KANA-BOON Bassist Yuuma Meshida apologizes for having an affair with Fumika Shimizu

A week ago, the sudden announcement of the actress Fumika Shimizu (22) retiring from the entertainment industry in order to devote herself to Happy Science has surprised the Japanese netizens as well as the Japanese entertainment enthusiasts. Today, another surprising news regarding this recently controversial actress has surfaced and this involves KANA-BOON‘s bassist, Yuuma Meshida.


Last February 17, Fumika Shimizu has released a new book entitled “Zenbu, Icchau Ne.” (Lit. I will tell everything). She has revealed a catastrophe with a former lover in her book: “I also forgot that the person I love has been the source of this trouble.” Today, February 21, the former lover which has been revealed as KANA-BOON’s Yuuma Meshida has admitted the illicit love affair with the former actress and has issued an apology by sending a fax to his agency:

I, Yuuma Meshida, KANA-BOON’s bassist, has concealed my marriage and had a relationship with Fumika Shimizu.

In April 2014, I, along with my current wife who is an ordinary person, have registered our marriage. However, I have concealed our marriage and started dating Shimizu since June 2015. In September 2015, I have revealed to Shimizu that I am a married man and apologized, but I couldn’t stop my feelings towards Shimizu and we continued our relationship until January 2016 while I was implying to my wife about the plans of divorce. 

It is a fact that I have hurt both Shimizu and my wife, and I am deeply reflecting about the things I have done. 

In addition, my wife and I have solved this issue regarding Shimizu and I have sincerely apologized to her as well to her parents.

I would like to apologize to Shimizu and to everyone who has been affected of this illicit relationship and my behavior.

To all my fans who continue to cheer for me, I am terribly sorry for the chaos I have caused. 

February 21, 2017

KANA-BOON (Yuuma Meshida)

Source: Oricon

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    • Goi

      My feed of Twitter was full of people talking about this but since i don’t understand Japanese i had no idea what was going on lol
      Anyway that was totally unexpected LOL, honestly looking at this as well as Enon stories, it really makes me wonder how many bands members are actually already married or in a relationship LOL, like i support all these bands and i would never tell they’re married and when this kind of affairs get exposed it’s really shocking to me lol.

      • Nemo

        I know, I was watching videos on youtube and I didn’t understand anything.

    • nonnonanon
    • light

      Someone didn’t learn from the Becky/Enon fiasco.
      This whole Shimizu story is so weird….

    • light

      I wrote at first that they didn’t learn from the whole Becky/Enon fiasco before i realized that the period was the same.
      The whole timing of the revelation of this affair and her retirement for that cult is weird…

    • hasawa

      Why did he feel like apologizing to Shimizu ? She was an acomplice in this affair ; she knew he was married yet decided to pursue the ‘illicit relationship’. If there’s someone he should care about forgiving him is his wife (and her family).

      • geh

        The translation of the letter was not clear enough it seems. The kanaboon guy said he duped Fumika to stay with him by convincing her, he’s ending his marriage or implied he had a horrible relationship with his wife. Not saying Fumika is innocent but the dude should apologize for playing her like that. He’s the one who made her to be the other women.

      • Hermione48fan

        From what I understood, he tried to be with Shimizu and divorce his wife but in the end they couldn´t work out the things with Shimizu and ended up hurting both wife and Shimizu.
        Yes, Shimizu is not a victim but we don´t know what happened, he basically lied to Shimizu that he was single between june-september, so yes, she was hurt by this and well both acted bad,specially him, he is an asshole.

    • Gomen NASAi


    • Ryusei

      What a M E S S

    • pondloso

      is that hair style really popular whit girls…?

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        LOL I honestly don’t get that hairstyle XD or the sonic the hedgehog one either…

    • Lady Sara


    • What


    • shirogane

      lmaoooooo happy science says all these shit about the agency and but it seems like this girl is pretty messed up too

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      *sigh* putas putas everywhere, male or female, celebrity or non-celebrity, married not married etc. Like does nobody respect marriage anymore? Am I too old fashioned?

    • ae_abercrombie

      What it looks like to me was that she felt guilty about having an affair with a married man, so she left before it became a shit storm. This is really unbelievable. Men who do this to their wives are cowards. I understand that sometimes a wife can do this too, but someone, him or her, should’ve been the bigger person and said that something was wrong in their marriage. Stop stringing each other along and talk it out like adults. How in the world can you even carry on a relationship with a married man?????? Trash. Both of them.

    • jae

      mushroom brothers enon and yuuma are birds of a feather. (these women have questionable taste in men, idgi).

      • Goi

        I wouldn’t say they have questionable tastes in men, as i girl i have to say both Enon and Yuuma have their own charms and i wouldn’t mind dating them lol beauty is in the eye of the beholder afterall

      • Yuuki_MatsuMiya

        they both were in the Industry and she didn’t know he was married at first!!! Geez!!! All my Idols might be secretly married by this rate!!!

        • Our idols may not be innocent 😭

          • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

            They aren’t… it’s not a ‘may not be’ haha.

            • Ok 🤐 Sorry and thanks for the correction💐

    • I don’t even know what to say anymore.

    • g

      Mushroom hairstyle should be banned. Not enough air reaches the brain.

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        I think rather, that the mushroom grows from the decay of their brains.

    • yamakita

      I really thought it was two girls based on the photos…

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        lmao same, for a moment I was confused

    • Deedee

      I think I will go to support Shimizu and the man. Because she is simply human being, everyone can make mistakes. no one perfect. Like, you know that smoking can accuse illness you still did it anyway. and considering the possiblity of situation that covered up behind the story,after all, I didn’t blame anyone.

    • Interesting timing there…

    • hhhh

      Between the affair and the (ridiculous) cult it sounds like this girl must be really easy to manipulate. Makes you feel quite bad for her.

    • Nemo

      I think we shouldn’t comment about the private life of someone who we don’t even know. Everyone should just shut up, he must have his own reasons.