AKB48 surpass Ayumi Hamasaki as the best selling female Japanese artist of all time

Mega girlgroup AKB48 continues to make history, according to Oricon they have officially surpassed Ayumi Hamasaki as the highest selling female Japanese artist of all time. While AKB is a group, Oricon does not differentiate between solo artists and groups under the male and female categories. Hamasaki still holds her record as the best selling solo artist, male or female, in Japan. Naturally, these sales are only accounted for in Japan and not worldwide.

This record was announced shortly after the first week sales were revealed for AKB48’s latest single #SukiNanda, released on August 30th. In just one week over million copies were sold pushing AKB’s grand total to 51, 298, 000. Hamasaki is currently at 50,675,000 units. The girls continued their separate set of records by releasing 30 singles in a row that all sold over 1 million copies, starting with their 20th major single Sakura no Ki ni Narou. AKB48 has also extended their #1 weekly rank streak which started with their 14th single RIVER.

AKB48 center Rino Sashihara thanked fans for making her winning Senbatsu election single such a memorable event. Despite the continuous pressure of being the center of Japan’s most popular girl group, the support makes it all worth it.

Rounding out the top 3 best selling Japanese female artists is legendary singer Yumi Matsutoya. AKB48 now takes third place for the best selling Japanese acts, behind B’z and Mr.Children respectfully.

(via Oricon)

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    • BAD KID

      ummm ok, so at first i loved seeing akb get famous cause it was funny to see all the anti-idol people get mad but this has gone too far. how do we end their reign of terror once and for all https://i.imgur.com/29GBe4N.gif

      • Oricon has to change the rules. They’ll continue to sell due to gimmicks, even though their music has long fallen out of public favorability. Their fanbase is enough to take them higher and higher.

        • Yuna

          Oricon has changed as much as they want to, sadly. People thought they’d go after 46/48 when they did the bulk buy rule but it strangely affected every female idol group except for them… :/

    • honey girl

      Taylor Swift getting a #1 and AKB becoming the #1 best selling female artist all in one week….if there was ever a time to wipe their music off the face of the Earth…

      • surfboardt

        Eh, Taylor Swift stopped Despacito from having sole possession of the #1 weekly record. When you’re dealing with Godzilla, you sometimes need to call on Mothra.

        • “Despacito” is trash. It sounds like any other reggaeton song from a decade ago. How has the genre not progressed?

          • surfboardt

            tbh, I care more about not letting old hipster-priest’s cumrag completely tarnish (Albeit already partially tarnished with the tie) Mariah’s record if you know what I mean.

          • gus

            same case like Macarena & Gangnam Style. Catchy.

          • S.

            I’ve also noticed how the same people constantly get hits in the Latin music world. Shakira and Enrique Iglesias (neither of whom are reggaeton, I know, my point here is about Latin pop in general) have both been around since the 90s and yet they still get huge hits with ease, while in both Japan and the US artists who’ve been around for that long and still have hits are a huge exception. Just look at how Britney Spears and Koda Kumi were both huge in the 2000s yet both of them huffed their last breaths at the turn of the new decade with no hit to be seen

            • Arron Hayre

              I agree completely. But you cant really compare Britney and Koda’s decline too each other, especially since one their significance in the industry was for more important to pop culture than the other, a-swell as the reasons for their decline were for very different reasons. Koda’s style just became outdated, whilst Britney was able to perform, look the way she used to before everything happend in 2007, she would continue to have significant success like Madonna did, but thats just not gonna happen anymore, so her career is living off nostalgia at the moment, despite her music still being a good quality.

          • I want to be relevant :(

            Agree! Song is genric af

        • eternal_sky

          How long has Despacito being #1?

          • surfboardt

            16 weeks.

            • eternal_sky

              That is just so awfully long. And for something that dont even have a music video, its just amazing. :O I guess they didnt even expect this success either.

    • disgusT

      Rewriting the record books because of their dirty ass techniques…I can’t anymore


      • Layla

        I was cool with them starting to make competition with Arashi’s staggering #s, I was shocked they knocked Mr. Children and Utada Hikaru out for highest first week sales, but this is too far lol.

    • Tiffany Nichole

      Ayu was able to be the best on her own,she didn’t need 48+ girls to slay.Ayu is still the best in my book.

      • Nels Nellis

        HAHA I KNOW we barely remember the name of those girls

    • So groups and soloists are the same thing now? Mmm, ok…

      • dianablancheneige

        I completely agree. I’m not against AKB & co ( I actually like Nogizaka48) but Ayu didn’t have any “handshake events” or “senbatsu” etc. She was selling well because her music was unique & good. I don’t think any of Akimotos girl groups would sell so many CDs without those “gimmicks”, like you said. If Johnnys Ent. would start handshake events/fansigns, every Johnnys boy group would sell over a million again lol

        • rie

          oricon is not counting handshakes cds anymore

          • Yes, they are.

          • rshina

            I thought they just have bulk buy rules, not the handshake cd rules

        • Saya

          Oh man if Johnny’s had handshake events/fansigns….I just cannot imagine how much dough they’d be rolling in.

      • Yeah, exactly, it is real sales vs. bullshit gimmick sales, but still, some will most probably see this as a proof that AKB48 is as popular as Ayu was at her peak.

    • “Oricon does not differentiate between solo artists and groups under the male and female categories.”

      That’s… pretty ridiculous, especially when it comes to big idol groups.

      • Well this is the company that ignores the digital market, so…

        • In my experience, Japan is about a decade behind in a lot of areas, not just the music industry, so it’s not particularly surprising – just annoying.

          • S.

            I hear they still use fax machines

            • They do. I feel this pain on a regular basis.

              • S.

                I suppose you work in Japan or for a company that does a lot of business with Japan? My condolences for having to deal with fax machines

                • Yes, I’ve been working mainly in Japan since 2012. I don’t see the fax machine thing changing any time soon, either.

                • Kanjo Maru

                  Fax machines isn’t really a problem in itself. It’s a symptom of over-relying on paperwork.

          • chu

            What are the a lot of areas you are talking about? Because I am pretty sure Japan is also ahead in a lot of areas compared to the west.

            • I was thinking mostly of the day-to-day stuff like banking and finance, IT and internet/wi-fi usage, some aspects of education, heating, the use of old technology like cassettes and fax machines, etc. These are just the first few things that come to mind – I’m sure there are plenty of in-depth articles out there on the topic if you’re curious. I’m not saying that Japan is behind in all areas, or that being different from its first-world Western counterparts is necessarily a bad thing to begin with. But I do think that the average foreigner coming into Japan for work or tourism would be surprised at how low-tech a lot of things are, especially given the image of Japan that many people have as some kind of high-tech powerhouse.

              Here’s an article (not mine) that I remember reading a few months ago, I found myself nodding vigorously to a lot of it: https://edinburghnapiernews.com/2011/01/26/%E2%80%98japan-high-tech-image-low-tech-reality%E2%80%99/

            • eternal_sky

              I agree. Not many countries has the kind of reputation that Japan has. Everyone who visited the country always love how polite and honest is the people there and how easy is the countries in general in term of technology or transportation or how clean is the country. Other countries could only dream to have that kind of reputation. I think the close second would be New Zealand.

              I’m sure there’re underlying shady things there not denying any of that tho

          • circe154

            That’s what happens when a country is majority old people.

        • gus

          Im confused, isn’t it RIAJ job to determine who’s the best selling and what not?

          • starlightshimmers

            The Japanese music industry sales is around 90% CD, so to be fair not counting digital sales makes sense in Japan.

            If I recall correctly, the USA didn’t count digital sales until around 2005 when digital sales made up 50% of the overall sales.

            Those people complaining that Japan is behind when it comes to the digital market are suffering from bias. The Japanese clearly have no interest in purchasing digital music, so they’re not going to count digital sales, it doesn’t make Japan any less inferior than the West or Korea.

            • There is no bias when you see why certain songs and acts are getting so much attention when the physical sales just aren’t there.

              • starlightshimmers

                Billboard includes digital sales, physical sales, as well as airplay and even club plays, the main reason being in the West music is prevalent in all these platforms.

                Oricon is strictly physical sales-based since in Japan the majority of music sales is from the physical format. Japan has a different music culture, its not big on airplay, or club, or digital, which means it wouldn’t make any sense to include those formats.

                I’ve wondered about this as well. I remember Crystal Kay ranking high on Billboard Japan airplay but her sales were abysmal. It just goes to show airplay in Japan is largely irrelevant, along with digital sales and club plays.

                • That long spiel has nothing to do with anything, but ok… What I’m saying it look at the two biggest songs of last year: “Koi” and “Zen Zen Zense.” Neither of them had the physical sales to call themselves that, but the success came digitally.

                  • Liokt

                    “Koi” had more than 100k copies sold in its first week, which is pretty high for a male solo act nowadays, isn’t it? And stayed on charts for almost 50 weeks, selling more than 300k copies sold, although it didn’t get #1… But yeah, look at how this DAOKO feat. Kenshi Yonezu song is doing so well digitally and so bad physically. The gap is real.

                • eternal_sky

                  I agree. Japan like to keep things Japanese and you can clearly see that when you watch their movies or dramas. They have that kind atmosphere that you quickly identify that it is so Japanese. I like that tho so I’m not complaining about how they like to keep things so ‘backward’ like some people like to point out. Why they have to follow the west?

    • surfboardt

      First Mariah having to share her record with Justin Bieber, now this.

      • Nikki ok

        Hate Bieber all you want but he still makes good music.

        • Arron Hayre

          he makes generic songs for the radio, there not timless there not song’s that a generation of people can look back on and say that he was the artist to really influence them. He makes a good bop, but a bop isnt worth of such a big title.

          • Nikki ok

            tell that to all the 12yr olds admiring him, he is actually a big influence for them and there’s nothing wrong with that, every generation has their own singers and for them it’s justin bieber

            • Arron Hayre

              Firstly saying that 12yrs olds admire Justin beiber is a bit silly. I’ll give beiber the benefit since i think his fanbase is a little older that 12, especially since hes been in the industry for the last 7 years, there not all still gonna be 12. Secondly his fans may admire him, but there are fans that admire Iggy Azaela, doesn’t mean there going to be huge influence for the next generation of singers. in order to hold such a huge title, and to be soo influential and iconic, a person needs to change the game (not just produce radio hits), mariah changed the game in terms of her voice, that she was the most successful artists of the 90’s (which beiber isnt the most succesfull artist of 2010’s), and she was the most significant songwriter for 10 straight years without a hiccup. I cant say the same for Beiber, its not that i don’t like beiber, and i have his purpose album, but you cant hold him up to same standard. Artists like Taylor Swift (Unfortunately), Bruno Mars, Adele and Rihanna, have had far more influence on changing the music industry for this decade then beiber has. Thats all i was trying to get at, that beiber hasn’t done anything to change the industry, expect produce radio hits over the last few years.

              • Nikki ok

                First, why did you constantly misspell bieber as “beiber”?
                Second, why did you feel the need to write an essay?
                Third, sorry hun but times change and Bieber is successful in what he’s doing, it doesn’t matter if you believe he’s changing the world for better or not. BTW with “12yr olds” I didn’t just mean actual 12yr olds only, but younger kids and teens in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s generic music for YOU and YOU only listen to mariah carey, for young kids he makes just the right music and they love it, why u so mad about it…

                • Arron Hayre

                  lol your so angry, im not mad about it, if people love him and his music that good, music is there as enjoyment and a way to escape which is what alot of young people need. But his influence in the music industry isnt being viewed as a music fan, its being viewed as what is actually happening in the decade of the industry, its very clear to see. Im not saying he is not succesful, or influential to his fans. But he hasnt done anything or made an album or song, that has changed or influenced the industry for the better as of yet. Secondly im talking about Mariah Carey cause i know my history in music, and am not completely blinded by just current populart artists, cause what is popular is not always going to be popular. Secondly i am young, i was born in 1998,which 4 years younger than BIEBER. But im not delusional. I looking at it from a subjective rather than an objective one, which is clearly where you are looking at it from.

                  • Nikki ok

                    First, It’s “you’re” and not “your”.
                    Second, I agree with you when you said “I looking at it from a subjective rather than an objective one, which is clearly where you are looking at it from.”
                    Because yes, you do, indeed look at it subjectively and I’m looking at it objectively, thanks for admitting it :)

                • Guest

                  Bieber sucks!!!

                  • Nikki ok

                    so mature…

    • What

      Like these two achievements hold the same amount of significance….

      • Yarg

        Actually the AKB record is more significant in that Hamasaki’s sales didn’t happen in an era of rampant piracy whereas AKB’s has.

        • chu

          Doesn’t matter, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. Ayu is a Queen and Akb is just a gimmick trash group.

        • What

          So you’re just gonna ignore how gimmicky AKB sales are while Ayu had no gimmicks?

        • circe154

          Lol, there was more piracy before itunes and streaming than there is now. Not to mention there were CD rental shops; most people ripped everything they rented.

        • lymli

          akb has like one million random members nobody recall, ayumi sold that much all by herself

        • Arron Hayre

          oh so were just going to ignore, all the various editions of one single that is released, or the amount bulk buy that happens or other various gimmicks that akb does. Ayu had important significant cultural impact on music for a good decade, akb does not have that.

        • Daijiken

          Whereas AKB Relied on putting tickets and collectible cards in thier CD’s to encourage people to buy multiple copies. Sorry but AKB ain’t about the music.

        • Christina Gmiterko

          Uhhh, piracy was already rampant when Ayu was at her peak and has (obviously continued throughout her career). AKBs sales should not be taken seriously as they are not true sales, IMO at least. Ayu’s sales also took place in a market that was MUCH more competitive than it is now.

    • Yuna

      This only proves how amazing Hamasaki Ayumi is and I don’t even like her that much. Matsutoya Yumi debuted in 1972 and AKB uses cheap gimmicks. Hamasaki is pretty much the only female to have debuted in the past 20 years to come near 50 million and then surpass it.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I mean… ayumi did it by herself… akb48 is like… an army of girls…

      • rie

        yeah but they’ have only 11 of career :)

        • rie

          the only have 11 years*

          • eternal_sky

            Doesnt matter as if Ayumi dies 40 years from now, her record will stop but AKB can continue for thousand of years despite the member change.

    • SlyMoonFox
      • HyperMoot .

        ahaha saved for later use

    • rie

      it’s funny how people say shit without knowing the members worked so hard they signed a contract to dedicate THEIR LIFES (some members are more than 10 years in the group) for this group and you can see how happy they are with the smallest results they all fucking cried when they discovered that akb48 was at #6 in the list of most popular songs in karaokes nowadays songs may not be that good but the old ones are awesome specially their stage albums so shut up and just respect. they deserve it so hard

      • surfboardt

        Ayu was literally overworked and exploited for 20 years to the point of being on the verge of becoming completely deaf doesn’t count as working hard. She devoted 2/3rd of her life to the industry and greatly appreciated her success after struggling early on her career prior to Song for XX becoming a sleeper hit. These horny 48G stans need to sit the fuck down and stop disrespecting the empress of J-Pop just because they want to beat off to girls in school uniforms and use the illusion of popularity to hide their semen-covered shame.

        But on a serious note, see how stupid the “they worked hard” defense sounds? It implies that everyone else doesn’t work hard, their lack of success relative to others is due to their lack of dedication, and anyone who worked hard is immune to any criticism. The problem is more about how AKB48 broke the record and their impact on the music industry/scene compared to Ayu. Whether you like Ayu or not (I certainly don’t these days), there’s no denying that her career shifted music trends in Japan, shaped artists that debuted after her, and influenced the overlap between the music scene and the fashion/gyaru scene (Something that other artists such as Nishino Kana and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu benefited from because Ayu pioneered this path for them). Meanwhile, AKB48 didn’t really have an impact that redefined or shaped the music industry on a broad scale and inflated their sales and popularity through marketing gimmicks. At most, one could say that they reshaped the music industry by pushing the idea of handshake events and split content to increase sales, but that’s a shift in the marketing of music (And definitely not something you’d brag about in the context of music accomplishments). So for some, the fact that someone whose legacy had such an impact on the Japanese music industry be overthrown by an idol group that accomplished this feat through marketing gimmicks rather than actual impact on the music scene is infuriating.

        That isn’t to say that AKB48 doesn’t deserve success because they’re idols (And personally, I’d be fine with them making bank if it weren’t for the fact that it’s creating problems with chart representation and inaccurate representations of the mainstream Japanese music scene), but breaking Ayu’s record is only adding fuel to the debate about idol marketing in relation to music charts (Which are used to gauge popularity and interest from the general public) especially given how Ayu got her sales (And the history behind it) vs how AKB48 got their sales because AKB48 breaking Ayu’s record implies that they have made an extraordinary impact on the music industry comparable to Ayu when they really haven’t outside of their idol niche/subculture.

    • Mr.Taxi™

      Poor ayuma

    • annie

      no one is checking for them — everyone’s paying attention to the 46 groups
      how are they selling 1 million in their first week lol

    • I’m no fan of Ayu but I fear that this news will make her even more unwilling to stop releasing music and performing at live concerts and further endangered her hearing…

      • circe154

        She just released a new song today.

    • yacchaitai

      But everyone and their grandma knows they got to the top with gimmicks so nobody is really impressed, without event tickets their single sales drop 80%.

      • Back when SoundScan was legit, it was more like a 90% drop.

    • HyperMoot .

      Congrats to Anna, Kate and Barbie

    • angel223_

      Ugh… This was 1 vs 48something people..
      I feel sorry for Ayumi tho.

    • Guest

      Good clickbait article Arama, nice job

    • Sealybean

      1) Bad comparison. Ayu made most of her sales during the late 1990s and early 2000 where cd sales were still high and akb started in the late 2000 where cd sales in Japan are on a decline so to put their sales side by side to compare their worth doesn’t mean anything honestly.

      2) I’m not a fan of 48/46 groups but its just funny how ppl are dissing them for what I actually find to be pretty clever marketing tactics. Though I do admit it may not contribute to motivate artist to make good music to some extend, but I still feel artists that make good music in Japan still get the recognition they deserve though not really the attention. (And if you want to diss then it’s not only just a 48/46 grp problem, those who top oricon charts are usually idol groups anyway like johnnys who, admit it provide a lot of fan service though in a different way).

      3) Digital Sales don’t contribute to the money making, CD sales does, at least in japan. So unless there is a shift in culture allowing digital sales to make more money than CD sales or else I do not think oricon has to factor digital sales in any time soon.

    • HyperMoot .

      That could be good news for the industry for commercial purposes. There are big markets ahead, China, Indonesia, India with masses ready to consume cheerful tunes while buying cans in the supermarket with instant viewing of colourful kawaiiii grrrrls. Who such crowds are going to listen to? Once legendary Ayu? Still legendary but stuck in her Japanese minuscule corner Utada Hikaru? Post Olympics Shiina Ringo (Rryngou who? <=strong Iranian accent)? Not even Arasheet. Ad: "biggest selling act in Japan…buy, buy, buy". Problem: the executives of most J companies don't have a business edge and when they're out of crack, they seldom open geography books to realize there's a whole world beyond Japan. No push on digital, little streaming, region blocking and tutti quanti. Therefore AKB48 'achievement' is yet another insignificant insular event. And as someone put it even Japanese grandmas know that in Japan they never had the impact of ayu or a few others.

      • For

        Honestly I don’t understand your rants nor do I care much. It must be the language or mish mash of irrelevant infos altogether but this?:

        “Not even Arasheet. Ad: “biggest selling act in Japan…buy, buy, buy”.

    • I want to be relevant :(


    • Kanjo Maru

      I’m not a hater and I don’t put down groups for having “too many members” but one thing I do think a lot of people miss out on is that AKB hasn’t released a single by themselves since something like 2008. SKE, NMB, HKT, NGT, STU are mining colonies. All participate. They use the girls and their promotion to funnel fans and funds through AKB releases.

      Forget the gimmicks like handshakes with all 350 girls (now, it certainly wasn’t always that big) and picture an artist breaking the top three selling of all time but 90% of their sales came from releases with up to 5 featured artists.

    • Asia Thompson

      Can someone please explain this to me, seriously? Their fanbase is a niche with mostly otaku/wota, right? I just don’t understand how otaku come up with so much money to support AKB48 this far. If otaku are mostly shut-ins having little social life and poor social skills, then how do they hold regular jobs to buy copies or multiple copies of overpriced single CDs? I’m starting to think otaku/wota have a serious delusional and obsessive problem… They could have inherited money from family or somewhere, but a person would think they’d be wiser than to waste it on multiple copies of useless CDs. Do they ask their families or assumed friends for money? Where do they get this kind of money to waste?

      I used to like AKB48 so much, but many interesting members left and their music has gotten dull and boring lately. Now, AKB48 has made it so far in Japan’s industry… it’s like they don’t even try to stand out anymore. Imo, AKB48’s last solid single was “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” released in 2015. The only 48 groups I still actually care for is HKT, NMB, and Nogizaka46. I don’t even care for AKB48 anymore and I adore idol groups.

      • Diego

        I wonder the same thing! Are most wotas CEOs of multinational companies? If not, where do they get the money to buy 100 copies of a single? It’s sad to see them buying so many singles regardless the quality of the music.

        I used to love AKB48 too but I have lost interest after almost every member from 1st to 7th generation left and their music started to become boring and repetitive. Another reason was the spread of teams and sister groups. What was the point in creating Team 8, NGT48 and STU48? I don’t like that “quantity over quality” mentality their management has.

      • circe154

        IT workers living in dumpy apartments with no family obligations have a lot to blow on their hobbies. You see it in western fandoms too.

        • eternal_sky

          So they keep all the CDs? Or they throw it away? I mean, they have to buy a storage place to keep all those CDs.

          This is scary how they just throw their money on something totally and utterly useless. The girls are not gonna marry them anyway or take notice of them beyond the handshake events.

    • lymli

      mmm… ayumi hamasaki is still the number one, how can they compare akb48millionrandom members to one single person? ayumi vs 1000000000000random akb isn’t fair

    • lymli

      all the girls from akb48 are disposable, they can’t have career and nothing by themselves, ayumi hamasaki sold 50 millions by herself, no need of being in a girl group, even namie had to be in monkeys, but ayumi is all by herself

      • Ntouch

        Pfft Ayumi had investors to promote her heavily no different than AKB48.

        • isanta

          is it though? Investing in Ayumi is investing in a person while investing in AKB is like investing in a concept.

          • Ntouch

            Don’t be ignorant. Look at vanilla ice in the 90s. The man was a product no different than any artist like Ayu.

    • Dalooshe

      Truly end of an era..

    • Liz “Lizzy” Colton

      I’m a HUGE Ayu fan and I don’t really have much of an opinion of AKB48, but I really don’t care too much about this. I’m not really gonna begrudge how AKB got their sales. As an outsider looking in, it was kinda astonishing watching this huge group almost suddenly get millions in sales one single after another. Yeah, the reason they were able to accomplish it was VERY gimmicky, but I’m not gonna judge on how people choose to spend their money. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? To me, this doesn’t really change much. Ayu is still Ayu no matter if she has a record or not. She’s still the highest selling Japanese soloist and I honestly don’t think that’s going to change for a very, very long time because he next soloist is pretty far behind and we all know that CD sales aren’t what they used to be for everyone, AKB aside. She lost a title, be that doesn’t take away everything she accomplished or may continue to accomplish. So, good for AKB48! And keep doing your thing, Ayu.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      I am SO sorry maybe it’s because I am a hardcore Ayu fan (listening to A BEST 2 -BLACK as I type this) but the comparisons are ridiculous. It is like comparing apples and oranges. Ayu is one single artist who has written almost all of her own songs, not to mention that she was UNTOUCHABLE during her prime. It is most likely learning about Ayu and her legacy that those girls learned about the entertainment world and what it takes to make it in the industry and follow their dreams. They should go to each of those girls, interview them and ask them which artist would you say has made a lasting and huge impact on the Japanese pop music scene? I can guarantee you Ayu will be an answer (besides others but of course not as impactful) out of those girls lips. BTW I am not looking to start a fight but facts are facts. Yes Ayu is not who she was back then but legends are legends. We can say the same thing about Madonna, Mariah Carey etc. but can anyone argue their legacy? Well Ayu is at their same level just in Japan (and not even since she was also famous in other parts of Asia and other parts of the world). I won’t bother replying to anyone silly or looking to start a fight. Facts are facts.

    • IRI

      congrats for selling 50 million handshake ticket

      • Ntouch

        50 million worth of entertained fans ;)

    • Ntouch

      Good for them. There are 48+ girls in the group that needs to get paid so divide all the revenue they earn for a decent living. Power by numbers haters.

      • vorpax

        Most of these girls get chump change, just enough to pay the rent. Let’s be real here, their management/label gets the large chunk.

        • Ntouch

          That’s why I find it kind of foolish for people to criticize of how they do business with the handshakes and meets to boost sales. Like who cares. Fans are happy and the girls need to live and eat.

    • lovehello

      AKB48’s inflated sales don’t count. I love them and all, but even I can see their sales are bullshit.

      I never take 48g/46g salea seriously. It’s too ridiculous, it’s just sad.

    • lolipopo

      The fumes in the comment section asdfklgfkh

    • Just Tim

      Even though I am leaning towards AKB48 by default due to the fact I don’t recall Ayumi Hamasaki, having a US tour during the early 2Ks (read: her career peak) and not to mention how her record label AVEX drove Konami BROKE via being the lion’s share source of licensed songs in IIDX (hence, IIDX drove Konami BROKE), I cannot deny how much of a marketing genius Yasushi Akimoto is, hence the tactics we recognize.

      Mind you, I first heard of AKB48 back in 2010, when they were the guests of honor at Anime Expo 2010.

      I speak as a non-hipster listener of Japanese music with healthy appreciation of the medium.

      • Ntouch

        Records are just meant to be broken.

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    • Ringo
    • Vincent D’onofrio

      Heureusement que la quantité ne fait pas la qualité :).