Natsume Mito reveals details on debut album “Natsumelo”

On April 26, Natsume Mito will release her debut album titled “Natsumelo”. Produced entirely by the irreplaceable Yasutaka Nakata, the record will include the plethora of her previously released singles, from “Maegami Kirisugita” to “Puzzle”, and their b-sides accompanied by 3 new tracks. Mito herself admits that the album is “more of a compilation that documents her career as a singer”.

Check out the tracklist and the artsy album cover below.

“Natsumelo” Tracklist

  1. Maegami Kirisugita
  2. Odekake Summer
  3. 8-bit Boy
  4. I’ll do my best
  5. Colony
  6. Hanabira
  7. Moshimo Cooking
  8. Natsumelo
  9. Puzzle
  10. Nemunemu Go
  11. Watashi wo Fes ni Tsuretette
  12. Fuusen to Hari

DVD Tracklist

  1. Maegami Kirisugita -Hakusai Hen-
  2. Maegami Kirisugita -Rakugaki Hen-
  3. 8-bit Boy -Brown Kan no Yousei Hen-
  4. 8-bit Boy -Mito Masume Hen-
  5. 8-bit Boy -Oujisama Hen-
  6. Watashi wo Fes ni Tsuretette
  7. I’ll do my best
  8. Odekake Summer
  9. Puzzle
  10. Hanabira
  • Comments

    • Ryusei

      Jokes on everyone who bought the singles… is she gonna get dropped?

    • Brian Ackley

      Four new songs (three if you consider Odekake Summer was promoed but never released). Love the cover for sure. The lack of new material does make me wonder if this is a contractual “let’s get finish the contractvand get her off the expense account”. Sadly her work with Yasutaka Nakata is better than the recent garbage he is giving Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I wouldnt be surprised to see KPP get dropped also.

      • This is pretty standard for many J-releases though. Look at Perfume’s Cosmic explorer. Again, only 3 of the tracks were brand new. I wish labels would stop these long gestation periods for albums and be more ruthless is leaving off A-side singles for new material.

        In Mito’s case, maybe her label weren’t’ expecting her to even release an album and just went with releasing singles to see if she had enough traction to warrant one. But in Perfume’s case it was a mess, because there was always going to be an album. Yet they drip fed material from it over the course of 2 years and then released an album that was old by the time it arrived.

    • Natsume Mito

      I was going to ask if anyone could tell me more about her, but seeing who produced this album I’m not that eager to know for now…

      • rapinii

        What does that mean…

    • My concern is Yasutaka Nakata. He seems to have this vice like grip on the music of artists he produces for, and he seems to create this halo effect wwhich causes acts he produces for in a given period to sound the same.

      The material here is so interchangeable with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that it’s insane. If I were Kyary, I’d watch a bitch and threaten Nakata with a Orthodontic appointment.

      Perfume need to be sleeping with one eye open too, because Nakata is throwing them scraps for singles.