Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki Expecting Second Child

Today, Meisa Kuroki took to Twitter to announce announce that she is currently pregnant with her second child by her husband Jin Akanishi. Meisa will soon be entering the stable period of her pregnancy. She said that she is doing well and is healthy. She thanked those around her for their support and understanding as she begins this new pregnancy.

Jin also took to Twitter, having been beaten to the punch in regards to the pregnancy announcement. In response, he started creating hashtags, thanking everyone in the end.

We here at Arama! Japan wish the Akanishis the best!


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    • Ryusei

      Didnt think they’d last so long and now even have a second child. Congrats to them

    • why? what happen?

      they used to be besties…now both are married and about to have kids of their own….wonder what happen to them tho? maki even once said in tv that she don’t have any friends in the entertainment world….

    • nothingsover

      So many people said they were going to divorce ASAP but look where they are now! I’m really happy for the two of them. Wishing Meisa an easy pregnancy :)

    • Kiang Sheryl

      at least we now know that they’re still sleeping the same bed

      • Karen Khoo

        LOL yeah I’m glad that they’re happy together again :)

    • eplizo

      Congratz to them.

    • That’s great! Congrats to them both! 😀

    • me

      congratz to them both, wooow, Theia gonna be a big sist ^^

    • MINO-SSI

      wow congrats!

    • Kotoko

      Wow! That’ll be one big and beautiful family. <3

    • me

      poor kids

    • bailey darbii

      seconf kid? right on track.

      I’m thinking a split by the child’s 2nd bday

    • Mai

      I’m one of those who thought they wouldn’t last, but I’m glad they proved me wrong. All the best !

    • autumn.owl070

      Woohoo!!! Congrats to the lovely couple<3. I hope that their marriage continues strong and for a long time. To prove all of the haters wrong :-)!!!

    • Yamapi

      I’ve been a fan even before he made his debut, but I’m not really going crazy.
      He did say that he wanted to get married and have a kid in the first place,
      And I’m used to Jin pushing us fans around.

      He’s that kind of a guy, but I like him so it can’t be helped.
      Jin is the type that doesn’t fit in the mold.

      Meisa should just support his private life.
      Because I’ll be supporting Jin’s Music=Soul.

      And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren.
      And like that my DNA will be mixed with Jin’s someday.
      That’s the “Eternal” between Jin and his fans.

      • Historia Lenz

        this will never die! hahaha

      • trebletones

        Why is this so funny

      • isanta

        Omg, I didn’t expect Eternal here, thank you so much :D

    • HevRev

      Very happy for them, considering the storm cloud that formed around them when they first announced their marriage it’s great that they’re doing so well.

    • Lilly

      Wishing them all the best!

    • Deep River

      not liking this couple since day 1

    • nightvisiongoggles

      If my wife was Meisa Kuroki I’d also be very interested in producing children.