Johnny & Associates lifts ban on online images

On January 31, Nishikido Ryo attended a press conference for his new movie “Hitsuji no Ki” directed by Yoshida Daihachi, to talk about well, the movie.  The presscon was hosted by The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) and appropriately, Nishikido gave greetings in fluent English.

The bigger news though is that Johnnys & Associates is lifting some restrictions on the use of images of its talent on online media. Prior to this, Johnnys have restricted the use of their talents’ images and limited it to newspapers and magazines. For purposes of press conferences, interviews and stage greetings, images of Johnnys can now be used for online news sites.

Pictures from Nishikido’s latest press conference is the first to be lifted for online news media. Several news sites and related twitter accounts have started uploading images since the lifting of the ban. As such, have some HD Ryo-face below.

(via Modelpress 1, Modelpress 2 )

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    • orchis

      Oh my god… does that mean they’ll be able to get IG now? :O This is so shocking! The end of an era! :D Finally!

      • Lol

        Why they need IG tho they have jweb for that
        I bet lots of them have private IG actually.

      • Yuel

        The news came with some restrictions tho. So it won’t be that easy.

    • Lol

      Lift the ban uploading their images on jweb too please
      I wanna see lots of their selfies haha

    • SsunShine

      *bows* Thank you Johnny Grandpa 😭😭

    • Lany *~

      I woke up in the year 3018…

    • byebicycle

      this is nice and all, but wake me up when official twitter accounts are actually allowed to post pics of them on set tbh

      • monica_monami

        You probably will hv to sleep another 1000 years for that?

        • byebicycle

          rip me 😭😭😭

    • Barbara Duarte

      omg, never thought i’ve lived to see this moment TT

    • monica_monami

      Damn, he look so damn fine!

      • I’m gagging a bit to be honest…

      • Reileen

        I thought Johnnys is teasing me a lot when they decided to make Ryo the face, literally, of their new era

      • silly rabbit.

        Honestly, he’s kind of cute until he smiles and then all I can see is a gremlin staring back at me.

    • 773

      Can`t wait to face their bad skin

    • Rose

      I’m happy to hear this news. As johnnys fan, tho it’s really late but at least there’s improvement.

    • yunalesca22

      is there a video?? I want to listen to him speaking english!

    • Taima-kun

      it only took Atarashii Chizu for J&A to make such a big move
      i have to thank them for that

    • light
      Baby steps but this rule was so dumb, especially if the guy was the lead.

      • Himi Tsu

        Perfect GIF :D

      • Satowwwshi

        True. Reminds of what happened during Peach Girl’s film promotions, it looked like Mackenyu was the only male lead lol

    • Himi Tsu

      YAAAAAAY !

    • DomotoKT0721

      OMG everybody around the world can now see JE’s idols face. Hahaha. Jkjk. Thank you JE.

    • What year is it guys?……..I’m at a loss.

    • angel223_

      Apocalypse is coming…..

    • yurisakura

      This was the rule i thought was the most ridiculous so I’m glad its finally being lifted

    • AoZora

      The Japanese media was critical of this ban since long… When all the other agencies have made progress wrt social media, Johnny’s is a late bloomer… They can’t follow the old methods anymore as the jimusho’s power has greatly reduced and can’t bully anyone else like before..

    • The Pillow Book
    • ???

      Did something happen to Mary???

    • Encha277

      What will be next? They will be allowed to date? Madness!

    • guest

      2017 – CD covers in online shops
      2018 – pics on news sites

      jfc, slow the fuq down! I’m scared!

      • Reileen

        what do you think is next??

        • Lol

          Youtube acc??

        • AoZora

          Fan club membership for foreign fans without the need for local address…

        • roxie

          IG accounts!!!

          • wellwell

            IG account will be for 4018.

    • Satowwwshi

      Yasss, it was really sad seeing grey silhouettes you know. But well as the saying goes.. it’s better late than never.

      • light

        It’s not about magazine covers though, so i think the grey silhouttes will still be there.

        • Satowwwshi

          Crap.. wait so they still can’t appear on every magazine’s official instagram accounts?

          • nope

            For purposes of press conferences, interviews and stage greetings, images of Johnnys can now be used for online news sites.

            • Satowwwshi

              Well, it’s better than nothing.

        • Lol

          Dont take the job of the computer graphics artist who make their silhouettes on the mag covers please lol

    • eplizo

      Better hurry up and let them use SNS.

      • Woot

        Why they need sns if they have jweb

        • Not Polka Dot

          The keyword here is FREE. Jweb is not free. You have to pay 300yen per month just to read a word or two sentences posts from their idols and sometimes pictures which are not even taken by them.

          I understand that the agency wants to control their idols’ image but the fact is they can’t even stopped their idols from getting involved in scandals.

          • panpandaa

            that is the point, SNS is free so why would JE allow it..haha T.T

            • Not Polka Dot

              TV is also free but they keep whoring their idols on them. If you wanna whoring them out, might as well go the whole hog.

          • Lol

            Lol..i still prefer them using jweb than sns lol
            And its not pricey too
            But please let their image appear on it uncle jo

            • ???

              But sns is free! Nobody wants to pay for jshit just to get a sentence and without sns the influence you have is basically nothing
              And to be serious they get in so many scandals that they should concentrate on that

              • Lol

                I m willing to pay for my fave group blog hahahaha
                The thing is the incentive makes the talent could write with rewards whats the points if its free lol
                And hateful comments on sns thooo

                • Not Polka Dot

                  Did the agency really pay their talents for the things they wrote on their blogs though? Not all Johnny’s idols have their own blogs in Jweb.

                • ???

                  Well I’m not willing to pay for any celeb haha…
                  If it’s free more people can access to it and they can reach more people.
                  They get hateful comments on sns despite not having an account so there won’t be to much of a difference and to be serious every celeb needs to get through haters it’s not something exclusive

            • Not Polka Dot

              I can save a lot more for better things than to pay something which is not even worth the price and they can make money through ad revenues if they want it so bad.

              • Lol

                Lol its up to the fans then to pay or not…lots of fans still will to pay for the services…and they dont think its useless
                TV is free but the talents get paid there
                Johnny still dont see the advantage for the SNS for now or if it will get more revenue for them maybe
                In the end it is still business
                Dont go to their concert or buy their releases too then since its not free lol

                • Not Polka Dot

                  SNS, concerts and releases are different things all together. Concerts, CD and DVDs are the products that they sell.

                  SNSes are free marketing and one of the mediums to promote their idols. They have the alternative to use them and invest funds to other aspects within the agency like improve the quality of the PVs, their products etc but they didn’t use them because they are too old-fashioned.

                  And of course their talents get paid when they appear on television. I’m talking about the audience who don’t have to pay to watch them.

                  And if the fans had options between paid and free services, I’m sure they would prefer a free service.

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    • 俺のこと忘れちゃう

      I used to think to myself maybe Johnny’s did this on purpose because most of their “talents” aren’t THAT good looking, so Johnny was doing some self-preservation in case they got bucketloads of judgement (you know how netizens are).

      I’M HAPPY EITHER WAY! Bring on the Arashi press photos. Now.

      • Yudbros

        I think it’s a remarkable marketing ploy. You usually get to want something you don’t have right?

        Also made fans become more behave in concerts unlike the sasaengs of SK where they are always bringing around huge cameras for their fansites.

        But still I’m so happy for this development

        • 俺のこと忘れちゃう

          That’s TRUE!

          I’m over the moon that something’s changed. :D

    • Keny

      j-j-johnnys lifting photo ban? what’s next
      (youtube or sns hopefully but lets not get ahead of ourselves)

      it’s the future boiiiiiiiii

    • What

      Waiting for them to get Youtube accounts in the next 20 years

      • Lol

        Maybe the rumor that uncle jo will open youtube channels is true hmm
        I bet he will put the ads in every 5 secs in every johnnys artist youtube clips lol

    • Isabella Tejada

      Johnny-san do you have a fever? Youre doing things that you’ve never done before! Here lemme put you to bed before to start working on public YouTube accounts okay honey?

      In all seriousness I’m so happy! It was just ridiculous when they sometimes had their faces physically blurred out

    • Historia Lenz

      At last, after 10,000 years! XD

    • Kiki
    • Chloe Nyu

      Welcome to the 21st century 🎉

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I need time before I can come to terms with this… I’m still in denial…

    • TM

      There was a super blood moon yesterday…

    • katsura

      “As such, have some HD Ryo-face below”

      It’s all I want in life.

    • Yudbros

      Started fangirling for V6 and Arashi some time around 2006.

      • I’ve been waiting for since 2005… NEWS and Yamapi)

      • angel223_

        Me too, I waited decade…
        Almost a lifetime..
        For Kame..KAT-TUN

    • Reileen

      JE this ain’t finish yet until you give me HD Youtube videos!

      • AoZora


    • really?????!!!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      I really wonder if the Youtube rumor would be true. Or take a backseat with that Logan Paul stunt.

    • ryooo
    • 116FanxyZihoes


    • King of the Kats

      Well, better late than never uh! Did they realize that they are outdated? lmao

    • yamakita

      Let’s pretend J&A heard us here!

    • Jaesmeen

      Can’t believe they took this long to do it. lol . Well, at least there’s progress and a step into the right direction.

    • Banu

      But why now… they are so slow.. I like Japan and it’s shows. But come on Korea & China are killing the shows right now.. if Japan was more open am sure they got way more fans for their drama / shows and entertainment!

      Looks like they realized that now.. well better late than never!