Hello! Project announces member transfers, new members and new group

Following yesterday’s announcement of a “reorganization” within Hello! Project, the idol management agency has announced a new group, member transfers within current groups and new members added from the agency’s trainee system.

Two weeks ago it was revealed that, with the upcoming graduation of Country Girls and former Berryz Koubou member Momoko Tsugunaga on June 30th, idol group Country Girls will be implementing a new system.

In order for members Risa Yamaki and Mai Ozeki to focus on their studies, the remaining three members would be added to other groups within Hello! Project and reform during school and holiday breaks. The following changes have been made: Chisaki Morito will enter Morning Musume。’17, Nanami Yanagawa to Juice=Juice and Musubu Funaki to ANGERME.

Additionally, members of Hello! Project Kenshusei, the agency’s collective of girls receiving dance and vocal lessons, will graduate to full-time members of Hello! Project: Ruru Danbara will enter Juice=Juice, while Ayano Kawamura will go to ANGERME.

Hello! Project Kenshusei Reina Ichioka will be the leader of a new group, with other members and group name to be announced at a later date.

UP FRONT GROUP’s full announcement:

Concerning the new organization in Hello! Project:

Thank you for your continued support towards Hello! Project.

Tonight, “Hello! Station Extra ~Hello! Project 2017 new system decided special~” has been uploaded, the following members will have their main activities in parallel of Country Girls:

  • Chisaki Morito in Morning Musume。’17.
  • Nanami Yanagawa in Juice=Juice,
  • Musubu Funaki in ANGERME.

The following Hello! Project Kenshusei members will enter the groups:

  • Ruru Danbara in Juice=Juice,
  • Ayano Kawamura in ANGERME.
  • Reina Ichioka will be the leader of a new group.

The other members of this new group will be announced later.

Morning Musume。’17, ANGERME and Juice=Juice will start their activities with their new organization during the Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour “Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER ~HELLO!MEETING~/~HELLO!GATHERING~”.

It will be at the Osaka Orix Theater on July 15th, the first day of the tour.

Since then, the new members will participate on each group basically, but we aim for a complete and full participation by this fall.

Concerning the announcement of the new group, it will take some time from now, but Reina Ichioka will take part at the Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour.

Please continue to support us with the new organization in Hello! Project.

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    • Um

      Wow, Fukumura could have at least tried to hype them up for the announcement like Yuka and Ayacho did, no wonder they thought she was graduating. Chalking it up to the girl and your group being “shy” is a lame excuse.

      And the others could have tried to accept her more warmly lol. I don’t think they’ll have friction, but that was a piss poor welcome.

      • Goddo Saiya-jin Goku

        Have you understand all Fukumura part line and what she said about this transfer ? I felt a tension between Mizuki and Fukumura ? I want to know what Fukumura said and why she cried :(

    • guest

      Will the transfer members appear in singles? Will they get any lines in the old songs?
      the whole idea kinda sounds like a mess…

      • Bubi.

        Yes. They have become full-fledged members so this will be like any other addition to a group.

        • guest

          So what happens when the two CG members stop focusing on their studies and come back? The three girls graduate from the other groups?

          • Bubi.

            There’s no official announcement, but I have a feeling by they time they stop focusing on their studies they will no longer be “young enough” or want to be an idol anymore. Feels like a summer gig from here out.

    • Bubi.

      Aw, Karin is so welcoming to Ruru, and Nanami is so cute. Ayaka was cute too. But Mizuki…

    • chii

      mizuki isn’t the best leader let’s be real. she could’ve gotten MM more hyped up but she stood there passively….poor chisaki.

    • mr blik

      from chisaki’s expression when hearing announcement to move to other group, i think chisaki might not happy joining any group including momusu 17 because she really want to give full commitment to country girls. Because come on, country girls revive around 2-3 years ago after huge test with one member passed away then the group went with one original member and “borrowed” member from other group, of course current member want to revive the group and make fans remember back to the group. but, since this is agency’s decision (from big boss), we can’t do anything…..

    • MM Fan

      Aside from Country Girls being pretty much over, my only disappointment is members being added to Juice=Juice… but whatever. What’s done is done.

    • Owari Konoyono

      If Uta Shimamura was still enrolled in Country Girls, which group did she enter?

    • BabyPanda

      are they trying to do like the 48 groups or something…