Maki Horikita and Koji Yamamoto got married!

Today, it has been reported that actress Maki Horikita (26) and actor Koji Yamamoto (38) got married and are now living together after only 2 months of dating!

The two of them got to know each other 6 years ago, when they both played roles in Fuji TV’s Tuesday 9 PM drama “Atashinchi no Danshi”.

This May, they performed as a couple in the Japanese version of famous stage play “Wuthering Heights” (Arashigaoka) and fell in love.

According to staff, they started dating in June and have been living together since early August. Today, they registered their marriage at the metropolian ward office through an attorney. This has been confirmed by their respective agencies.

We here at Arama! Japan wish them the best on their wedding day.

(via Yahoo Headlines)

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    • Taima-kun

      the shock factor of this news is no joke LOL
      RIP ShoMaki

      • RIP Yamaki

        • horikitty

          Yamaki died after the horrendous Kurosagi.

          • Hermione48fan

            Kurosagi was awesome (except for the romance thing that didn´t develop enough).

            • Reileen

              I liked her in Kurosagi, although I didn’t really get the point of her character in it, except to give a false hope on romance and ride on the Nobuta tandem. Kurosagi was clearly just a Yamapi show.

            • Oldlady

              The drama was very good. I didn’t like film because there was not interaction between Kurosaki and Tsurara.

      • horikitty

        ShoMaki shall live on in AU fanfiction

    • Reileen

      This is just so..sudden!
      Congrats Maki!!

      • ikr. Just when we were talking about Nobuta LOL

    • lulude

      I was expecting her to end up with Mukai tho… this is really surprising

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        isn’t Mukai already married…?

        • _yatta_


      • horikitty

        Mukai? Lol. He married a co-star and is expecting a child. Maki never had a chance.

        • lulude

          Omg I didnt know about that… thought he was still single :o

          • crazy mouse

            plus the costar he got married to is far prettier than maki. and a better actress than her imo

    • Kyasha

      I literally widened my eyes and squeaked “You’ve gotta be kidding me!!”
      It’s just so random and out of the blue

      • eiffel


    • light

      2 months of dating??they really didn’t lose time lol
      Please don’t forget about that beautiful date at the gay bar Maki!

      • horikitty

        But they’ve known each other for quite awhile.

        Congrats Maki! I will always remember that legendary gay bar date.

        • light

          Maybe they dated longer than what the staff said, 2 months is really too little time

      • uza

        she’s probably pregnant

    • _yatta_

      oh mai gaaaat omedetooooo……..

    • yukata74

      ok… i’m shock but however congrats maki & yamamoto. can’t believe the man who married maki is a man who acted as the assistant of her father in atashinchi no danshi :D

      • eiffel

        oh…well Thank you for the spoiler ^.^

    • you

      I can hear all Yamaki shipper heart broken.
      Sorry Maki like older guy better XD

      • eruki

        Me lol

      • taiyou

        How long is nobuta and kurosagi? Well, Yamapi is player though lol i guess i’ll support her choice :)

        • gaga

          10 years ago for Nobuta and 7 years ago for Kurosagi movie. How nostalgic w

        • guest0

          Its amazing how Yamaki shipper still exist around after 10 years long and that Yamapi changes girls few times.

      • lufie

        My high school ship.. haha

    • My ShoMaki feelings…

    • Nina Dunlop

      D: huh …. first of all, congrats to the couple! And even tho they dated for only 2 months they knew each other for a long time so yay!

    • yixan

      I don’t know what’s more shocking – this news or his fringe.
      Nonetheless, congrats!

    • Cathy

      Did not see this coming! They were a funny couple in Wagaya no Rekishi. Congrats Maki :)

    • Dalooshe

      For some reason I never got on the whole maki hype thing but if they’re both on the same page then good for them!

    • meloindex

      let me gather my shattered heart pieces XD

    • sumomona

      WOW unexpected! love the two of them but have never thought of them together lmao congrats!!

    • lufie


    • gaga

      Suprising news..

    • One of them is pregnant. My bets are on Koji Yamamoto.

      • crazy mouse

        i was thinking the same thing. that maki is pregnant. not koji . lol

    • Audree Medina

      Yamaki…. This is heartbreaking.. I can’t take this..

      • Oldlady

        Maybe finally we’ll see them together in a drama o film.

    • ShoMaki ship died…

    • yahyajani


    • yahyajani

      i’m glad to see a young actress getting married.

    • yahyajani

      lets married in young age ^_^

    • Alexio Max

      Oh maki. Congratulation. Be happy :) this news similar with when keiko-daigo happening.. poor yamapi LOL

    • guest

      I’m always though that she will get married with any one of the johnny’s.. lol..

    • kiyomi

      poor shingo, he lost both koji and alisa this year
      that sanma smap episode where koji kept on proclaiming his love for shingo was epic

      • gerorin

        This was my first thought, too “but what about Katori? Yamamoto, you player!” XD

    • Mayura

      This is unexpected but I suppose that as long as both of them are happy, it’s fine. Congrats to the both of them! (^_^)

    • Hozrien

      It’s surprising but congrats to her at least!

    • nothingsover

      That’s so wonderful! Congratulations to the two of them <3

    • Guest

      She is pregnant
      I know they are saying she’s not but remember Koda Kumi? The agency kept saying it wasn’t a shotgun wedding and suddenly…. surprise news!

      • But Maki is strict and traditional, I guess XD. Well, we can wait in more 2 months. Everything will be clear.

    • expired love potion

      congratulations to makiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~~~~~ i didn’t expect this. probably they have been dating longer than that. i doubt maki is the type to get married in 2 months

    • Joy

      Congrats Maki and Yamamoto Koji san

    • PunkyPrincess92


    • Hrktmk

      Guess she’s pregnant

    • guest0

      Omedetou Maki and Yamamoto-san

    • me

      omedetou to both!

    • Jo

      I’ve been through Shota Sometani and Rinko Kikuchi marriage, nothing can be more shocking.
      Congrats to the lovely couple!

      • Mela

        the more shocking news is Yamamoto’s story about his 6 year unrequited love

    • Damn I’ve watched that drama ages ago and I don’t have a clue on who that guy is.
      I was never a Maki fan but my first jdrama steps involved her heavily, I’m happy for her!

    • yamakita

      . . .

      I guess I should change my handle now…

      • muhahahah

        well she did marry yama…moto.

    • this is sudden, i bet she’s pregnant.


      Omg, this is a shocker for me. Well, wish them the happiness!

    • hito

      don’t be sad, yamaki can mean ‘yama’moto + maki too : P

    • Nikki ok

      call me delusional but I really thought she’d end up with kame or yamapi lol

    • ocgoodtimes

      I say knocked up. If she suddenly announces that she’s pregnant then they’re banking that fewer people are going to do the math, count back 40 weeks and then figure out that they registered their marriage after the conception date. Guess time will tell…

    • Guys, your comments just got translated and featured as “western netizen comments” on a Japanese site!

      • me2

        lol never knew japan netizen stalking foreign fandom too XD

    • fideldesu

      I just cant believe it, I always thought that she will married with one of the johnnys. Been a fan of her since nobuta.

    • oshiawaseni

      I just watched the interview with Yamamoto Koji on Tokudane this morning, they never dated — he just harbored feelings for her since 2009/after Atashinchi no Danshi. It was a very telling interview, but TL;DR: Maki caved in to his persistence (and his sincerity, I believe, as shown by his around 40 love letters addressed to her) that’s why when he asked her to marry him (without dating), she said yes.

      I remember Maki was quoted as saying before that she was willing to go through an arranged marriage. Plus she also wanted kids/be married when she’s around 28 years old. It all falls into her life plan.

      I hope for their happiness :D As a Maki fan, as long as she’s happy, then I’m happy for her.

      • Guest


      • Han Mie

        Thank you so much for informing about that. I am really happy hearing that Yamamoto Koji has been keeping his feeling towards her for such a long time. Frankly, it is not feeling strange if she suddenly marries someone else (other than yamapi n sho). However, I never expect Yamamoto Koji. Fate sure tied both of them .

        Knowing the man’s sincerity on writing 40 love letters sure moving me as well. I would accept the man just like that too if he loves me for a long time. I doubt about pregnancy too and I agree with you.

        Wishing all the best for Yamamoto Koji and Horikita Maki. By the way, they are Yamaki too. hahahahha…..

      • Guest

        Yamamoto and his pro-activeness. Thumbs up for him, got him a wife and shingo’s phone number.

    • I literally said OMG! out loud! Didn’t expect this at all! But hey, I’m not mad. Good for her. And him I guess.
      RIP Yamaki
      RIP Shomaki

    • me2

      Oh. suprised with still many yamaki ship, despite yamaki never real since begining and been years since they worked together. I understand if it was keiko/yamapi, they were dated for real, at least for a while. I know keiko with daigo now XD

      Anyway, congrat maki and yamamoto koji.

      • Oldlady

        Are you sure? Maybe Maki dated Yamapi but she covered it wery well as usual…

      • Oldlady

        Are you sure? Maybe Maki dated Yamapi but she covered it very well as usual…

    • K


      (still has this effect even after reading it on maikuku when this first broke out…)

    • bluehearts

      Seriously shocked (and heartbroken knowing Yamaki is truly impossible now. Give us a drama at least!)….when I read this.

      Then I read about Yamamoto’s interview and even more shocked and confused…I can understand Maki being touched but marrying him without dating him? Especially when it sounds like she’s not all that into him since the beginning. Maki doesn’t seem like the spontaneous type so this is really weird LOL

      Still congratulations Maki!! Wish you happiness!

      • Han Mie

        bluehearts….I miss you!!! Gosh, are you still shipping Yamaki?

        • bluehearts

          Hi!! Surprised you remember me, it’s been a long time I was active.

          Yes, I still ship Yamaki but not like before, more like passively shipping them, if that even makes sense LOL

          • Han Mie

            hahhahah….Of course I remember you since you are yamaki fan as well.

            By the way, have you read unleashgeek blogspot. It seemed that Maki just broke up with someone this spring due to different opinion on marriage. It was stated in news. That sure surprise me. If let say that one is true, I wonder who was the person.

    • mmm…

      This now is creepy… before the interview no, but now… I would had call the police long time ago if I were she…

    • kashiyuka

      wth is this, c’mon!! I feel like this sudden happening will impact her popularity as well

    • okawa rio

      oh god WHYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sasori-chan

      This story is pretty weird… but whatever. Congrats…?

    • Diediey

      but congrats anyway~

    • gerorin

      Yamamoto seems like a nice dude, good for them. Congrats. Well done on not actually ending up with dead fish eye, girl.

    • mika

      don’t any of you fanboys want her for yourself? rip yamaki? fuck you. she ought to divorce him right now