is working on her 7th studio album which will also be released next year. This will be her very first studio album since making the switch from Universal Music to Sony’s EPIC records.

To celebrate these exciting announcements starting on Friday December 8th Hikki’s music will be available on numerous streaming music services including Apple Music. All of her releases starting with her debut single automatic, to her latest studio album Fantome will be included. Starting on January 8th her catalog will also be available on Spotify!

Next year makes her 20th anniversary. On December 9th, 1998 Hikki made her official solo debut with the legendary single automatic / time will tell. It went on to sell over 2 million units and charted for over 22 weeks. New album, new tour, does she have any other surprises up her sleeve?

(via utadahikaru.jp)

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    • Cryptomystic

      Long live the Queen!

    • eplizo

      YESSSSSS! I hope the tour runs into mid-late next year, so I can actually go!

    • Ben_thecoolhobo

      Anata MV is out

      • Dalooshe

        So classy and elegant.

      • Dalooshe

        So classy and elegant.

      • We actually aren’t allowed to post it ourselves since Utada’s people do look at the site.

        • Ben_thecoolhobo

          mm what? why?

          • Owatari

            I believe when the video for Forevermore was posted here, they wanted it taken down. They most likely want people to buy the video and not for it to be shared since people will just rip the song from the video

            • Guest

              Did they ever say anything about the Hikki/Ringo one?

              • I don’t believe they knew about us then.

                • shiryukun

                  Even other Japanese acts that are focusing in the overseas marketing too like Babymetal, Sekai no Owari, One OK Rock post the full music video. And the Sony MVs in her VEVO channel are blocked to Japan, it doesn’t make sense to post short version. They’ll have like, 100 downloads of the MV in iTunes worldwide? It’s stupid.

                  • Dayse

                    Exactly, I don’t understand this, who buys mvs? Wth 😒 mvs are for promoting. I bought the song as soon as it became available in my country, but even though I love Hikaru and no matter how cool the mv is, I wouldn’t buy it, pointless.

                    • shiryukun

                      And now her team erased her MVs Automatic until Be My Last from her Utada Hikaru channel. And I saw some US fans posting printscreens of advertisements of Anata in US Youtube. It looks her team is still learning how to market her overseas but they don’t know yet how to do it. Mess.

                      • Dayse

                        What the hell, they’re going backwards, I don’t remember having to deal l with this sh1t in the Toshiba emi days… 😑

                      • M

                        I know Hikki was upset with how hard it’s been for fans outside Japan to enjoy her content earlier this year or sometime last year during a Twitter response, and it’s been worse since moving to Sony which is the worst move to make if you want to be accessible to your entire fanbase, and Hikki’s is massive outside Japan. I’ve seen a crapton of negative comments about how inaccessible her content has become from forgein fans all over the Internet… I don’t understand why she moved to Sony of all places when they have a rep for being super isolated. Just feels like a poor choice on her part in that regard. I wonder what Sony gave her that no one else could. So far, it’s definitely not good marketing.

                      • Dayse

                        I believe there might have been strong reasons for Hikaru to switch to Sony, since she´s no fool in this game, ever since the beginning she did as she wanted, or at least mostly.
                        At least they´re making her music available on spotify, for me, this is a HUGE improvement, as for other issues, we´ll have to wait & See (lol) and hope for the best.

                      • shiryukun

                        Maybe they offered better marketing in the west? I remember when she switched from IDJ to EMI Global she said they were interested to handle better her carreer overseas, but when she was back EMI was sold to Universal and she had some issues with them in the past…

                        Warner was the only other option, but Sony is way bigger. And I believe Epic was a wise choice, since many global artists like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Shakira etc are signed with them in the US. I believe Epic will handle her releases better than IDJ did in the past.

                      • André Luiz Maia

                        Well, Utada’s options weren’t the best. Warner Music is small and not so capilarized. Epic Records has a special talent to screw up new or ascendant artists, just look at Meghan Trainor’s last album promo disaster. I’m not a fan of her, but her album clearly had a few tracks that could possibly be hits, “No” was getting bigger but the promotion was aborted…. And this is not the first time they do some erratic choices for newcomers.

                        Well, someone could tell me if her Spotify discography will be available worldwide? It’s too good to believe.

                      • shiryukun

                        Epic has 5th Harmony (they’re flopping now but it’s common since Camila has left), Khalid and others who are hot now. Let’s see how they’ll handle her, I have a feeling that her next English single might be the Kingdom Hearts 3 song sometime by the end of year or 2019.

                      • shiryukun

                        Her discography is now avaiable globally in Spotify.

                      • elsupertai

                        I can still watch those videos on her VEVO channel (I’m from Chile).

                      • shiryukun

                        The videos erased were in her Utada Hikaru account and not UHVevo https://www.youtube.com/user/hikki

            • Ben_thecoolhobo

              yeah but music videos are meant to be watch and used as a way of promoting the song.

              Come on, Hikki. Why you gotta swift it up, you’re better than that white snake.

          • They want us to comply with region blocking. When it is available outside of Japan, we can post it.

      • Loving all the horns in this.

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        This is so good.

    • shiryukun

      It lacks information about the streaming: it’ll be avaiable in Spotify only in January 8.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      WOOT WOOT! :D

    • Woo hoo!!! :D

    • Taima-kun

      i’m still hopeful that she’ll be providing the KH3 theme song seeing as it’s been also set for a 2018 release

    • I always thought that First Love is her first single lol. What an enlightenment!

    • AkaneHaga

      i smell retirement

      • gurl don’t jinx it asflslgisgpskl

      • Dayse

        *knocks on wood*

      • M

        I really don’t think she’d come back and make a big deal out of it only to last for two years before saying “yup, I’m done”.

        Makes zero sense.

    • circe154

      Please let an incredibly sad version of 3-28-01 play out again next year.

    • Dayse

      I love how mature and strong she sounds but still carrying that delicious sort of rawness she can sport so beautifuly.
      And so many good news coming… Oh my, GOD BLESS MY QUEEN. 👑 🙌💕

    • nerissa gibbens

      I still wait foe her albums being available on spotify :(

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        Addicted to You and ASAP are on there for some reason. Maybe we’ll get more songs eventually.

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I am so excited for the new album. I liked Fantome okay last year, but after hearing the songs she put out this year, it’s kinda disappointing tbh outside of a few songs.

      I doubt many people have it, but FYI her discography is available on Amazon Music Unlimited.

    • Sérgio Moço

      Did this article just throw shade at Wild Life?

      • Eduardo Separovic

        Wild Life was not a tour

        • Sérgio Moço

          It was a 2 day tour.