Shin Rizumu shows off Sakura season in his Music Video for “Haru no Niji”

Last we heard from up-and-coming pop/rock soloist Shin Rizumu, he was gearing up for the release of his second album “Have Fun” on May 10th.  In support of this upcoming record, he has now uploaded a music video for its third track “Haru no Niji” to his Youtube channel.

This PV serves as a celebration of the spring season, a perfect pair for a song with lyrics which focus upon the idea of new beginnings and one’s hopes for the future.  Directed by Satoshi Takagi, the video was shot on 16mm film and centers on Shin Rizumu traveling through a park surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Read on below for a look at the picturesque PV for “Haru no Niji”.

(via natalie)

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    • Shin Rizumu

      Since the other post about him and his new album that I’m really interested in him. I don’t know about his success, but for some reason I believe he will be more popular in the future. I just hope he maintains this sound while further developing it to be more “Shin Rizumu”. The song is nice, his image is good, the music video is BEAUTIFUL (it shows almost everything I love about actually “Asian” cinematography – not to mention this is a more Japanese-styled one, there are small, but unique differences that distinguishes it from also beautiful Chinese, Korean, … ones), but, to be honest, nothing about it is that outstanding. As much as I know, he has already one or two albums (that I still haven’t listened to – actually I want to listen to this album first) and yet his music still sounds like this. Many times it takes some albums until one finds its own “sound”, so let’s see.