Kana Nishino announces her biggest tour yet in Japan

This past Wednesday (March 2nd), singer Kana Nishino announced that she will be doing an arena tour across Japan later this year.

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Nishino announced the new tour on the first day of her current tour, The Secret Nishino Party 2016, which kicked off at Zepp Fukuoka on Wednesday and will take the singer to three other locations later this month. The cross-country arena tour to take place later this year, will start at Hokkaido Kitaeru arena on August 6th and will finish up at Saitama Super Arena on November 27th, holding a total of 23 performances in 12 different locations.

There will be a drawing for pre-reserved special tickets starting from noon March 15th via Nishino’s official fan club, “Nishinoke.”

Nishino’s songs have exceeded a total of 50 million downloads, and her single “Torisetsu” (English: “instruction manual”) recently won Song of the Year by Download for Japanese artists at The 30th Japan Gold Disc Awards. This national arena tour will become her biggest tour to date and critics expect this to launch her career even further.

Kana Nishino National Arena Tour (official tour name TBA)

August 6th 2016 (Sat.) Hokkaido – Hokkaido Kitaeru
August 7th 2016 (Sun.) Hokkaido – Hokkaido Kitaeru
August 13th 2016 (Sat.) Marine Messe Fukuoka
August 14th 2016 (Sun.) Marine Messe Fukuoka
August 17th 2016 (Wed.) Nagoya – Nippon Gaishi Hall
August 18th 2016 (Thurs.) Nagoya – Nippon Gaishi Hall
August 20th 2016 (Sat.) Kobe World Memorial Hall
August 21st 2016 (Sun.) Kobe World Memorial Hall
August 27th 2016 (Sat.) Shizuoka ECOPA Arena
August 28th 2016 (Sun.) Shizuoka ECOPA Arena
September 3rd 2016 (Sat.) Asty Tokushima
September 4th 2016 (Sun.) Asty Tokushima
September 10th 2016 (Sat.) Sun Dome Fukui
September 11th 2016 (Sun.) Sun Dome Fukui
September 17th 2016 (Sat.) Mie Sun Arena
September 18th 2016 (Sun.) Mie Sun Arena
September 22nd 2016 (Thurs.,  holiday) Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena
October 25th 2016 (Tues.) Osaka-jo Hall
October 26th 2016 (Wed.) Osaka-jo Hall
November 5th 2016 (Sat.) Hiroshima Green Arena
November 6th 2016 (Sun.) Hiroshima Green Arena
November 26th 2016 (Sat.) Saitama Super Arena
November 27th 2016 (Sun.) Saitama Super Arena

Reserved seats:¥7,200 (tax incl.)
*For arenas with standing option only – Standing: ¥6,700 (tax incl.)
*Preschool children refused entry/Elementary students must be accompanied by a guardian – charges applied
*Up to 4 tickets can be purchased per person for each concert

Kana Nishino Official Fan Club “Nishinoke” Pre-reserved Special Ticket Reception
Reception period held between March 15th (Tues.) 12:00PM to March 28th (Tues.) 6:00PM JST
*Must join by March 14th (Monday) 6:00PM JST in order to participate

Kana Nishino announces biggest tour yet in Japan 20160302

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    • And I agree with those critics. Now that even Namie Amuro is declining in sales, this is her best shot at becoming the next #1 J-Pop female soloist. Hopefully Sony will invest a little more in the production of her music too.

    • Ryusei

      That probably means a new single coming soon? I guess at least that. She usually releases her albums in november so no album coming probably. I thought she was at a point of decline after namidairo but Darling was a huge hit and now Torisetsu is even bigger in terms of sales at least.

      • yacchaitai

        Moshimo was also popular

    • H

      I’m surprised she’s doing this now instead of at her peak in 2010-2011.

      • Ryusei

        Torisetsu is her 5th best selling single physically. The song is still in the top 10 or very close to it on itunes and recochoku. Darling was a big hit too, i think she has more public recognition now that she’s had hits continuously rather than back when she sold the most albums

    • ulalala

      50 million downloads?
      why it isn’t on riaj?
      same as utada hikaru and her 8 million of flavour of love
      it’s strange

      • Ryusei

        50 million total out of all her songs not just one lol

        • ulalala

          i know lol
          but riaj counts only 1 million of flavour in love not all 8. why?

          • Ryusei

            Cause most of it is ringtone downloads not full song downloads according to the generasia article. Back then chaku uta was a lot bigger than it is now i guess

    • hyeri’s forehead

      im a broke bitter hoe cuz im too poor to fly to mainland to go to concerts