FAKY releases cool new MV for “Someday We’ll Know”

Avex group FAKY has released the video for their latest song “Someday We’ll Know”.

“Someday We’ll Know” is one of the promotional songs for their upcoming major debut mini-album “Unwrapped”. With 8 tracks in total, the album features a few of their previously released digital singles including “Candy” and “Surrender”. The CD+DVD edition of the album comes with 4 music videos for “Candy”, “Are You Ok?”, “Surrender”, and the latest track “Someday We’ll Know”.

In the “Someday We’ll Know” MV the girls mainly wander around urban areas in Tokyo, with scenes cutting to an impressive dance routine performed on the roof of a building. “Unwrapped” will be released on June 14th, 2017. Covers for the mini-album and the full MV for “someday We’ll Know” can be seen below.


CD only

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    • Amaya Yamauchi

      Love the song and the MV wishing then the best on their debut it’s been a long time

    • The song is cute, but major debut? How is this a major debut when they’ve been releasing under Avex for years?

      • Sakura Harano

        It’s just what they when a group first releases a physical version under a major label, the same thing was said with Flowback and lol.

    • Midori

      Oh, that’s a really nice song!

    • Thomas

      Love the stuff they’ve been making since their comeback as 4 members. For me, they are by far the most interesting girl group in the Japanese music scene. Their vocals and dancing are on point.

    • hhhh

      initially read the squiggle on the CD cover as “Uninspired”, which would also have been apt

      • hasawa

        The music is so basic, i’m quite puzzled to see ppl praising that shit lol
        The weird outfits are the only interesting thing about this MV