E-Girls release colorful new PV for “All Day Long Lady”

E-girls have revealed the music video for their latest catchy tune “All Day Long Lady”. The song will be included on their upcoming studio album E.G Crazy due out January 18th, 2017.

The video shows the girls getting ready for another busy day at the office, performing an impressive dance routine in-between mundane office tasks. Of course the colors are also very heavily saturated, you simply cannot have an E-girls pv without THAT! The pv ends with the girls sitting at their desks daydreaming, leading into a short preview of another new song “HARAJUKU TIME BOMB”.

Check out the full video below!

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    • Zakiyya Amajida

      The tune is a little… off?
      Don’t know but I can’t really enjoy this song.

    • Ayumi Nakashima

      i love this song!!!!!!! #egirls_slay


      I have such a girl crush on Shuuka now that she cut her hair. She was beautiful before but now she’s beautiful and arse-kicking cool.

    • Midori

      Such a colourful PV; I LOVE it! The song is nice, but some of the lyrics make me roll my eyes. ~.~

      I love the choreo on top of the desks and the girls look sooooo good again: the Fujii sisters are always gorgeous (short hair suits Shuuka so well!), Ami-chan is so cute, Nozomi is a real lady and Anna is really rocking that purple hair AND the suit!
      Also, I find it great that they always dance in comfortable shoes!

      I’m glad that I like the new e-girls song, because I’m kind of disappointed with FLOWER’s new song モノクロ. The first song of them I dislike! x.x

      • I agree with you on Flower’s new song. I mean I’m glad that they decided to try another genre than their usual style for an A-side song (and their outfits are really cool!), but I don’t really like Reina’s vocal on Monochrome. Colourful is much better imo.

    • honey girl

      Ugh Why can’t LDH just keep a EDM song simple without all stupid happy childish shit thrown in it? The song was actually good until the ending. This is why they look like a joke when compared to k-girl groups. Even the usual happy go lucky groups like A PINK have some actual maturity to them. LDH needs to let these women grow up. EG has potential but LDH needs to let this bbs fly.

      • ??????????????????????????????
        DANCE WITH ME NOW!, Go! Go! Let’s Go!, Pink Champagne, Dance Dance Dance – their latest songs without “childish shit”.

      • Midori

        It’s almost like JPop is not Kpop. A shocker, I know!

        Also, e-girls have a decent list of “none childish” songs, so I really don’t get what you’re saying.

      • Guest

        It’s almost like…*GASP* they’re not K-pop!

        Also don’t see anything childish in this. Even in the end.

    • MightyLongFall

      so kpop

    • its catchy i love it. And there songs are not all childish lately they have been grown up. And that is why you stick to k-pop and we stick to j-pop. Theres a reason they are different