KAT-TUN announces new single “Ask Yourself”

During Johnnys Countdown at the end of the year, KAT-TUN made a surprise appearance and announced that they will be restarting group activities in 2018. In addition to that, the group will be holding Tokyo Dome performances in April.

For the comeback, the group announced a new single titled “Ask Yourself” to be released on April 18! The song is currently used as the theme song to Kansai TV/Fuji TV drama starring member Kamenashi Kazuya “FINAL CUT.” The sexy and melodious tune is typical KAT-TUN, and the lyrics express the feeling of continually groping for a path and believing in the future as you walk on into tomorrow. The song also expresses KAT-TUN’s feelings as they restart their group activities. Solo songs from the members will also be included in the single.

Read on for details of the single and song preview.

“Ask Yourself” TRACKLIST

[First-run limited edition]
★52-page lyrics photo booklet included, special packaging

1. Ask Yourself

“Ask Yourself” music video and making-of

[Regular edition/first press]
★16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

1. Ask Yourself
2. Wonderful World (Kazuya Kamenashi)
3. Ore Melody (Tatsuya Ueda)
4. The way (Yuichi Nakamaru)

[Regular edition]

1. Ask Yourself
2. Sweet Birthday
3. Title not yet determined A
4. Title not yet determined B
5. Ask Yourself (original karaoke track)
6. Sweet Birthday (original karaoke track)
7. Title not yet determined A (original karaoke track)

(via J-net)

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    • yurisakura

      It sounds really good!! I especially love the chorus it goes off!!

    • Angel223_

      Done pre-order!!!!
      start diet eating for two months…

    • Kim Ngọc


    • Rose

      Finally, kat-tun made a move!
      Good luck and can’t wait it!

    • Alva Starr

      Quite catchy. Best of luck to them.

    • SnowDrop

      Very nice! I like the song, it’s very…KAT-TUN haha!
      I’ll still be in Japan in April so I definitely plan on getting to at least one of those Tokyo Dome performances…come hell or high water! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

    • BF&B

      I love it! I’m so glad they coming back. There’s so much emotions happening inside me! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5fe7b4c128e349527de0913f83d512a181a5ee9e7cf182720f756300656f5cc7.gif