Namie Amuro releases Brighter Day pv

Namie Amuro’s official youtube channel has just uploaded the video for “BRIGHTER DAY” (short ver)

“BRIGHTER DAY” currently serves as the theme for Fuji TV’s drama “First Class”. The single will be released digitally on November 5th and physically on November 12th.


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      • Midori

        I NEED this song RIGHT NOW!!! *.*<3

    • chococat

      Now we are talking about, a good example of an artist from the 90’s that has come along well with maturity, without keep on selling herself as a candy girl.

      I mean, look at Ayumi Hamasaki (still I love her old stuff until 2008). She keeps on selling her “childhood” image, and doesn’t realize it is much better to deal with adulthood as it is (specially when your body starts to look like a 30 years old person). I mean, cut the “cutesy” segment out of your show for god sake, Ayu!!!

      Anyway, thumbs up to Namie.
      I wish Utada had done the same, but I guess she just likes her quiet life.
      But damn, Utada is another god damn good example (and an excellent songwriter).
      Amen. (sorry but I wanted to vent out a bit xD)

      • Guest

        Dont forget that Namie has also always has been as “tougher” girl too
        In albums like Style or Queen of Hip Pop she sold the tough hip hop influenced image, something really far away from anything “kawaii”. When she began to drift apart from that it looked like a smoother transition, she maintained the cool, serious image (characteristics associated to “adult”) but in a more mainstream fashion.

      • duu

        Ayu isn’t selling her ”childhood” image. She’s just doing what she wants and for the 1000th time, she doesn’t care about sales since like forever ago.
        And Utada doesn’t owe anyone to keep making music. If she doesn’t feel like it, let it be. Just let everyone do what they want to do and stop complaining..

      • Arron Hayre

        Lol it makes me laugh when people say Ayu trying to sell that childhood image. Cause when people say that, they clearly dont know Ayu. Ayu dont give two shits anymore. Im preety sure she was dancing up and down a pole for a-nation, so she really isnt a given a fuck anymore. Good for her though!

      • kazu_no_ko

        Ayu and Namie are two different people going down two different paths. If you want to say Namie came out on top in the long run, that’s great, but I’m sure Ayu doesn’t feel that way. Ayu and Namie are living off of mountains of money and they could easily walk away from their careers and still live better than the average person. I think it’s silly to compare the two because it’s clear that each person has different objectives at the moment. Namie wants to keep working, but Ayu just wants to live her life. So who came out on top in the long run? Both of them did. Namie’s working and Ayu’s living it up. It’s unfair to judge Ayu so harshly just because she isn’t doing what the fans expect her to do. Seriously, just leave her be. I’m just happy that both artists are doing well and have accomplished that many others have failed to achieve in this day and age.

      • Rob Whetzel

        Ayu literally said in a recent interview that she’s embracing her 30 year old body and understands that to keep in shape she has to work out like a 35 year old. She LITERALLY said that lol. She’s not holding onto any childhood image. I don’t think she has a “kawaii” song out there. Her lyrics are all her and very mature. Speaking of lyrics, does namie even write hers? No not really. I’m not trying to talk down about namie, she’s a great artist, but she does what the industry wants her to do to stay successful, which has worked. Ayu does what ayu wants regardless of what is cool or hip (literally another thing ayu said in her Tell All book and recent Singapore interview.)
        So yeah, bad comparison. And if namie hacks up her face anymore she’s going to start getting casted for being an alien in movies alongside Benedict cumberpatch.

        • namiestan

          “she’s a great artist, but she does what the industry wants her to do to stay successful”

          LOL! you certainly didn’t read any interviews of Namie up until now, when 2002 started, she certainly didn’t live up with the expectations of the industry, like if she did, we will see her promoting her sh*t all over the Television til’ today, but no, she always say that her fans are her priority, but she also said that she is free to do whatever she wants.

          • Rob Whetzel

            No I haven’t read any of her interviews, her answers were probably written for her too hahaha

        • Ntouch

          Anyone can be a song writer but doesn’t mean they are good at it.

          • Rob Whetzel

            Exactly, which is why Namie is not one. Ayu is an excellent one and has been praised for it throughout her entire career for something that made her stand out from the rest.

            • Ntouch

              I was just saying that in general of everyone actually. You judge Namie based upon her lack of written material considering the ones she did wrote were hits. Care to explain yourself to support your opinion.

              • Rob Whetzel

                My opinion is that Namie is not comparable to Ayu because they 2 different artists. Comparing Koda Kumi and Namie would be a little easier since they’re both basic. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Namie’s collab with Jolin Tsai because I do actually enjoy Namie from time to time.

                • Ntouch

                  Namie is at the age of 37 who continues to remain relevant, innovate, and inspire. Pursues other future endeavours such as releasing her own record label. Continues to build a following daily to all ages. Highly respected and loved by fans. Sings and dances live for each shows. Sacrifice other options to spend more time with her son. Challenges herself for every project and so far they are all successful since 2002. Your right she doesn’t compare to Ayu, but your wrong about Namie compare to Kumi cause no one does. And yet you find her basic. Interesting…

                  • Rob Whetzel

                    Her music is lifeless, has no soul in it and really doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t think she sings or makes music from her heart like Ayu does. How could you if you don’t even write it? Ayu has even composed her own music. Ayu spills her entire self into her music, she’s a business God and goes on her own path. Namie is staying relevant because she is doing what everyone else is doing, and good for her. Ayu is making the kind of music she wants to make regardless of how the general public receives it because she wants to stay true to her fans, the people she’s dedicated her life to. So yeah, like I said, Namie is no where near being comparable to Namie, thanks for realizing :) It really doesn’t matter though because at the end of the day, Ayu will always be regarded higher than Namie in the history of Jpop because Ayu has achieved more than she ever has.

                    • Ntouch

                      Our views for both artist are subjective so I can respect that. According to your response you’re basically taking away Namie’s 21 hard earned years of entertaining and making fans happy credibility away. You come off as salty and ignorant and should probably re evaluate yourself if you can’t respect others success. Your response not only disrespect Namie but to all her fans and the public. I feel that you take it to the heart that Namie’s success continues and Ayumi’s continues to plummet. Perhaps and hour session of her work out tape might help you cool off some steam. Happy training ;)

      • Ntouch

        I hate when people speaking for Ayu saying she doesn’t care anymore and all the bullshit when there is no actual confirmation from the source itself. Fans are only critical to her current state in the biz is because of the direction of her career is going. Fans compare Namie to Ayu is not because they are Jpop artist but they are veterans in the industry and they are disappointed at Ayu for not making any progress in her career compared to Namie despite th fact they have different styles.

    • Love Rice

      After all these years, She’s still HOT

    • kazu_no_ko

      I love this song. I wished they had stayed on the same tangent as the lyric video. It was more dynamic and fun to watch; it just seemed to match the song’s upbeat, positive vibe better imo. Overall, the song is nice and the video is very neat and polished.

    • yanderenightmares

      Love it.

    • Taima-kun

      As expected of the queen
      Her deep sultry voice always gets to me

    • duu

      I’m not a fan of Namie but I admire her voice, it’s so low and beautiful. Can’t think of many other J-pop female singers with a voice like that.

    • Midori

      I’m normally not a fan of Namie-chan’s slower songs, but I cannot stop listening to “Brighter Day”! This song is soooo flawless and Namie is too, of course! ^.~