AKB48 unveil 50th single “11-gatsu no Anklet” + Mayu Watanabe’s graduation song

Details have been released on AKB48‘s upcoming 50th single 11-gatsu no Anklet. This release is a big deal for fans, as it will serve as the graduation single for last remaining original “Kami7” member Mayu Wantanabe.

The single will have 10 different versions in total, 5 regular editions and 5 limited edition versions. Limited edition versions of the single will include an event ticket and voting card for “AKB48 Group Request Hour Set List Best 100 2018”. Regular versions of the single come with a random photo along with a voting card.

Wantanabe’s graduation song Sayonara wa owaru wake janai will be included on every version of the single, while 5 additional b-sides will be included on the various different versions of the single. This includes a song by STU48 titled Omoidasete Yokatta , and a song by Team8 titled Ikirukoto ni Nekkyo wo!

Type C versions of the single will feature a song by a completely new unit, however details on the song and unit name have not been revealed yet. Short version MVs of both 11-gatsu no Anklet and Sayonara wa owaru wake janai have been uploaded on AKB48’s official YouTube account.

The girls take a somewhat “artsy” approach in this MV. Donned in high-end designer clothes, the video starts with Wantanabe sitting in an empty room with her hands in her face. She begins to dance around the empty room and paint things with a “magical brush”. The next scene involves three members sleeping in a giant box located on the beach. After waking up they decide to dance on the beach and use mini rainbows as hula-hoops.

Sayonara wa owaru wake janai is a dramatic ballad that will surly cause some tears to fall at Wantanabe’s graduation concert.

11-gatsu no Anklet will be released nationwide in Japan on November 22nd, 2017.

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    • King Records are referring to the Senbatsu as all Stars and who ever told them that were lied to several times, they are nothing of the sort

      It’s sad to see Mayu graduate but hey concert tonight is a good and off

      Also Fujita Nana is on the dance track with Jurina and Sayaka AND I’m so used to give now I get to receive https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fffd07517cf107e5dce1f0bad809951059010a576adf1c103c4918558ed1d6f6.jpg

    • Zetobelt

      It’s Watanabe. Not Wantanabe.

    • yacchaitai

      I like the limited covers and the promo shot

    • hasawa

      The outfits are so atrocious and coudn’t take my eyes of them. The fact they are hgh-end is even more embarassing.

    • hasawa

      The regular cd versions are better than the limited ones imo
      The promo pic is very pretty (when I first saw the it I thought it was an ad for tights lol), even tho I’m not fond of these typical “idol shot” where girls are spreaded out like fresh meat

      • yacchaitai

        the regulars look like promo shots for vapes

    • SlyMoonFox

      I like the photos.

    • Diego

      The concept of the promo pic is original, I like it.
      The song is another addition to the boring and forgettable singles they’ve been releasing this year. I’ve got the feeling that management and Aki-p don’t give a damn about the quality of AKB48’s songs anymore. They seem to completely focus on Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 who appeal more to the general public recently.

      • DT

        They aren’t managed by the same company though. The 48 groups are run by AKS, the 46 groups are handled by Sony.

    • eplizo

      Not even remotely interested, but that promo picture is gorg

      • guest

        It is, but tights over shoes look dumb af.

        • Brett

          it’s ART! something you would know nothing about, guest.

          • isanta

            Art is subjective, everybody has their own taste. I like how this looks, but if somebody doesn’t, it doesn’t mean they have a bad taste. It’s also not a high level of artism, just average estetics.