Mackenyu announces name change and agency transfer

Via his official Twitter account earlier this week, actor Mackenyu announced that he has changed his stage name and transferred to a new agency.

Mackenyu will go by the stage name Mackenyu Arata and is joining the talent agency Top Coat, which manages other top name actors such as Yoshino Kimura, Nozomi Sasaki, An, Tomoya Nakamura, Toori Matsuzaka and Masaki Suda.

At this time, I have transferred to Top Coat. Additionally, I have also changed my name to Mackenyu Arata (Arata Makkenyuu). From now on, best regards—Mackenyu Arata,” he wrote.

He previously worked for the talent agency Asai Kikaku.

Mackenyu will appear in the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising movie, Peach Girl, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is unbreakable.

(via Oricon)

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    • Matcha

      OT: Can someone translate this?
      Those old Japanese hags seem to be attacking Anna again! -_-

      • PigeonPop

        Eh. For once they have a pretty valid reason to do so–basically Anna mentioned on Downtownthat she throws away school and medical newsletters (from the hospital they are registered at) immediately regardless of how important its content are. She also mentioned that she “doesn’t understand them.”

        She’s probably just playing up her bold and carefree persona for TV, but this is frankly a bit cringeworthy regardless.

    • eplizo

      I expected this to get posted earlier lol. The name change seems kinda unnecessary from my point of view imo, but w/e.

    • Jm

      His name is very unique in my opinion,I prefer just mackenyu,but whatever he is still extremely goodlooking…

    • Okay, I guess.

    • nonnonanon

      Ppl will still just identify you by Mackenyu anyways so why bother…

    • Ronniefer


    • PigeonPop

      The name change isn’t as important as it is the fact that he’s switching to Top Coat which is a smaller, more-focused jimusho that has a strong lineup of actors as noted in the article. It’s not that Asai Kikaku has no industry weight (it’s where Sonny Chiba is affiliated with when working in Japan so that’s probably why Mackenyu was there in the first place), but this is a jimusho that is more experienced in grooming comedians and TV tarento e.g., Kinichi Hagimoto, Tsutomu Sekine and Mari Sekine, Kazuki Kosakai, Kyaeen. Actors, not so much, so this is a good move.

      • HoneyDew

        He should have joined Amuse Inc .. I like all the actors belonging to this agency..
        His real name Maeda Mackenyu also looks cool…

    • Dalooshe

      In this case I would love to see a collabo with Suda Masaki :)))
      But about changing names, perhaps he felt too comfortable with his Chihayafuru live action’s ‘Arata’ character that he wanted a fresh start with the name..? Either way good luck to him!

    • bailey darbii

      i feel for him. very handsome but awkward in interviews? he needs to learn how to catch ppl’s attn. he seems reserved.

    • hhhh

      I was hoping he’d change the spelling of his name, which is ugly to look at in the same way as names like “Jaxxyn” and “Tailyr”, but here we are.

    • billy

      I have been looking for new about this guy. just watched him in the fourth episode of Bokutachi ga yarimashita and I thought he’d be more popular. He gave a stellar performance in his crying, I can hardly ever stand men crying in movies but his performance was touching and he is so freaking hot and handsome quite frankly I find him more attractive than most actors of his generation but maybe he needs to be skinnier to appeal to Japanese audiences? He is much more manly than most jactors of this generation, maybe he’d do better in korea?? Either way, hope to see way more of him, he’s drop dead gorgeous in Bokutachi ga yarimashita

      • Elodie Genia

        oguri shun ? Skinnier ? ^^