Tomomi Itano releases #kawaii MV for “#Ii ne!”

High priestess of hashtags Tomomi Itano has released the latest MV for her newest single “#Ii ne”!

For this release Tomomi opted for a cute cheerful song, a far cry from many of her more dance/club oriented singles. The vibrant and colorful video begins with Tomomi sleeping in bed, things seem to not be going too well for the singer with her morning going off to a very hectic start. Her pearls are all tangled, glasses bent out of shape, she spills fance serum all over herself, and messes up her lipstick.

After getting sorted out and enjoying a healthy balanced breakfast of cupcakes and popcorn, the scene changes to Tomomi doing various chores like attempting to clean her car and doing laundry, but that streak of bad luck seems to be following her everywhere. Fortunately her furry dog friend is there to help her out.

Do you think this cute image suits Tomomi, or are you more inclined to her “sexy” club bangers? Watch the full MV for “Ii ne!” below.

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    • Kyle

      Kana Nishino found dead in a ditch

      • iine


    • PigeonPop

      It’s certainly more watchable than OMG.

    • Ben

      If you asked me 5 years ago, which AKB member would have the most longevity in their solo music career. She would be at the bottom of the list.

      • Jurippe

        Not that I keep up, but have any other big AKB names thrust themselves into a music solo career? I thought most of them went into dramas and such.

        Plus Itano always looks like she’s a half step away from a JAV debut, though it will never happen.

        • Ben

          Yes. Atsuko Maeda. Yukirin, Mayuyu. But it looks like Itano is the most active one out of current/former members from AKB


          • kreepy

            Itano Tomomi and Yamamoto Sayaka would be the few that has clear direction in pursuing career in jpop. Rest would prefer other area like acting and treat singles as side projects.

    • Jessica

      Tomochin is so pretty!! <3 Her last album had pretty good songs.