Former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi releasing major label debut single

Former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi will be releasing his major level debut in April. Since withdrawing from both KAT-TUN and Johnny & Associates back in the spring of 2016, Junnosuke stunned fans when he announced his comeback to the music industry in September 2016. An indie single, HERO, was released two months later in November.

Junnosuke has scored a deal with Universal Japan, his debut single Connect will be released on April 5th, 2017. Junnosuke is starting this new chapter in his life with the motto “I’m a person who stands on the stage again”. When describing the concept of the song Junnosuke revealed that he wants to connect with as many people as possible, with himself acting as the “hub”.

Connect will be released in two versions, a standard CD only and limited edition CD+DVD. The CD only will contain an exclusive remix of Connect while the limited edition will include the music video for Connect, as well as the MV for his indie single HERO. Footage of his fan-club event held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAS will also be included on the DVD.

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    • BAD KID

      aren’t johnnys fans still kinda mad at him?? i dont think this will end well

      • Devoted Hyphen

        Yes, still mad.

      • miri

        Not all of them. His first solo single was at the top 10 with close to zero publicity.

        • ewa

          He was in 18th place with about 7k copies. Not a very big success for someone with 10 years publicity in the entertainment industry.

          • emmy

            I don’t agree with you.
            I’m a KAT-TUN fan and honestly, I’m tired of being mad and stopped being mad at the members of KAT-TUN !… sigh…

            I must tell you that, even though I’m a fan…in KAT-TUN everyone has his own character, (that’s why i fell in love with them,) and to be honest, only Kame and Jin were the ones to be “reconized” they have or had the most fangirls! the other four were also known but not as much..even less taguchi…
            that’s why having scored 7K copies is Perfectly fine for someone who was not know as taguchi, but as KAT-TUN taguchi…
            now, if jin or kame had 7K Copies sold, now I would be supprises just as you were for taguchi…

            • avi

              lol, he still is know as KAT-TUN Taguchi.
              But as “a fan” don’t you know Jin left the group 6 years ago? How long Jin has to be an excuse? Since then Taguchi regularly appeared in dramas, butai’s, bangumis, commercials. For sure he is known. How to compare him to the indie artists.
              I know his fans are sometimes more desperate than AKB’ wota but just wonder how long he will be have them when he finally marries Rena. Oh, so maybe that’s why he’s still do not. Who will pay for his Mercedes? Poor Rena…

            • ex-KAT-TUN fan here

              “that’s why having scored 7K copies is Perfectly fine for someone who was not know as taguchi, but as KAT-TUN taguchi…”

              You do know his popularity increased even more when he acted in that cracktastic lawyer drama (two freaking seasons at that) with Aragaki Yui, right?

              Don’t get me started with Yukan Club and other jobs he did thanks to him being a johnny’s talent, and yeah, a KAT-TUN member. We’re talking about ex-KAT-TUN’s Taguchi Junnosuke here, not some indie visual-kei bands members.

              7K is LOW for someone like him.

              “and to be honest, only Kame and Jin were the ones to be “reconized” they have or had the most fangirls! the other four were also known but not as much..even less taguchi…”

              Don’t underestimate johnny’s popularity. He wasn’t one of the more popular members of the group, but he was still popular. KAT-TUN was especially HUGE around the time they debuted. The general public did recognize him as the member of the group, mostly.

        • jones

          When did he reached top 10? The dude sold less than 8k in total.

          • Voissur

            He was 1st in Oricon indie chart. Anyone who is under Johnnys with their kind of influence and promotion can get high number of sales even with crappy songs. So 8k is considered good for artist who didn’t even promote his singles on any media platform. So yeah the dude is doing alright.

            • BAD KID

              yea that’s pretty good

              i wonder if johnny will try to block his promotions now that he’s major label

              • ex-KAT-TUN fan here

                “i wonder if johnny will try to block his promotions now that he’s major label”

                Not going to happen because Universal is not some small label. They won’t try.

            • ex-KAT-TUN fan here

              “So 8k is considered good for artist who didn’t even promote his singles on any media platform. So yeah the dude is doing alright.”

              No. It’s not even about him not promoting his singles everywhere.
              Let’s just say he had about 20K loyal fans when he was still with KAT-TUN. Loyal fans would usually buy their fav artists’ stuff, and he sold less than 8K? Seriously now. Even with less promotion, a fan is a fan and will buy stuff.

              Either he seriously lost many of his loyal fans or that single was no good.
              The dude WAS popular as a KAT-TUN member, less popular than Jin or Kame, but STILL popular.

        • meh

          I call leaving the group, announcing a single while the original group goes into hiatus, HUGE PUBLICITY to be honest. Also being #10 in indie charts doesn’t sound that great, considering his name is still fresh and known (as a former idol) and he competes with actual, real indie acts!

          • miri

            I didn’t mean indie charts. Maybe what I saw was a daily and not weekly chart, but he reached the top 10 Oricon (either 7th or 9th, can’t remember).
            And by no publicity I mean no ads in newspapers, TV, social media, etc.
            When he gets publicity he’ll get much better sales, although it’s likely he won’t achieve the numbers he had with KAT-TUN.

            • jones

              Daily chart? That’s like kpop level of exaggerating achievement. Even sans PR allocation, he still won’t ever break-even with his 8k total sales dude.

            • ex-KAT-TUN fan here

              “And by no publicity I mean no ads in newspapers, TV, social media, etc.”

              This should be obvious. He wasn’t signed to the major label when he released that first solo single of his.

              Whatever it is, 7K is LOW for someone like him.

    • hotaru hime

      i thought he said “he will be leaving his group as well as Johnny & Associates, effectively ending his career as an entertainer.” the last time i read the article a year ago o__o

      … so for a moment I thought he intended to get married or something lol. i’m not even sure if this is a good thing. but i guess you can’t fault somebody for wanting to expand his capability. being in KAT-TUN might not have been a good choice for his personal growth in the industry.. guess we’ll have to wait and see if his decision is right after all~

      • Himi Tsu

        The bad timing was even worst when he announced the release of his indies single XD

    • james

      Junnosuke Taguchi is Universal Music Japan’s answer for Utada Hikaru’s leaving

      • Himi Tsu

        I don’t think he would bring as much cash as her though.. ?

        • jones


        • kamben is here

          Sarcasm, LOL.

      • whatever

        If this is sarcasm, then it’s an awesome statement. Trading Utada for Taguchi is like how an insider entertainment joke would begin lmao

    • james

      Still waiting for “KAT” or Junno x JIN feat. INKT collaboration

    • Amu AHB

      I don’t think going solo was a good idea for Taguchi tbh . I am a fan of KAT-TUN and all the current members and Taguchi to0. But I am not sure if he is talented enough as a singer to go solo .

      • kamben is here

        I love his solo songs when he was still with KAT-TUN, and I think that his voice + singing style aren’t bad, he’s known as one of the good dancers too, but I think he lacks the…charisma? or aura? to be a soloist… -.-” Solo artists must have this kind of vibe that I don’t know how to explain. Even back when he was in KAT-TUN he wasn’t one of the most popular ones. Many people just didn’t care about him.

        • Amu AHB

          My thoughts exactly!

    • shrug

      He does well. Despite all the butthurt he has to face. I’m happy for him and going to order Connect now.

    • Mar

      Meh! He’s quite boring, and his voice is awful, who on earth thought that Taguchi will make it going solo?

      • guest


      • whatever

        Wasn’t he always known for being a narcissist? I’m not surprised if he thinks he is super-talented and hot.

        • Mar

          Maybe xD it’s not bad been confident, but he’s exaggerating.
          Since I’m in the fandom I always seems him as the stupid face boy xD

    • KUN

      fucking snake lmao

      • parnell

        Lol yup

    • eplizo

      Wow he got signed with Universal? He works fucking fast! LMAO

    • violet

      I love the guy, but singing is really not his strong point, so I’m honestly shocked that he got a major deal – especially so soon. I thought, best case scenario, he’d release a few more indie singles, tour a bit, and then get a job co-hosting some sort of music talk show or an acting role and shift focus to another field.

      Still, the amount he sold is really not bad for a single in 2016, especially considering that so many KAT-TUN fans were pissed at him and he barely promoted it. Music news websites like Barks and Natalie mentioned it briefly, but he doesn’t even have a Twitter account or a music video on Youtube, so you have to actively check his website for any new info about what he’s doing.

      Well, I’m happy for him, and I’m hoping that working with a major label team will do good things for him. Maybe with some coaching and autotuning he can do something a bit more impressive than Hero.

    • kpa

      Wait, I thought he said being an idol is tough? or something like that, wow lol

      • M

        But he’s not an idol. He’s an artist now.

        Plus, I think it was a issue with being a Johnny’s idol, specifically.

        • aya

          An artist.

    • Hm, okay. Meh.

    • Taru

      Yeah. No. I’m guessing he’s just going to fail and then fade off into oblivion.

    • Risa

      He can do whatever he wants. But whoever of his fans says he just left JE because of the agency or contracts or whatever… please. He just wanted to go solo without a group. It’s been a shitty move back then, and a lie he made everyone believe, and it still is. Jin and Koki were jerks, but at least they showed guts.
      As I said, he can do whatever he wants, but he is not a great singer or even a good artist, he doesn’t even look particularly great. I guess Universal wants to milk the Kat-tun name.

    • LMAO

      You go Taguchi! It’s always amusing to see how pathetic and d*ckheaded KT stans are.

    • kamben is here

      Hmm April 5th?
      This is the same release date as Golden Bomber’s next single. Aha.

    • Me

      Why is KAT-TUN tagged in this? He left…