Ken Watabe & Nozomi Sasaki Announce Marriage

On April 9’s live episode of “Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo SP”, Ken Watabe from comedy duo Unjash announced his plan to wed Nozomi Sasaki.

Sasaki also joined in on the conversation through telephone.  When asked by Ryuucheru what his marriage proposal was, Watabe replied, “Since there is an age gap between us, I said, ‘I promise to live long, so please marry me.'”  Sasaki is 29 and Watabe is 44.

After the show aired, Watabe and Sasaki shared a joint comment via fax from their agencies: “We decided to take this step because want to continue walking down this path together, by laughing over small things and supporting each other when we are down.  Although we are still new to this, we hope to work together and create a household that is filled with joyful laughter.”


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    • Taima-kun

      his proposal was really sweet
      congratulations to you two!

    • m

      people are so depressing sometimes judging them. sure, the age difference is big but it’s not like they’re 21 and 44.

    • Matcha

      That huge ass age difference is becoming the norm now, like wtf….

      • verynofun

        My take is that men around her age are either too poor, too immature, too insecure, or just don’t want to get married “yet”/”ever”. Still, this abundance of huge age gap celeb marriages makes me think the Christmas cake attitude is still rampant, so they smack of desperation on the woman’s part!

        • xmas

          Excuse me, but what does this mean? “make me think the Christmas cake attitude is still rampant so they smack of desperation on the woman’s part!”? my english is not that good and i don’t celebrate Christmas so…???

          • verynofun

            The Christmas cake attitude is the idea that women lose value after a certain time (like how Christmas cakes get reduced in price after Christmas). The “best before” date on women in Japan is 30 years old, so we see a lot of women suddenly getting married just before or just after 30, even if to someone seemingly random lol It’s quite a rude comment for me to make, but it fits the stereotype!

    • Horikitty

      Rather than looks, I think the marriage will last longer if the household is full of laughters.

      Women do love men who can make them laugh all the time rather than worry about their affair all the time… (Yes Oguri, I’m referring to you…)

      • Mayura

        Oguri Shun is having affairs?!?!?!?!?!

        • vragile

          he’s notorious for being a playboy, well before he even married yamada yu
          not saying he’s justified, but girl knew what she was getting into

    • Man, that age difference, I sure could not. But in any case!
      Congrats to them both! Didn’t know they were together.

    • 22Nation

      Watabe Ken has always been one of my favorite comedians, he’s witty and never takes a joke too far… I always assumed he would marry some beautiful model and turns out I was right. Lol

      Sasaki Nozomi on the other hand, has always been kinda scary to me (I still love her tough), and since I follow her on Instagram I noticed that she seems super happy lately, like she was glowing.

      When I heard the news that she was getting married I wasn’t surprised, but the paring was unexpected. They look like a cute couple, an by the way he proposed they both seem to be totally aware of their age difference but decided to continue with the relationship nonetheless, I respect that. And besides, they are both grownups, let them be.

      Congrats to the couple!

      • sam

        ‘Sasaki Nozomi on the other hand, has always been kinda scary to me’

        rumor is that sasaki used to be a yenkee girl before entering modeling showbiz

        • Nif

          After too. It is said that she used to be harsh to other models, even beated them up.

          • yankee<3

            She’s bff with Yukina Kinoshito who was also a yankee.

      • Mayura

        Same. Watabe Ken is one of the comedians I like most too. He always has restraint and doesn’t really go to the point of insulting people as a joke.

        p.s. He doesn’t look *that* old and they both look pretty nice together. <3

    • kimbailey

      I saw the video on yt super cute. omg they seem sweet.

    • Lady Sara

      Unexpected couple but Congrats ❤❤

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Very cute couple! She is very pretty ^_^. Congrats!!! :D

    • Missa

      If they’re happy then that’s what matters. Congrats to them!

    • merollup

      CONGRATS FOR BOTH OF THEM! what an unexpected pair, but I hope their marriage long last!

      anyway, we heard a lot of marriage news from beautiful actresses since last year, like Keiko Kitagawa, Nana Eikura, Maki Horikita, and now Nozomi Sasaki. Fun fact, some of them were GF of JE artists. I guess JE artists are not considerable as husband and the girls prefer husband who loves and treasures them!

    • Karen Khoo

      They look so cute together! Omedetou~